Yellow color in the interior of the kitchen - 5 main tips and 100 photos for inspiration

  • 5 main rules of coloring
  • 7 successful combinations for the kitchen

The yellow color has the property of invigorating, adjusting to communication, stimulating mental activity, and digestion and appetite, so most often it is used in the design of cuisines, and not bedrooms and living rooms. But at the same time, this is one of the most dangerous colors in the spectrum, which quickly bothers and starts to tire. Therefore, it should be used in the right proportions, combinations and shades.

Who is recommended:yellow kitchen or kitchen with yellow color accents will suit, first of all, sanguine, sociable, cheerful, confident optimists.

For which cuisine is more suitable:for dark kitchens, the windows of which go to the north, as well as for small kitchens.

5 main rules of coloring

  1. Yellow color visually makes surfaces or pieces of furniture more voluminous, but at the same time - "easier". For example, a yellow kitchen will seem a little larger than it actually is, but it will not seem very massive. If you paste a wallpaper of lemon color on one wall, it will visually expand the space and visually lift the ceiling.

  1. Keep in mind, with prolonged exposure, the abundance of yellow colors in the design of the kitchen begins to irritate and tire. Therefore, it is better not to use yellow in the interior as a background and the basis of the color scale. It looks much more harmonious in the form of color accents: in decor, dishes, small pieces of furniture. For example, to bring the desired energy pulse into a boring space, just hang the yellow curtains on the windows as shown in the photo below.

For the same reason, it is extremely undesirable to decorate all the walls in the kitchen in bright and rich colors: lime, lemon, canary, etc. But you can only draw one wall in yellow, for example, in the dining area or a fragment of the wall, for example, apron.


For examples of highlighting an accent wall with yellow wallpaper, see the next photo collection (scroll right):

  1. This color, like sunlight, fills the space with light and a sense of warmth. It is for this reason that it is recommended for dark kitchens whose windows face the north side. And the illusion of the sun in the interior is especially relevant for us, as residents of the northern country with protracted winters.
  2. Yellow color is quite practical, so they can draw up working areas - an apron or countertop. In addition, the yellow apron visually makes a small or narrow kitchen a little wider.
  1. Keep in mind that bright colors are more used to decorate modern kitchens, for example, in Scandinavian style.

In the kitchen in the same classical style, country, American classics or in the style of Provence would be appropriate muffled tones: mustard, olive, sand, light yellow, cream, linen, fawn, peach. By the way, these reserved shades are allowed to decorate both the walls and the kitchen set.

And one more tip: if you are just planning a design for a future kitchen, then try to choose a wallpaper or paint for walls only after you are determined with the choice of a headset, apron, technique, curtains and etc.

7 successful combinations for the kitchen

What colors are harmoniously combined with yellow? In fact, to make him a couple can not have so many shades. To sort out this question will help you the combinations that occur in nature and a few of our tips:

  1. Warm yellow tones blend well with warm orange, red, brown flowers. And cold shades (for example, lemon) are combined with cold colors - blue, lilac, gray, silver.
  2. Successful color combinations can be contrasting, neutral and monochrome.

Combination with white

The union of yellow and white is the most universal and widespread in interior design. White balances the warmth of the yellow, creates a glow effect, an atmosphere of freshness and coolness.


Combination with gray

Gray, as well as white, balances the yellow, and in his surroundings it becomes less boring and gloomy. This union is appropriate in the kitchen, both in modern and in classical style. Shades of gray can be any - from asphalt to graphite, but for a small kitchen is better to use only light gray tones. Let's look at the next selection of photo designs of gray-yellow cuisines.



Combination with black

If the black and yellow mix is ​​good in the logo of the mobile operator or on road signs, then in the kitchen black with yellow need combine very carefully, but it is quite possible, if you keep them in the right proportions and dilute the gamut with an abundance of whites colors. Examples of black and yellow kitchens are presented below.


Combination with blue and blue

The next selection of photos is devoted to the union of colors of the sky and the sun, which can be called the most harmonious of all possible. The coldness of blue balances the bright warmth of the yellow. To make the yellow-blue kitchen does not turn out to be too bright, it is better to use muted shades of the main color and to supplement the gamut with the dominant white background.


More about the blue color in the interior of the kitchen read here.

Combination with pink and purple

Combination with pink, purple and lilac in nature occurs in the colors of primroses, cyclamens, primroses, medinits and verbena. Look at this light gray kitchen with yellow curtains and ceiling - it is purple textiles that animated this tranquil interior.

The next selection of photos of kitchens in the most delicate range.

Combination with green

Green is obtained from the mixing of yellow paint with blue, so it is very close to our hero. In nature, its alliance with green hues is very common, so you can safely use this pair in your kitchen, for example, in an apron as in the photo below.


Yellow-green cuisine of bright colors looks great in modern design.


A muted tone will decorate the kitchen in a classic style.

Combination with brown and beige

And finally, if the bright range is not for you and you are attracted to neutral combinations, then safely use beige and Wood shades as a background, complement the wooden furniture with yellow decor, and decorate traditional kitchen windows with yellow ones curtains. Dilute the "warm" idyll will be able to cool gray, and also contrast black and white.

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