Orange color in the interior of the kitchen

  • General characteristics
  • Tips on using orange in bulk and in accents

As you know, orange color is undesirable for the design of bedrooms and living rooms, but in the interior of the kitchen or the dining room it will look very organic. And yet this color can not be called neutral, so even in the kitchen it should be used wisely. Create good combinations, withstand the correct proportions of colors and pick up wallpaper, curtains, furniture in the right shades, our tips and a selection of beautiful photo-ideas will help you.

General characteristics

Orange color is formed from a mixture of yellow and red, but because of its properties in many respects similar to the "parents".

  • Psychological effects:he also attracts attention as scarlet, but less aggressive and does not cause anxiety. And our hero inherited the vigor, cheerfulness and ability to improve the mood from the yellow color. Unfortunately, such features as obtrusiveness and the ability to irritate when used in large masses are also characteristic of him.
  • Optical properties:has the ability to visually approximate and increase the volume of furniture and walls, but at the same time, without making them heavy in appearance. Another important feature is his warmth.

Tips on using orange in bulk and in accents

Orange, despite its brightness, can be used as the main one in proportion: with a different color, but only in some cases:

  • If the kitchen is large and lacks a sense of coziness and intimacy;
  • If it comes out to the north and is lighted little;
  • If you and your family lead an active lifestyle, temperaments and moveable.

Tip: if you want a lot of orange, then the best option will be a gray beige or white-orange kitchen.

Below in the photo slider there are examples of design of orange cuisine.


Still, the abundance of this energetic color looks rather extreme, it is much safer to use it only as an additional (in proportion). So you will bring into the interior the necessary energy pulse, a sense of warmth, and the situation will not get you tired for a long time.

Orange can be: wallpaper on the accent wall, curtains, apron, table top, part of the headset, chairs, dishes and / or decor. Examples of such accents can be seen in the following photo compilation:

Refrigerator Smeg orange

Orange table top and accessories in the interior


Tips on ways to increase a small kitchen with orange color

The abundance of orange color a small kitchen will only reduce, but you can beat the optical properties Our hero (the ability to visually zoom in and zoom in on the walls) in his favor the following ways:

  • Selecting one accent wall orange, and the rest, having issued beige, gray or white, you will make the ceiling a little higher.

  • Having painted half of all walls or a fragment of one wall (for example, an apron) in orange color, you will visually make the kitchen wider and more spacious.


Tips on how to choose shades based on the style of the kitchen

The most suitable styles for orange: country, all ethnic (Mediterranean, Spanish, Oriental, Mexican, African), modern (Scandinavian, minimalism) and, of course, 60's style.

  • The more modern the style of the interior of your kitchen, the more saturated and pure shades you can use: orange, carrot, pumpkin, cinnabar.
  • Conversely, the more traditional the situation, the stricter the shades of orange should be. Suitable shades with an admixture of brown: ocher, mustard, honey, amber, terracotta, brick, rusty, chestnut, etc. It is worth adding that the classical Empire, Baroque, Rococo is not very fond of Orange.

Here's how the orange looks in the interior of the kitchen with a hint of the era of the 60's.


And that's how it is in the interior of the kitchen in the Mediterranean style (turn the photo to the right).


An example of an orange-white dining room in a classic style.

Tips for selecting companion colors

Harmonious color combinations - this is already half the success of any interior design. Planning what kind of wallpaper, curtains, apron, etc. elements you want to buy, you need to clearly imagine the desired color design of the kitchen. It is possible to understand what colors will be combined with orange with the help of the color circle of Itten. The basic principles of working with him can be found in the next video tutorial.


And here are our tips:

  • In a monochrome gamut, the darker shades of orange are combined with lighter tones, as well as with close colors - red, yellow, brown, beige. Monochrome warmth will be very cozy and warm, but it is appropriate, perhaps, in the interior of the "northern" cuisine.

  • In the contrasting range, combinations with opposite colors in the spectrum - blue, turquoise, blue - are appropriate. Combine orange with cold colors is especially necessary in case the kitchen window faces south. Successful will be contrasting alliances with black, white and gray.

And now photo-examples of different cuisines:

  • White and orange kitchen- this is the most win-win and universal combination, which can be supplemented with almost any color.

  • Black and orange kitchen- is appropriate in the interior of the kitchens in a modern style, especially for the kitchen in the style of art deco.

  • Orange-green kitchenwill be very pleasant to the eye, but that it does not resemble a cafe, it also should be diluted with a large proportion of white as shown in the photo below or so that the shade of the green is unobtrusive.

  • And finally, photogray-orange kitchen. Gray, as well as white, balances the vigor of orange colors, and he himself becomes livelier and more interesting.

Tips on how to do it is impossible or possible, but with caution

  • When drawing up the color scheme of the kitchen, consider that combining orange with a tinge of red, close to purple, will not be the best idea.
  • The most annoying and even slightly psychedelic combination is orange + pink. It can be appropriate only in the kitchen in the style of pop art, but pink still need to use at a minimum.
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