We collect the kitchen set with our own hands as a designer

  • Preparing for assembly
  • We collect the lower modules
  • Rules of assembling of hinged elements
  • Features of the assembly phase
  • We install floor and wall-mounted cabinets

The service of the collector costs about 6-10% of the cost of the headset, so if you have time and some experience, then to assemble the kitchen set itself will not be particularly difficult, while you do not overpay extra money.

Before you start assembling the kitchen set yourself, you need to make sure that all the work on leveling the walls, the floor, the finish (including including the installation of an apron), as well as work on the installation of electrical wiring, the connection of sockets, water supply have already been carried out and finished. After all, when the kitchen installation is completed, it will be difficult to conduct all these activities.

Preparing for assembly

Before you assemble a kitchen set, you need to prepare the necessary set of tools:

  1. Hole drill, 6 and 8 mm diameter drill, drill (drill adapter) and corresponding drills;
  2. Screwdriver (REQUIRED!);
  3. Electric jigsaw or metal hacksaw for cutting off the countertop;
  4. Hexagon key (supplied with the kit);
  5. Tools: square and level, measuring tape, hammer, pliers and knife-cutter.

Advice! The missing power tool can be borrowed, but it is better to purchase. Screwdriver and puncher are things necessary in every house.

You will need various types of fasteners:

  • Furniture nails;
  • Eurovint;
  • Mounting strip (rake) for hanging;
  • Silicone-based sealant;
  • Screeds securing the sections to each other;
  • Self-tapping screws: 15-16 mm for fittings and 70 mm for hanging kitchen cabinets;
  • Corners, dowels, anchor bolts (included in the headset);
  • Conductor for dowels (preferably).

If there is an assembly instruction, then carefully study it. The manual enumerates all the details and describes the procedure. Make sure that the complete set of headset is complete and sort all the elements on the thumbs. Next, you will assemble your cabinet as a designer, because most modern sets consist of modules.

As a rule, first collect the lower cabinets and install a countertop on them, then collect and hang the upper modules, draw the markings on the wall, and then the modules can be installed and suspended.

In what order is the kitchen set installed? First hang the top sections or, conversely, the bottom ones? Both ways have their adherents. Many craftsmen first install the upper cabinets, so that the lower pedestals do not interfere with the installation process.

Keep in mind that the upper cabinets are mounted without facades, so their installation will be easier. In addition, so you can check the gaps between the facades directly on the wall.

We collect the lower modules

Installation of the kitchen with their own hands is logical to begin with the assembly of pedestals installed on the floor. It is worthwhile to know that the base pedestals are classified by type of construction, each of which has its own assembly features:

  1. It is quite easy to assemble a cabinet with doors with your own hands.

  1. The cabinet with drawers is also not difficult to assemble.


  1. When assembling the combined cabinet by yourself, the first task is to install the guides correctly.

Rules of assembling of hinged elements

Assembling their own hinged cabinets by analogy with the lower ones, but there are 2 significant differences:

  • Installation of drawers is not carried out here;
  • Facades are installed only at the stage of fastening the cabinets to the wall;
  • In the upper corners it is necessary to hang canopies with adjustment - for them holes are cut behind.

Features of the assembly phase

How to assemble the kitchen with your own hands correctly? It is necessary to take into account a number of main points:

  1. The installation of the cabinet under the sink is carried out without a back wall. It also needs to seal all the cutouts so that the nearby moisture can not damage the chipboard structure.
  2. The fixing of the cabinet where the dishwasher is installed does not provide for the installation of the bottom. If such a design is not possible, then it is necessary to provide fastening of the protective rubberized cloth.
  3. Assembly and installation of the kitchen is done with the utmost care. The most vulnerable parts of the headset are the ends of the facades. It is not possible to restore the damaged structure.

We install floor and wall-mounted cabinets

After assembling the kitchen unit, you can proceed to the mounting phase.

First, you need to fix the lower cabinets - work from the corner of the room.

Draw a markup on the wall. The height of the installation should be such that between the floor and the base of the cabinet there are at least 100 mm, and the gaps between the facades were minimal.

How to hang kitchen cabinets on the wall with your own hands? In the process of assembling the kitchen, the question arises - how to correctly determine the height of the suspension of the upper modules.


To do this, first determine the height of the kitchen furniture - as already mentioned, it depends on the size of the boxes and the ceiling level. The standard height between the top and bottom of the top drawer is 50-60 mm.

Advice! If the growth of the owner of the kitchen is not high, or the upper cabinets of the headset are opened by the door closer, it is better to set the upper shelves 45 cm from the level of the countertop (but not less).

A 10 mm error in the installation of hanging cabinets on the wall is also permissible, in the case when a special rack is used for fastening.

You can hang kitchen drawers with your own hands in two ways:

  1. A mounting rail is used - one part is attached to the hanging cabinet, and the second - to the wall. The "hook-and-groove" system is obtained, easy to use and provides reliable fixation. One person can hang a cabinet with such fasteners.
  2. The top cabinets can be placed on the wall and by standard fastening - on the furniture loops. They are hung so that the gaps between the back wall and the wall do not remain. To hang the cabinet on the hinges, it is worth working together, because for one the design will be too heavy. Since modern fastening straps are quite expensive, traditional furniture sets use budget loops.

Advice! In the corner set, first the furniture is fastened to one wall, and then to the other.

A few more nuances:

  • If you hang the cabinets on the wall of gypsum board, you need to use dowels-butterflies. It is also possible to install a wooden block under the GKL sheet at the location of the box;
  • When installing the kitchen set is carried out on an uneven floor, it is worth buying legs with the adjustment in the range of 120-170 mm;
  • For small kitchens, a practical solution would be to install not drawers but drawers;
  • When hanging facades, you must also observe the clearance around the perimeter - it is 3 mm.

Next, we set the countertop.

Advice! To correctly install the countertop, you need to check the planes of several cabinets at once using the building level. On uneven surfaces, the table top is not installed.

Once we have installed the countertop, proceed to the installation of the sink and. of the mixer.


Finally, attach the headset to the frame.

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