How to check the gas meter without withdrawing at home

Although gas meters appeared in homes many years ago, not everyone knows the details of their maintenance. In order for the owners and the gas supplying service to have confidence in the accuracy of the measurements, the instrument must be periodically tested. You can carry out the verification without dismantling the device. But you need to know how to do it. Do you agree?

Detailed information on how to check the gas meter without removal, you will find in the article submitted by us. We described in detail the types of flow meters, their principle of operation and led the frequency of service. We have described in detail the sequence of actions necessary for carrying out the verification without dismantling.

The content of the article:

  • Classification of modern gas meters
    • View # 1 - Membrane Instruments
    • View # 2 - Rotary Devices
    • View # 3 - Turbine Options
    • View # 4 - Vortex Machines
  • The period of use of measuring devices
  • The purpose of the test gas meter
    • The order of the control measures
    • The possibility of recalculation of payments for gas
    • Extraordinary inspection of gas meters
  • Periodicity of gas meter checks
  • How to check without removing?
    • Traditional diagnosis
    • Checking the gas meter at home
  • Actions to complete the calibration
  • Terms and cost of testing
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Classification of modern gas meters

Gas controllers are convenient devices that allow you to monitor the consumption of natural gas.

There are many models of such devices, which can be divided into categories according to the principle of operation:

  • membrane;
  • rotary (rotary);
  • turbine;
  • whirling

Consider each view in more detail.

View # 1 - Membrane Instruments

Such devices (also called chamber or diaphragm) have low bandwidth (approximately 12 m3/ h) The work is based on the principle of separation of the gas flow using membrane components into fractions of volume with their subsequent summation.

Controllers of this type are most often used in everyday life. They are easy to operate, have good measurement accuracy, and are resistant to magnetic fields. Membrane gasometers also differ in affordable cost due to the fact that their internal parts and assemblies are made of plastic.

Membrane Counter

Membrane counter models are widely used in everyday life. Such devices are installed not only inside the premises, but also on private homes or at entrances

At the same time, such devices are strong enough: their covers are made of cast aluminum or extruded steel, covered anti-corrosion composition, and the polymers of which the mechanism is made, are resistant to the effects of aggressive substances contained in natural gas.

View # 2 - Rotary Devices

Although such devices are small in size, they are distinguished by a large carrying capacity (10-1000 m³ / h) and a wide range of measurements.

The principle of operation of rotary controllers is similar to a chamber one, but the converter element is designed as an eight-shaped rotor, which rotates under the influence of a gas pressure difference. To reduce friction, from which the active part wears, constant oil lubrication is required.

Rotor gas meter

Rotary or rotary gas meters are designed to measure the consumption of non-aggressive gas mixtures and natural gas on a commercial and industrial scale.

For this type of gas meters, such qualities as durability, the ability to control the readings of the pressure drop in the meters are characteristic. Due to this, such devices are widely used in housing and utilities institutions, especially in heating boilers. Small rotary devices can also be used in homes and apartments.

View # 3 - Turbine Options

The active element of such gas meters is a turbine wheel, which rotates under the influence of a gas flow, while the number of revolutions directly depends on the volume of the flow of volatile fuel.

The counting mechanism installed in the device counts the number of rotations, indicating the amount of substance that passed through the counter during its operation.

Turbine gas meter

Turbine models are available for flow measurement in high pressure pipelines. They are equipped with electronic devices for easy data reading and regular monitoring.

There are various models of turbine gas meters, which differ in both the size and level of automation used for measurement and processing of results. However, due to the ability of such devices to withstand large volumes of gas flow, it is most appropriate to use them at large industrial enterprises with fuel consumption up to 10,000 m³ / h.

View # 4 - Vortex Machines

The basis of the operation of vortex gasometers, designed to handle 50-12000 m³ / h of blue fuel, is the dependence of the purity of pressure fluctuations on the gas flow. Such devices most often find applications in large enterprises.

The advantages of devices in this category include:

  • lack of rapidly abrasive moving parts;
  • the ability to work in a significant range of measurements;
  • correct functioning even in difficult conditions, regardless of pressure drops in the pipe and temperature effects.

The disadvantages of the vortex apparatus include the inability to work with gas flows moving at low speed; the complexity of measuring gas flow in contaminated corrosive environments; the need to use electric current.

Vortex measuring devices

Vortex gas flow meters are also available to monitor technological processes and measure volumetric consumption by industrial and commercial organizations.

With criteria and guidelines gas meter selection detail the next article.

The period of use of measuring devices

For each category of gas meters there is a certain service life: for example, for the popular NPM G4 membrane model, the service life is defined as 20 years.

In practice, devices usually fail much earlier.

Among the reasons for the decline in the period of real use compared with the planned, include:

  • excessive moisture content in the gas;
  • reduced device bandwidth;
  • the absence of a dust filter or the insufficient size of its cells;
  • violations committed during installation of the device.

In order not to miss the failure of the gas meter, periodically check the condition of the device and replace it in case of unsuitability. Since only licensed specialists have the right to engage in such manipulations, this should be addressed to specialized firms.

The purpose of the test gas meter

A mandatory procedure for all gas meter users is a check, the purpose of which is to determine whether the instrument conforms to metrological requirements. Article 13, p. 1 “On ensuring the uniformity of measurements” of the Federal legislation informs that the gas meter must pass a primary inspection before operating the instrument or immediately after repair.

Subscriber’s duty to pass diagnostics

If the owner of the meter evades from periodic calibration or detection of meter malfunction, he will have to pay for gas at higher rates.

According to the regulations, during the operation of the device it is also necessary to conduct regular calibration of the device. The “Regulations for the supply of gas for domestic needs” (p.21) states that citizens are obliged to Provide timelines to submit meters for monitoring, while they are charged on delivery.

The order of the control measures

Evaluation of the device performance is carried out in accordance with regulatory documents.

Gorgaz worker checking the meter

Any meter check can be performed only by qualified specialists. These include employees of the city gas service or licensed firms.

In the Governmental Decree of the Russian Federation No. 549 dated 07/21/08 the terms and procedure for diagnosis are defined:

  1. The control measures must be agreed with the landlord. For this purpose, specialists charged with the examination must report it no later than a week before the planned date of diagnosis, and they should receive a confirmation of the delivery of information letters.
  2. An audit can only be carried out by employees / representatives of a specialized firm that has entered into Residents of the contract for maintenance of indoor / indoor equipment for natural gas.
  3. Specialists who carry out gas meter diagnostics are required to submit official documents to the apartment owner, and, on request, an identity card.

All results of control measures are recorded in the act of checking the gas meter.

This document should reflect the following information:

  • date and place of diagnosis;
  • information (name, passport information) about the owner of the checked gas controller;
  • information about the persons who were present at the inspection, including their passport details;
  • device readings at the time of diagnosis;
  • description of the technical condition of seals on the device and in the place of its connection to the gas pipeline;
  • information on violations, which indicates a specific clause of the agreement for which there is a defect, or a record of the absence of faults.

In the event that at least one of the above rules was violated, the check of the counter may be declared illegal.

The possibility of recalculation of payments for gas

The procedure for calibrating gas controllers is important. Recently, such devices have become widespread, since they contribute not only to reducing the consumption of non-renewable natural resources, but also reduce payments for gas.

At the same time, the effective consumption of the fuel resource is possible only with the full-fledged work of the counters, which is impossible to achieve without an established system of checking them. In addition to the initial assessment of the state of the device, users are prescribed to conduct scheduled and urgent checks.

The correct operation of gas meters provides the following benefits:

  • Substantial cash savings.
  • Development of consumer discipline when using gas.
  • Establishing a rational use of blue fuel in the home with careful control of its costs.

Thus, the controllers allow economical use of natural fuel reserves, and also serve as an incentive to maintain intra-house / intra-gas communications in good condition.

Compliance with the use of the meter

The use of counters is connected with the observance of certain rules, one of which is the exact observance of the prescribed periods for the diagnosis of gas meters and regular inspections of equipment

According to the regulations, installation of equipment should be carried out by specialized experts. Such a procedure, which takes a minimum of time, is convenient, safe and comfortable.

Extraordinary inspection of gas meters

In addition to routine inspections of the state of the instrument, there are a number of reasons why an extraordinary (urgent) procedure for assessing the state of a gas meter may be required.

Extra meter check

Representatives of gas services may send the meter to check before the due time if they suspect the transfer of incorrect data or for their falsification

These situations include:

  1. Violation of the integrity of the seal or verification mark. Printing and printing are considered violated if the printed information cannot be read without the use of special means.
  2. Changing the position of the seal, allowing access to the internal elements and to make a payment correction.
  3. Mechanical damage to the device (impact, weight, depressurization) or suspicion of it. In this case, it is necessary to conduct an urgent inspection of the gas meter in order to determine its ability for further operation, which is confirmed by the issuance of a new permit.
  4. Depreservation. A similar procedure is necessary for gas meters that have been idle for nothing longer than one calibration interval.
  5. Suspicions of inaccurate information shown by the counter.

Consumers should report to the gas supply authorities about the problems that have arisen and call specialists for an unscheduled survey. In some cases, the initiative for additional verification may come from the relevant organization.

Periodicity of gas meter checks

In addition to the initial inspection, there is also a specially designed diagnostic schedule, which lists the timelines for periodic metering of gas meters.

The interval between such events in the mandatory prescribed in the registration certificate of the device. It also indicates the period during which the full operation of the gas metering device is guaranteed.

Seal on the gas meter

The term of the previous inspection can be found by examining the gasometer seal under a magnifying glass. On the stamp that is applied to it, put the year and quarter of the procedure

The documents indicate the time of the diagnostic procedure and put a stamp certifying the suitability of the gas meter for operation.

Do not neglect the date of the planned inspection. If the device does not pass the control in the scheduled time, it is considered unserviceable, and the data taken from it may be declared invalid.

In this case, the fee will be charged according to the average meter reading for the previous period or according to the standards specified in the contract. It is also possible to recalculate the already paid for blue fuel upward.

For each brand of gas meter, a specific calibration interval is prescribed, implying a maximum period of operation of the device until it is checked. Thus, the SG-SGK-1.6 model is designed for 8 years of work, while the SGMB-1.6, Grand-1.6, and SBBM-1.6 “Betar” - for 12 years.

It should also be taken into account that the life of the gas meter is calculated not from the date of sale, but from the date of its manufacture (PR 50.2.006-94 “GSI. The procedure for calibration of measuring instruments ", Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation No. 640 (July 21, 1994).

In the absence of a technical passport (for example, in case of loss), gas service specialists may independently determine the verification interval of any counter using technical documentation and reference literature.

How to check without removing?

Gas services offer two options for control measures.

Traditional diagnosis

Normal verification takes place in two stages. After calling the specialists and agreeing on the time of their arrival, employees of the company visit the apartment, where they remove the meter from gas supply systemwho is taken to the lab. Instead of the device put a temporary jumper.

Checking the counter in the laboratory

The device gets into the laboratory equipped with specialized equipment. Here the device is subjected to a thorough control study for its performance

After completion of the procedures, the workers come back to the house where the device is installed and then sealed, after which the controller is considered to be put into operation.

An ongoing activity may include the installation of a new power supply, as well as a complete prevention of the device, which is disassembled and cleaned, due to which its duration is significantly increased operation.

Checking the gas meter at home

There is also a modern technology of testing instruments, which is suitable for most models of gas meters SGB, NPM, SGMN, BK. It involves procedures for evaluating their performance without removing them at the installation site, while the seals and stickers remain intact.

Equipment to check the meter without removing

To test the gas meter at home, special diagnostic devices are used, which are trusted only to highly qualified specialists.

Checking gas meters without removal is carried out using special equipment that connects to the gas network, which makes it possible to check the readings of gas controllers.

Such a survey is somewhat more expensive than the traditional, but it can significantly reduce the procedure for determining the efficiency of the device. In addition, in this case, excluded noise, pollution and other troubles associated with the dismantling of equipment.

To carry out the procedure for checking the device without removing it at home, the user must ensure:

  • Visual availability of the counter. If the device is hidden behind a kitchen set or a hanging cabinet, it is necessary to remove or move away the interior items so that the specialist can see a window with indicators of fuel consumed.
  • Easy access to the crane. Workers should be able to turn on and off the faucet that is installed on the pipe connected to the gas stove.
  • Access to electrical outlet. Near the junction of the gas meter with the pipe should be a source of electric current, which will be needed to turn on the special equipment.

However, this survey has several disadvantages. This method allows you to diagnose only the general condition of the meter, while a malfunction or damage to its individual parts can go unnoticed. In addition, this option is not suitable for all models of gas meters.

Gas meter hobo

There are a number of models of gas meters (UBGS, HOBO and others), which can be examined only after dismantling by specialized services.

Regardless of the method of verification upon its completion, the user is issued a statement of the results of the procedure carried out and a receipt of payment.

Actions to complete the calibration

Having carried out the procedure of checking with or without removal, the specialist makes a conclusion about the possibility of using a gas meter for one more verification interval.

Counter filling

If the test was carried out in a laboratory, the device recognized as a working device is put back in place, with In this case, installation workers put a seal at the junction of the apparatus with the gas pipeline section and stigma

After that, a representative of the organization that conducted the survey issues a permit certificate, and the device is sealed with a verification mark. In the technical passport of the meter is recorded comprehensive information, certified by the signature and image of the seal.

If any deviations between the readings of the instrument and the actual data on the consumed resources are detected, the device is recognized as faulty, and the owner is given an “Unsuitable notice”. In this case, it is necessary to repair the gas meter or, preferably, to purchase a new device.

Specialists draw up an act of checking and sealing the gas meter in two copies: one remains with the service provider, the second with the owner of the device. After applying a seal, the payment for gas is charged according to the indications of the device.

Terms and cost of testing

Device checks are carried out in the time period established by laws and regulations of the Russian Federation.

If the removal of the counter and other activities are carried out by the organization, which concluded with the owner of the apartment contract for maintenance of in-house equipment and networks, the laboratory research period may take 15-30 days

Calling a specialist for calibration

The verification should be taken care of in advance by calling specialists 1-1.5 months before the date when the verification interval expires.

If the test without removal is carried out by a specialized company that uses high-tech equipment, research is carried out much faster (within an hour), although for a higher fee.

According to legislation, gas meters are monitored by subscribers who are also responsible for the good condition and correct operation of the instruments. Based on this, the services of the company conducting the procedure for examining the gas consumption device must be paid by the apartment owners.

The specific cost of work varies depending on the region, the distance of the addressee and the type of instrument. Before calling a specialist, it is advisable to call the company and inquire about the prices of the service from a manager or dispatcher.

Without dismantling and transportation to the calibration organization, it is possible to test not only a gas flow meter. How checking is made water control devices, learn, having familiarized with article recommended by us.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The video below shows how to check the gas meter not at home, but near the house:

Checking the gas meter without removing it at home is a fairly simple procedure, but its implementation requires high-tech equipment, as well as qualified personnel. To conduct a similar operation, you must contact a specialized company.

Please write comments in the box below. Tell us about how the gas meter was checked without dismantling and transportation to the service supervising the appliance. Ask questions and leave a photo on the topic of the article.

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