How to replace the heater in the washing machine

When you notice a malfunction in the washing machine, do not rush to call the master - you can solve the problem yourself. Such a malfunction, as a failure of the electric heater, is not uncommon in the Indesit stylalk. There are several reasons for the breakdown, which we will discuss below. Also you will learn the sequence of the replacement of the heating element (TEN) in the washing machine Indesit.

Content of the material:

  • 1Causes of malfunction
  • 2How to choose a heater
  • 3Preparation for repair
  • 4Step-by-step replacement

Causes of malfunction

Premature failure of the part does not mean that the heater was of poor quality. In general, the causes of the problems are as follows:

  1. Scum. In our tap water there are insoluble deposits - salts. As the element is in the water, salts settle on its body, forming water stones - scum.
    The thicker its layer, the more difficult it is for the TEN to give heat to the water. Therefore, more time and electricity are spent on heating. As a result, the element burns.
  2. Contact damage due to short circuit. Sharp voltage drops in the network are not always suppressed by the noise filter. Therefore, the heater contacts are burned out.
  3. Natural wear. The heater constantly heats up and cools, actively works, so it does not last as long as we would like.

How to choose a heater

To change the heating element in a washing machine, you need to get a suitable part. Shadows are of different shapes: in the form of letters W and U. They also differ in the way they fix the wiring, the presence of temperature sensors.

In order not to lose, go to the store with the old TEN, pulling out of the typewriter. It is important that it has the same power as the previous one. Name the brand and model of the machine to the seller, and he will provide you with a suitable replacement.

Preparation for repair

Let's find out where the heater is located in the washing machine Indesit. Depending on the model, the heater can be placed in the front of the case or in the rear. In these washers, the element is in the back.

Before you get and replace the heater in the washing machine Indesit, prepare everything you need.

Unplug the Indesit AGA from the mains, shut off the water supply. Disconnect the inlet hose by draining water into the sink or prepared container. Now move the CM away from the wall, providing access to the rear panel.

Step-by-step replacement

We will disassemble by stages how to remove the heater from the washing machine Indesit:

  • Using a screwdriver, unscrew the screws securing the back panel. Take her aside.

  • Below, below the tank, you will see the outputs of the TEN.

  • Disconnect the wiring, disconnect the wires.

  • To additionally check the item, take the multimeter.
  • Connect its test leads to the heater terminals.

  • Measure the resistance: the serviceable item should show from 25 to 30 Ohm.

Next, you need to understand how to remove the heater from the socket in case of a malfunction. For this:

  • Relax the central nut by unscrewing it completely.

  • Put the bolt inside to depressurize the seal.
  • Gently pull the edge of the screwdriver, pull out the heater.

How to put and connect the heater to the washing machine:

  • First of all, move the thermal sensor from an unusable element to a working one.

  • Clean the seat of the remains of water stone and dirt.
  • Install the element in the socket, secure the fit with the bolt and nut.
  • Reconnect all wires and terminals.
  • Replace the back cover by fixing the screws.
  • Connect the CM to the mains and mains water.

Installation of the heater is over. Now you can run the program and test the functionality of the item. It may be necessary to wait a little while the heating starts.

Now you know how to change the heater on the washing machine Indesit. Therefore, you can compare the cost of service and self-repair, which is easy to perform.

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