F5 error in the Atlant washing machine

The Atlant washing machine with electronic control displays a fault code on the display. While on the washing machines with electromechanical control, the 2nd and 4th indicators will be lit.

What does F5 error mean for Atlant washing machines? The problem with the supply of water. How to fix the situation, we will consider further.

Content of the material:

  • 1Finding the cause of the problem
  • 2Diagnostics and repair
    • 2.1Plastic inserts
    • 2.2Self-replacement
    • 2.3Wrong wiring

Finding the cause of the problem

If the water is not dialed after starting the program, and the machine shows F5 on the display, there is a possibility of a jammed valve failure. But before you disassemble the Atlas Stiralk, you need to exclude other variants of malfunctions.

What do we have to do:

  • Check the filter mesh between the inlet hose and the washing machine Atlant. A clogged filter will not allow water to flow normally, so remove the element and remove the blockage.
  • Turn the water supply valve. When the opening is not complete, a small head is formed, so the valve must be opened at full power.

You tried all the methods, but resetting the F5 error did not happen. How then to fix the malfunction? It is necessary to check the valve itself and its coil on SM Atlant.

Diagnostics and repair

Let's analyze the principle of the valve. Usually it is in the closed position, but when the coil receives voltage, the valve opens - water is poured. Depending on the model of the Atlant washing machine, the element is installed on one, two and three coils.

In order to remove the error F5 in the AGR Atlas, as well as to eliminate the breakdown, check the operation of the valve. What does it mean:

  1. Remove the top cover of the styrant by unscrewing the two screws from the back.
  2. The element is located on top of the wall.
  3. Open the water supply (do not forget to replace the container).
  4. Apply 220 volts to each coil.
  5. The operating valve opens.

The video will help you:


If you can not open, check the resistance of the coil. For this:

  • Connect the multimeter test leads to the coil.
  • Measure the resistance.
  • The working coil will show 2 to 4 ohms.

You can remove the faulty coil and install a new one.

Plastic inserts

Another common problem is associated with plastic inserts, which are located in the nozzles to control the pressure of water. If there is a malfunction or a drop in the insert, the head will be too large. The display shows F5.

In this case, the valve must be completely replaced.


Be consistent:

  1. Turn off the water supply.
  2. Using pliers, remove the clamps on the valve hoses.
  3. Disconnect the hoses (note that there may be water in them).
  4. Loosen the fixing screws or unfasten the latches.
  5. Install the new part in the reverse order.

Now start the washing machine Atlant, check its efficiency. If everything is in order, and the error does not appear again, then everything is done right.

Wrong wiring

Another reason why the washing machine Atlas gives F5 error, there may be a wiring disruption between the module and the valve. Visually inspect the loop at the time of violations, tighten the connections. With small damages, the wire section can be isolated. It may be necessary to completely replace the cable.

If you do not succeed in solving the problem and removing the F5 error yourself, call the wizard.

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