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Brandt Corporation has been developing high-tech appliances for home and household for many years. If you are lucky enough to have a Brandt washing machine, it means that it meets all international standards and regulations. Special love of the buyer deserve vertical-loaded washing machines.

Despite the fact that the Brandt range of products on the Russian market is modest, French washing machines are becoming more recognizable and affordable.

Each modern washing machine is equipped with a self-diagnostic system that reports the slightest malfunction. For notification of breakdowns, the machine displays fault codes.

As a rule, the error codes of all models of AGR are described in detail in the manual. If you lost the instruction, then read the review that we have prepared for you. You will learn what a particular code means and how to fix the damage.

Error table: what do the codes in Brandt washing machines mean

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Error code What does mean Solution to the problem
D01 Water does not flow into the washing machine tank.

. If CMA gives error D02, then first of all, inspect the water inlet hose. If it is too bent, water will not flow.

It also does not hurt to check the water level sensor.

D02 The machine spends a lot of time draining water, or the water does not go away at all. When the screen shows error D02, check the water drain hose, then the drain pump and, of course, the drain filter. It is located on the bottom of the front panel CM.
D03 Water does not heat up.

What to do: open the body of the machine, find the heater, arm yourself with a tester, and measure the resistance of the heater.

It does not hurt to check the control unit for serviceability.

D04 Engine failure( running for wear, without interruption).

If D04 was displayed, it means that engine diagnostics are required.

In severe cases, you need to replace the triac or repair / replace the module.

D05 Temperature sensor malfunction. To fix error D05:
  • to open the washing machine housing;
  • find TEN, the sensor is located on it;
  • check sensor tester;
  • in case of breakage, replace with a new one.
D06 Engine stop. If the machine shows on the display D06, a diagnosis of the engine and its wiring is required. The master determines what is needed: repair or replacement.
D07 Problems with locking the hatch.

To remove the error D07, a simple action is often enough: try to close the door more tightly.

If this does not help, and the code lights up again, then the problem is in the blocker.

If the UBL is broken, it should be replaced.

D10 Water in the tank is more than necessary.

In this case, the solution to the problem is to check( and possibly replace) the water level sensor.

It is also worth checking the electronic module.

D17 Drum positioned incorrectly. With D17, you need to inspect the elements of the Aquastop system: a magnet or a reed switch. Also pay attention to the pulley - it is he who is responsible for supporting the magnet.
D21 AGR does not turn on.

If the D21 is lit on the display, try restarting the washer.

Maintenance wiring will also help solve the problem. The integrity of the power cord, plug, or the power filter may be broken. Also inspect and check the outlet.

If the problem persists, you may need to change the power module.

ER12 ER12 is on, if the door is not closed( or vice versa - fully open). Close the door more tightly and restart the wash mode.

If you are unable to reset the errors yourself, and you suspect that your typewriter needs serious repair, call the master. Self-activity and expensive household appliances are incompatible concepts. But still, you will be able to eliminate most of the failures.

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