Error tE, tC, EC in Samsung washing machine

The error tE, tC, EC occurs on all types of Samsung machines - conventional washing machines and with drying mode. It can occur immediately after the door is locked or after water is set, when the washing machine scrolls the drum for 5-10 minutes.

The main reason is the problem with heating.

Content of the material:

  • 1What does the error say?
  • 2Why an error occurs
  • 3How to fix the problem with your own hands
  • 4When you need to call the wizard

What does the error say?

The error code tE indicates a problem with a water temperature sensor that monitors the heating of the CM Samsung. The washing machine does not receive or receives incorrect information from the sensor.

Usually, the error tC, tE, EC on the display panel lights up when the voltage level of the water heating sensor is less, V or more, V.

The EU error acts as an analogue of the tE code, only it is typical for Samsung machines until 2007 of production.

The washing machine Samsung can give out versions of the code tE - tE1, tE2, tE3. Here's what these codes mean:

  • tE1 indicates problems in the operation of the drying temperature sensor;
  • tE2 indicates a problem with the fan housing sensor;
  • tE3 indicates a malfunction of the condensate flow sensor that appears during the drying process.

Often the washing machine displays the code tE at the beginning of the wash before the water is heated. And varieties of this trouble code appear on the display after washing and spinning, when you need to go to the drying of things.

When the error messages tE, TC1, TC2, TC3, TC4, EC are displayed on the eraser display, in rare cases it is possible to remove the error manually, as they signal the malfunctions.

Why an error occurs

What these codes mean is now clear. But in order to understand how to fix a washing machine, you need to know about the causes of the codes. The thermostat gives an error tE when:

  • Temporary malfunction of the control module;
  • Poor connection of contacts of a temperature sensor or a heating element;
  • "Gluck" thermal sensor.

How to fix the problem with your own hands

What to do when the code tE, tC, EC is lit:

  1. If the control module fails, turn off the machine from the network, wait a few minutes, and then restart the washing process;
  2. In case of bad contacts in the temperature sensor or TENe, move them as if inserting a plug into the socket;
  3. If the sensor readings are incorrect, reset the incorrect reading by pressing the corresponding correction button. Such buttons are equipped with more modern Samsung models.

This is how the problem is solved, if it is not a serious breakdown. To solve the problem, you need to call up the wizard, which will reset the error and bring the machine into a working state.

When you need to call the wizard

To solve the problem, call a specialist if:

  • The fault indication is displayed after starting the washing or before heating the water. Most often, it is a faulty temperature sensor that is responsible for heating the water. In this case, it is required to change the heater.
  • The washing machine does not heat the water and gives an error a few minutes after the start of the program. The case is in the faulty TEN, which requires replacement.
  • Stiralka blocks the door and does not erase, or does not perform drying. The case in the faulty control module - you may need a complete replacement of the entire module.
  • The thermostat shows the codes tE1, tE2, tE3. It is necessary to change the temperature sensors of the heater, the fan casing and the condensate temperature, respectively.

The code tE can be handled on its own, if there has not been a serious breakdown. In case of breakage, it is necessary to entrust the matter to professionals who will eliminate the problem and extend the life of the washing machine.

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