Faults of refrigerators: table, fault codes, repair

Whatever the quality of the refrigeration equipment, it is subject to breakdowns. Sometimes it is difficult to determine the location of the problem, so the self-diagnosis system comes to the rescue. If the part breaks, the corresponding error code of the refrigerator is displayed. In the article, we will look at faults of several brands, as well as ways to eliminate them.

Content of the material:

  • 1Fault codes for refrigerators
    • 1.1Hitachi (Hitachi)
    • 1.2Toshiba (Toshiba)
    • 1.3Haier
    • 1.4Vestel
    • 1.5General Electric (General Electric)
    • 1.6Daewoo (Daewoo)
    • 1.7Gaggenau (Gaggenau)
    • 1.8Hansa
    • 1.9Asko
    • 1.10Candy (Kandy)
    • 1.11Ardo (Ardo)
    • 1.12Nord (Nord)
    • 1.13Miele
    • 1.14Kaiser (Keizer)
    • 1.15Biryusa
    • 1.16Stinol
    • 1.17AEG (AEG)
    • 1.18Siemens (Siemens)

Fault codes for refrigerators

The decoding of the values ​​on the display can be found in the operating instructions. First of all, we'll tell you what to do when the code appeared for the first time:

  • Disconnect the refrigerator from the mains.
  • Wait for 10-15 minutes.
  • Try restarting.

If the characters have not disappeared from the screen, you need to deal with decoding and eliminating the breakdown. Consider the value of errors for each brand.

Hitachi (Hitachi)

Display Code What does What to do: self-elimination
01 The fan, the relay motor does not rotate. Inspection of elements, replacement in case of malfunction.
04 There is no connection between the cards. Probably, wiring is broken, contacts are off. You need to check everything, tighten the contacts or install a new wiring.
07, 08 Problems with the supply of refrigerant. It is too much or not enough for the unit to function normally. The circuit may be damaged or a gas leak has occurred. The expert will help to find out the reason.
39 The fuse has blown. This happens during power surges in the network. Therefore, it is recommended to install a voltage regulator.
43 The compressor does not work. Diagnosis, repair or installation of a new compressor is in progress.

Toshiba (Toshiba)

The scoreboard shows an error Value Solutions
H1C Compressor operation is blocked. A complete inspection of the motor and its components is carried out. Replacement of defective parts.
H3E The temperature sensor does not send a message to the board. In this case, the motor can operate without interruption, and snow in the compartment. Need to install a working sensor.
H6E The fan stopped working in the freezer compartment. Dialing of contacts, wiring, diagnostics of the fan motor.
HLL There was a leakage of haladvent in the system. It is better to call a specialist. He has equipment to quickly find the causes of the leak, as well as refueling the system with freon.
H36 Problem with the sensor or the protection of the evaporator of the freezer compartment. A long defrost is recommended. Large build-up of ice on the walls of the ducts leads to a violation of heat exchange.


DTC Value What to do
F1 The sensor in the refrigerator is defective. Diagnosis and replacement.
F2 The sensor that measures the ambient temperature has failed. According to the readings, the climate in the refrigerator is adjusted. You need to install a new element.
F3 The thermistor of the freezer does not function. Diagnostics and repair.
F5 The frost sensor does not give signals to the module. See the solution for F1.
Haier shows the error E0 - E1 Do not turn the fan in the refrigerator. Inspect the wires and contacts of the fan, check the operation of its motor.
E2 The fan in the refrigerator compartment does not rotate. See E0.
ER Ice machine is out of order. Complete diagnostics of the department is carried out.


Most often, the units of Vestel are subject to such breakdowns:

  • The accumulation of water under the bottom boxes.
  • Ice and snow on the walls of the department.
  • Incorrect operation of the motor-compressor.
E1 The sensor in the freezer does not function. Check of details on working capacity. Replacement if necessary.
E2 Evaporator does not work correctly.

General Electric (General Electric)

Code Value Repair options
01/05 Problems with icemaker. Diagnosis and reinstallation of broken parts.
02 Thermostat of the refrigerating department is defective. Replacement of the mechanical element.
03 Problems in the work of the defrost system. Inspection of all components, timely repair.
04/10 The fan does not rotate. Diagnostics and repair.
06 The communication between the sensor in the Cool Select Zone and the control module is lost. Inspect the wiring from the specified zone to the module. Changing the loop.
07/08 The freezer does not function as usual. There are many reasons. It is better to contact the service center.
09 The defrost system of the freezer is faulty. The ring of all constituent elements. Reinstallation.
11 Motor-compressor failure. In case of a malfunction, only the replacement of the motor will help.

Daewoo (Daewoo)

Symbols What does How to fix
F1 / F2 Violation of the thermistor. The board receives incorrect readings from the cold store. Install serviceable parts.
F3 or NG The reasons for the appearance of icons can be several, while water from the top compartment drips.
  • Malfunction of the evaporator heater.
  • Defrost timer failure.
  • The defrost sensor is out of order.
Perform defrosting of the equipment. If the work does not return after that, consult a specialist.
F4 The electronic module is out of order. The continuity of all elements with a multimeter. Reinstallation of the board.

Gaggenau (Gaggenau)

Signs on the display Explanation What to do
E1 The sensor of the freezer does not work. Inspect and repair the components.
E2 Problems with the operation of the evaporator.
A2 In the department, the temperature is not normal. Check: the door may be slightly open, the seal is worn. Therefore, warm air penetrates inside.


Symbols Explanation User Response
E0 Damage to the main module. Urgent repairs.
E1 A thermistor broke in the refrigerator. Only reinstallation will help.
E2 Evaporator does not work correctly. Call the wizard to determine the cause of the failure.
E3 The thermistor of the freezer does not function. See E1.
E4 Problems in the operation of the refrigerator:
  • Module failure.
  • Damage to the capacitor.
  • The camera door is not closed properly.
Check all specified parts.


Icons on the screen What is symbolized What the user should do
E01 The motor compressor is malfunctioning. Violations in the work. Ensure that the compressor is working properly or call the master.
E02 The cooling fan does not rotate. Do a defrost: maybe the ice has grown on the blades. Inspect the motor and connections.
E03, E04, E05 Malfunction of the temperature sensor in the refrigerator and freezer. Only replacement will help.
E06 There was an error at the compressor nodes. Need diagnostics with special tools.

Candy (Kandy)

E01 Inside the camera, the temperature does not match the set temperature. Cover the doors more tightly.
E02 / E03 The thermostat does not work. Checking. Placement of new parts.
E04 / E05 The sensor gives incorrect readings.

Ardo (Ardo)

Code Error value Correction Options
F1 The thermo relay is broken. Inspection and troubleshooting.
F2 The thermal sensor is faulty.
F3, F4 Problems with the operation of the fan.
F5 The compartment accumulates water. Remove excess water, thaw the technique.
F6, F9, F12, F13, F14 The control module burned. Repair is required.

Nord (Nord)

Signs on the display Explanation How to remove an error
F1, F2 The sensor did not work properly in the refrigerator. You may have noticed that the products are refrozen. Replace the element.
F3 The same problems as F1, but in the freezer compartment.
F4 Voltage is below normal: 170 Watts. Wait for the voltage to recover. Call an electrician to replace the old wiring.
F5 Parameters in the network are above the norm: 240 W.
F6 The engine of the refrigerator department is defective. Buying a new engine.
F7 Faults of the freezer motor in inverter models.


Code What means How to fix
E1 The thermistor does not give a signal. Check and replace faulty items.
E2 Problems in the work of the refrigerator.
E3, E4 The air sensor failed.
E5 If the refrigerator on the screen gives an error E5, then the fan does not spin.
E6 The open door signal was triggered. Close the door tightly.
E7 Fuse and bimetallic plate failure. Check the plates, adjust the time settings.
E8 Wrong time readings.

Kaiser (Keizer)

Code What means How to fix
E1, E2 Problems with the operation of the sensors of the refrigerating and freezing departments. Inspection and repair.
E3 The evaporator does not function.
E4 The door is not properly closed in the camera. Press the door closer to the body.
E5 The temperature in the compartments of the two-chamber unit is 6 degrees higher. Adjust the regulator.
E6 After applying the voltage, the temperature is higher than the set temperature.


Refrigeration technology "Biryusa" reflects errors on the display panel:

  • Green light - "Network" - the temperature inside rose to 15 degrees and above.
  • Red light - "Warning" - the door is open for more than 10 seconds. If you do not close the camera, a sound signal is attached to the display.


Code Value What to do
E00 Thermal sensor failure.
E01, E10, E11 The temperature is raised (more than 50 ° C). Diagnosis of the causes of failure is performed.
E02, E20, E22 The door is poorly closed, the temperature is above + 12 ° C. Check the closing density.
E03, E30, E33 The chamber is closed, but the figures are too high: more than 12 ° C. See E01.
E04, E40, E44 The food is frozen in the refrigerator compartment. Check the thermostat.
E05 The evaporator does not exceed + 14 ° C. Diagnosis of heating elements.
E06 The defrost mode is started, but there is no contact with the heater. The connection circuit is broken. Inspection is necessary.
E07 Defrost is disabled, but the heater is energized. The circuit is closed, call a specialist.


F1, F2 Problems with the thermostat. Checking the constituent equipment.
F3, F4, F5 The NTC element needs to be replaced.
The square on the panel lights up. Problems with the normal operation of the evaporator.

Siemens (Siemens)

E1 The sensor in the refrigerator failed. Install the new one.
E2, E4 The capacitor element is defective. It is located in the sealed part of the unit, therefore it is better to consult a specialist.
E3 The indicators of the freezer are too high. Change the faulty parts.

Now you know where to look for the problem and what steps to take. If you notice the code on the display, look at the decryption. Sometimes problems are solved after defrosting, and sometimes a master's help is required.

Adhere to the rules of operation, then breakages will not affect your equipment.

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