Refrigerators Gorenje: TOP-7 best models, reviews, tips for customers

The overwhelming majority of consumers have a positive attitude towards Gorenje products. This is not at all surprising. After all, Slovenes have been producing first-class equipment for decades, which is in demand on the world market.

But which Gorenje refrigerator is better to choose? What are the pros and cons of such a technique? Consider these questions in more detail.

The content of the article:

  • Distinctive features of the brand units
  • The best options of the company "Gorenje"
    • Model # 1: Gorenje RK 6191 AW
    • Model # 2: Gorenje RC 4180 AW
    • Model # 3: Gorenje RK 41200 E
    • Model # 4: Gorenje RK 6201 FX
    • Model # 5: Gorenje NRK 612 ORAB
    • Model # 6: Gorenje NRK 6201 MW
    • Model # 7: Gorenje NRK 621 CLI
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Distinctive features of the brand units

First of all, this company is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Today she is the owner of a huge number of patents and awards in the field of home appliances.

Demand for Gorenje equipment

The demand for equipment with the Gorenje logo is fully justified and justified by the excellent consumer qualities, design and technical data of refrigerators produced by the company (+)

Therefore, the huge demand for their cooling equipment is quite logical. To finally be convinced of its quality, it is necessary to thoroughly understand all the features.

Creating a natural natural environment. Virtually all models of this Slovenian brand have built-in IonAir technology. Its essence is to create the most suitable environment for storing food products.

Constant generation of ions prevents the development and reproduction of harmful bacteria. As a result, the shelf life of food increases significantly.

Gorenje refrigerators with IonAir function

The technology creates a feeling of freshness inside the refrigerator. This means that over time, the owner will not encounter a musty smell.

If you believe the research, the function IonAir kills more than 95% of bacteria. In addition, in this way it is possible to eliminate dust particles, a variety of unpleasant odors, as well as to maintain optimum air humidity.

The presence of this design feature will be especially effective in the case of equipping the refrigerator with the MultiFlow 360 function.

Technology of intensive air circulation. Thanks to this solution, the cold air flow is driven through a dozen special air vents. As a result, inside the equipment a certain temperature is maintained in each of its parts.

Conditions for preserving products

The dynamic movement of air mass inside the chamber contributes to the preservation of trace elements, vitamins and nutritional qualities of products

If the intensive circulation system was combined with IonAir, then this will create an environment in which products will be stored for much longer. Indeed, in this case, the ions will be distributed as evenly as possible throughout the entire volume of the refrigerator.

Therefore, it is not surprising that such a solution is used in all modern models of devices from this manufacturer.

Smart work management. Due to the constant opening of the door of the cooling equipment, warm air from the room gets into the device. Accordingly, the temperature in the compartments increases, which negatively affects the shelf life of products.

Gorenje fridge display

Thanks to the innovative AdaptTech technology, the refrigerator will be able to remember the time of the most intensive use. This allows you to adjust the work and make it more efficient and economical.

A smart feature examines user behavior throughout the week. Next, create a specific template for the job. That is, during the most intensive use of the refrigerator, the temperature inside its compartments decreases slightly.

This solution helps to prevent the heating of its air environment and to create the most comfortable microclimate for storing products.

Power and energy efficiency. Gorene refrigerators are designed in such a way that their rather large volume does not in any way increase the power consumption. To achieve maximum efficiency, improved insulation and high-quality door sealing have allowed.

Energy efficient refrigerators

Refrigeration equipment from Gorenje saves energy. Most units assigned class A + and A ++ (+)

Also, the presence of an inverter compressor and the installation of mechanical or electronic control affected the increase in energy efficiency.

As a rule, the vast majority of Slovenian devices correspond to the energy efficiency class A + or A ++. This can save about 40% of electricity.

Cooling system. Buying refrigerators from this brand you can forget once and for all about the need to defrost them regularly. The manufacturer took care of everything and installed the best cooling system.

Thanks to certain structural solutions, ice and snow do not accumulate inside the freezer. As a result, it significantly reduces power consumption and makes it easier to maintain optimal temperature and humidity.

Air circulation in the refrigerator

Air drying is prevented by circulating an ionized stream. In addition, this solution allows you to save in the products of all their minerals and vitamins.

Touch control. Recently, technologies are actively developing and there is a trend towards the use of touch displays. This boom is due to ease of use and care. After all, a flat screen is much easier to clean from dirt than to wash the buttons and adjustment knobs.

Practical and practical touch controls are equipped with almost all premium class refrigerators. In this case, the device provides an opportunity to choose a language convenient for the owner, which makes the operation even more comfortable.

Humidity Controlled Container. Adherents of proper nutrition will appreciate the presence of a compartment where humidity levels are carefully controlled. It is quite roomy and allows you to save provisions for a long time, retaining all the useful qualities.

To regulate the level of humidity, a special slider is used. Deal with the principle of his work is a snap.

Humidity Controlled Container

Yes, having a container with humidity control will slightly increase the cost of the refrigerator. But this solution will always allow you to enjoy fresh, healthy and delicious vegetables.

SimpleSlide shelves. The presence of SimpleSlide type shelves with adjustable height will be quite practical and convenient in operation. The design can withstand about 5 kg. This is an ideal place to store containers of various shapes and sizes.

Bottle Storage. If you don't want to take the precious place in the door with bottles, then you can arrange them on a special stand. In this case, they will be securely stowed, which will prevent their fight. At the same time the internal space of the refrigerator will become the most ergonomic.

Removable bottle rack

If necessary, a light shelf with cells for horizontal stacking of bottles with drinks can be installed in the cooling chamber.

Intensive cooling / Multiflow system. Quite often there are situations when you want to enjoy wine or juice, but you have to wait for half an hour until the bottle cools. This problem is solved easily.

To quickly cool drinks, it is enough to arrange them in a specially designated place. Due to the presence in the fridge of the Multiflow system ventilation system, the bottle will be cooled in minutes. At the same time the internal space will be distributed in the best way.

No restrictions when opening the door. When organizing a small kitchen area, every square meter counts. You can save precious space by ordering cooling equipment from Gorenje. Since this technique has no restrictions for opening the door.

Open refrigerator Gorenje

Thanks to its design features, the Gorenie brand refrigerators can be installed directly in a niche. At the same time, their door will open at a right angle, which will make it convenient to use the device.

A well-thought-out design allows not only to build in equipment in a niche, but also to install it closely to a wall or other objects. This decision will be especially important for housewives who want to create a minimalist design in the kitchen.

Dynamic Cooling / DynamiCooling. The presence of a special fan provides the ability to maintain inside the refrigeration equipment user-defined temperature.

This technology is called DynamiCooling. If it is supplemented with the IonAir function, then the vast majority of bacteria and harmful microorganisms will be destroyed. The manufacturer uses a similar solution in all modern models of refrigerators.

Bacteria-killing system

Innovative cooling system prevents the dispersal of harmful bacteria and fungus inside the cells, so that food and ready meals are stored for much longer.

Crates and container. In most modern devices there is no special compartment where you can put large-sized products. But the Slovenian technique is an exception.

Engineers of the company have built a rather spacious box inside the refrigerators. A dozen kilograms of plums, a few cakes or 2-3 geese will fit into it without problems.

An interesting solution was to embed a small container SnackBin. It can store any small products ranging from cheese and ending with spreads, sausage, butter, and pate. Thanks to the tight lid, the products will never dry out and will be stored for a long time.

SnackBin Container

As a rule, the container type SnackBin is located at the bottom of the glass shelf of the refrigerator. This allows you to remove it conveniently and without problems, so that you can later use it for filing

Inverter compressor. Such engines appeared on the market relatively recently. But since their invention, they are actively gaining popularity. The reason for this is their quiet operation and long service life.

Energy efficiency is also worth adding to the list of advantages of an inverter compressor. For its work, it requires significantly less electricity than its standard counterpart.

Inverter motors vary in performance. This feature allows them to quickly cool the air in the event of a door opening. As a result, products are stored for much longer.

Super Freeze / XtremeFreeze. This technology is used in most modern refrigerators. If it is turned on, the compressor starts to work at full capacity, which allows freezing products twice as fast.

This feature reduces the temperature in the freezer to -30 degrees Celsius. Due to this microscopic crystals appear inside the products, which do not destroy the structure of the product.

Super freeze function

XtremeFreeze technology allows you to save the taste of food and all its nutritional properties. But do not use this mode often, as this may lead to the failure of the inverter compressor

Zone of freshness and Space- and MultiBox. The zone of freshness is such a compartment of cooling equipment, where the temperature is maintained at about 0 degrees Celsius. Such conditions will be ideal for storing a variety of seafood, meat, poultry or fish.

And all this can be fresh or marinated. In any case, the ZeroZone container will significantly extend the shelf life, and also allow you to enjoy the exquisite and unique taste of the products.

As for the MultiBox type compartment, it is a hermetic and multifunctional compartment. Here you can store onions, blue cheese, as well as other products that have a specific and quite strong smell.

Freshness zone in the refrigerator compartment

The freshness zone will ensure the safety of not only the beneficial properties and taste of the products, but also help to maintain the natural moisture and aroma.

The container not only prevents this fragrance from spreading through the refrigerator, but also prevents the products from drying out. Well, the cover can be used as a stand for eggs.

The best options of the company "Gorenje"

So which model of the Slovenian company to choose? To finally understand this issue, it will be useful to get acquainted with the seven of the most popular brand refrigerators, as well as to know their advantages and disadvantages.

Model # 1: Gorenje RK 6191 AW

When you need to order the most simple and unremarkable refrigerator, a good solution would be to buy a model RK 6191 AW. It is characterized by a classic white design and a minimum of parts on the body.

The secret of the model lies in its internal content. The manufacturer has built a rather capacious container for vegetables and fruits, a special bottle holder and three shelves that can be rearranged.

One of the boxes is equipped with HumidityControl technology. It is mentioned above and provides the user the ability to manually select the optimum level of humidity.

Therefore, now without problems you can keep fruits and vegetables fresh and fragrant for a long time. At the same time, the large dimensions of the compartment will allow placing a large number of them in it.

We list the main advantages of the model Gorenje RK 6191 AW:

  • energy efficiency - despite its size, the device requires a fairly modest amount of electricity for its work;
  • functionality - if necessary, you can outweigh the door or securely fix the door shelves, well, well-thought-out lighting, based on LEDs, and the presence of a special bottle stand will make the operation as much as possible comfortable;
  • first-class build - the buyer will never encounter under-tightened bolts / unreliable fasteners;
  • noiselessness - the compressor is quite quiet, which does not create inconvenience;
  • adequate price - the manufacturer estimates this model in a modest and quite acceptable amount.

As for the shortcomings, the main drawback is the poor performance of the freezer. This minus is not too critical, but when buying a model it must be taken into account.

The model differs from its analogues in its ergonomics. Inside there are three boxes, one of which is presented in the form of a SpaceBox. This is a spacious container where you can place pretty overall products.

Model # 2: Gorenje RC 4180 AW

At first glance, the model RC 4180 AW came out pretty practical. It is evident that the engineers have tried, when it was designed. First of all, the refrigerator is distinguished by its impressive size. But the device itself is narrow, which allows you to install it in absolutely any kitchen in size.

In the cooling chamber there is a special box for storing vegetables and fruits. The entire volume of the refrigerator is divided into sections using five shelves made of durable, tempered glass.

And in 4 of them, you can change the height. This makes the model exactly the technique that is suitable for everyone.

In the list of benefits RC 4180 AW should include:

  • ergonomics - having bought products, they can be quickly and compactly decomposed into shelves and boxes;
  • reliability - the device is made of quality materials, it is equipped with a mechanical control, which significantly increases the life;
  • performance - you can freeze the products as soon as possible or simply cool them with high quality;
  • noiselessness - the compressor does not create any unnecessary sounds.

A strange decision on the part of the manufacturer was to use an incandescent lamp as a light. It is not clear why it was impossible to use LED strip? This is more reliable and durable.

The RC 4180 AW refrigerator is notable for high freezer performance. Therefore, it will be especially useful for hostesses, harvesting a large number of products.

Model # 3: Gorenje RK 41200 E

The third sample differs from its counterparts in an unusual body tint - the model is painted in the color of wet asphalt. As for the internal content, it is standard for Gorenje equipment.

Here everything is thought out to the smallest detail so that the user can quickly and easily see and get the product of interest to him.

Each shelf of the unit can withstand no more than 22 kg. This is enough for household use. For example, Korean manufacturers offer shelves that can withstand 100 kg, but why such strength is not entirely clear.

The secret to the popularity of Gorenje RK 41200 E lies in the following advantages:

  • high performance - the device provides high-quality and long-term storage of products;
  • comfortable dimensions - This feature will appeal to owners of apartments, not differing in a huge area;
  • space organization - inside, you can easily place any products of any size;
  • economy - the model corresponds to the energy efficiency class A.

The apparent disadvantages of this refrigerator is the low power of the freezer. In addition, during transportation and installation, you must be especially careful.

The RK 41200 E refrigerator, as well as the two models above, is equipped with a special box for vegetables and fruits. Also, the model is complemented by a bottle holder and a transformer shelf. As for the freezer, there are three boxes in it, one of which corresponds to the BigBox form factor.

Model # 4: Gorenje RK 6201 FX

The two-compartment refrigerator RK 6201 FX impresses with a huge net volume of 354 liters. Ideal for families of 3-5 households. The volume of the freezer compartment is 96 liters. The height of the hull is exactly 2 m, the width with a depth of 60 and 64 cm, respectively.

It is controlled by a simple and reliable electromechanical system, rarely allowing malfunctions. Retain heat after interrupting the power supply can take as long as 30 hours. Able to produce supercooling and the same degree of freezing. On the day, 4.5 kg of meat will freeze perfectly.

Both chambers are cooled in a static pattern with natural convection of air inside. This is the so-called drip circuit, which requires manual defrosting. In terms of energy consumption, class A +.

In the manufacture of the case, metal and plastic were used, the pleasant silver tonality of the unit will help it to fit into any interior. Remarkably solved interior space: shelves and sliding sections are located at the most convenient height.

Model # 5: Gorenje NRK 612 ORAB

Model NRK 612 ORAB attracts innovative technical and design solution. The refrigerator is perfect for the kitchen, the interior of which is made in the style of hi-tech or space. The model is 15 cm below the previous unit, but this difference has already affected the amount of usable space. Its displacement is 307 liters, 86.5 liters fall on the freezer.

Both the freezer and the refrigeration compartment are cooled using the No Frost system. You will not have to defrost them forcibly, because there will be neither frost nor snow growth inside. Defrosting such units spend a couple of times a year, just to put in order.

The model is controlled by electronics. When the temperature is exceeded and the door is not closed, the refrigerator emits sound and light signals. During the day it can freeze up to 5 kg of meat. When turning off the electricity keeps the cold up to 18 hours. Energy class related to equipment A ++.

Model # 6: Gorenje NRK 6201 MW

The two-meter NRK 6201 MW refrigerator contains 339 l. The freezer is located at the bottom, there is a zone of freshness, within which the aroma and nutritional properties of products are best preserved.

The cooling compartment and the freezer are cooled dynamically, preventing condensation from forming and ice formation. When using the No Frost system, the removal of condensate is performed automatically; there is no need to defrost the equipment.

An electronic device is installed for control; there is a display on the door. When the temperature limits are exceeded, the refrigerator signals with sound and light; it signals the open door with a sound. On energy saving belongs to the class A +.

Independently maintains the temperature during a power outage up to 18 hours. It freezes up to 5 kg per day, there is the possibility of super-freezing.

Model # 7: Gorenje NRK 621 CLI

Model NRK 621 CLI is made in a pleasant pastel range. The two-meter unit holds 339 liters, the freezer compartment is 85 liters. Freezes per day to 5 kg of meat. In this refrigerator a special, fresh zone is used.

Both the freezer and the refrigerated section are cooled using the No Frost system, which prevents condensation from forming and the formation of ice. They can be defrosted a year a couple of times, just to bring the equipment in order.

Management electronic. At shutdown of power supply it can autonomously work till 18 o'clock. Produces superfrost. On a loosely closed door, it signals with a sound, that sound and light exceed temperature. Klassnost by criteria of power consumption And +.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

A number of models of cooling equipment Gorenje, which deserves attention:

Since its introduction into the market, Slovenian refrigerators have proven to be reliable and high-tech devices. The manufacturer has paid attention to every detail and he managed to make the device productive, energy efficient and cost adequate money.

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