How to store dried fish at home: 3 short-term and 2 long way


  • 1 Methods of short storage
    • 1.1 Method 1 - in a suspended form
    • 1.2 Method 2 - in the packaging
    • 1.3 Method 3 - in the fridge
  • 2 Methods for long-term storage
    • 2.1 Method 1 - Freezing
    • 2.2 Method 2 - canning
  • 3 conclusion
No snacks tasty dried fishNo snacks tasty dried fish

Stockfish and dried fish is loved by many. But some are buying it in small portions, at times, and other mining and vyalyat with his hands in large quantities. And in fact, and in another case, a storage problem.

He solved it in different ways, depending on how long you plan to store dried fish. Of these methods, I'll tell you.

Methods of short storage

If you are going to debit Taranco within one to two months, it can be stored at room temperature in a suspended form or a special container. Or in the refrigerator.

Dried smelt stored at room temperature for two monthsDried smelt stored at room temperature for two months

One important condition: never put any dried bream and other fish in a plastic bag. It instantly formed mold.

Method 1 - in a suspended form

It is the most popular method of storage of dried fish. And the best place will porch, attic, loggia, or other well ventilated and not too hot place, protected from sunlight. If this place was not at home, it is better to choose another way.

  • Before you hang the carcass, sort them by size.
  • Large specimens wrap one in heavy paper.
So as not to dry, the fish should be wrapped in paperSo as not to dry, the fish should be wrapped in paper
  • Small fish can be wrapped in several pieces or folded into a paper bag and seal it with tape.
Bags of kraft paper are very convenient for hanging fishBags of kraft paper are very convenient for hanging fish

In this form, at room temperature delicacy retain its flavor in the month. And if you create perfect storage conditions with temperatures no higher than 10 degrees and a humidity of about 80%, then the term is extended to 3-4 months.

If the fish are not wrapped, it dries and becomes hardIf the fish are not wrapped, it dries and becomes hard

Method 2 - in the packaging

Storage of dried fish in this way is similar to the previous one. But instead of paper using a suitable container. It can be:

  • Wooden box with a lid.
  • Cardboard box.
  • Thick wicker basket, Covered with a cloth to protect it from insects.
  • Tin stainless steel.
Fish can be stored in a box, as picturedFish can be stored in a box, as pictured

Carcass portions can be wrapped in paper or folded into a package just as well close the top of the natural tissue. The tin with a tight fitting lid, these precautions are not necessary. It is maintained and so normal humidity, insects and do not penetrate the sun's rays.

But the conditions of storage of fish in this way, too, we must try to create optimal. The room should be cool, dry and dark.

Method 3 - in the fridge

Another simple way to store dried fish at home is the use of the refrigerator. In the vegetable department, she will lie, wrapped in paper, 1-2 months.

The most affordable way to storage - in the refrigeratorThe most affordable way to storage - in the refrigerator

If your unit has a compartment with a temperature of about 0 degrees, deli shelf life of up to six months will increase.

Methods for long-term storage

What to do if you have a lot of dried fish? If this number is impossible to use in the near future, the product will have to freeze or preserve.

Method 1 - Freezing

I do not think that someone needs special instruction to freeze. As in the case of suspending, carcasses are sorted by size and packaged in paper or plastic bags.

Yes, in this case, the film can be used, since at a temperature no negative mold products are not afraid.

Storage in the freezerStorage in the freezer

The frozen product will lie without loss of palatability to a year. The main thing is not to defreeze and do not freeze it again. Therefore correct to initially divide it into single servings.

Method 2 - canning

Save a large amount of this delicacy can and rolled glass jars. But preservation method is fundamentally different from the seaming vegetables or fruit. In addition, it is suitable only for small and medium-sized carcasses.

  • Tightly hammered clean and dry fish cans. Perhaps this is the only similarity with pickling cucumbers: the contents of the banks rollover should not fall out.
  • Remove air. To avoid contact with the product and the growth of microorganisms of the banks need to remove the air.
  • We light the gas burner or a large candleIf you have an electric stove. Filled the jar upside down and hold the neck over the fire for 1-2 minutes.
oxygen burning of banks with fishoxygen burning of banks with fish
  • Without lifting the jar, cover her mouth metal capAnd only then turn over.
  • Immediately roll up the cover.
The fish rolled banks will be stored for several monthsThe fish rolled banks will be stored for several months

It happens that the fish is not enough to fill the jar tightly, as the store smelt in this case? Put in a jar candle candle and light it. Carefully cover and roll up, trying to prematurely put out the fire. He extinguished itself when will burn all the oxygen.

Keep jars are best in a cool dark place or in the refrigerator.


Price smoked and dried delicacies is high enough, so let them go bad do not want to. But now you know the different ways to avoid it.

The only trouble that can happen if stored properly - the loss of moisture. But if the fish was dry, it can be reanimated, wrapped in foil with a little water and holding for 15-20 minutes in the oven at 150-170 degrees.

Fans of this offer snacks to watch the video in this article and share the secrets of its preparation and storage in the comments.

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