How does a wireless iron

  • principle of operation Pros and cons of
  • Operating rules
  • Review of the best firmsAll these units help people to quickly deal with their household chores. For example, ironing has become much easier thanks to the appearance of electric irons. But progress does not stand still, and manufacturers are also improving their products. To prevent consumers from interfering with the cord from this device, which is confused and does not allow them to go far from the electrical outlet, a cordless iron was developed and launched onto the market.

    Selecting this device is problematic, because they all differ in cost, functions, operating principles and manufacturer. How does a wireless iron, its advantages and disadvantages, we consider in this review.

    Principle of operation

    The principle of operation of a cordless iron is as follows: the unit stands on a special stand that is connected to the network, and thus the iron heats up. Determine how the iron can be heated by a special indicator that is placed on the stand. The device can be used after the indicator color has changed.

    If we talk about the stand, then there are special connectors for the iron in it, with the help of which it is heated, but on condition that it is installed correctly. Thus, the connection of these two devices occurs and the approached iron heats up.

    Note that the required temperature must be set before the iron fits on the stand, otherwise you can break not only it, but also the thermostat. When the device heats up to the specified temperature, the indicator changes color. Some models can "boast" and a sound signal indicating the need to charge the iron.

    The time it takes to heat an iron and how much it can work without recharging depends on several factors. For example, the heating temperature and ironing conditions. In principle, you can iron for 30 seconds or a few minutes. On recharging takes about 10 seconds.

    Pros and cons

    Before you buy such a unit, you need to examine the pros and cons.
    Among the advantages can be identified:

    1. The process of ironing is much easier, which is ensured by the absence of a cord, because it does not limit the action, there is no certain distance that you can go, and does not cling.
    2. Features of the stand allow you not to focus your attention on the iron, but concentrate fully on things.
    3. High quality steaming.
    4. Lightweight.
    5. Useful programs that simplify the work of the iron.
    6. Protection against moisture on clothing.
    7. Mobility - you can reach the most extreme angle of the ironing board without restriction of movement.
    8. Can be equally ironed with both the left hand and the right.
    9. No possibility of electric shock.
    10. Convenience storage.

    Even this unit has its drawbacks:

    • When ironing, a regular iron can be put in a vertical position, but this cannot be done with a cordless iron.
    • Expensive.
    • There is a limit on the operating time of the iron without recharging - you must constantly monitor the temperature and charge.
    • The iron heats up only on a special stand, without which it cannot work.
    • Not suitable for all fabric types.

    Operating Rules

    In order for this device to last as long as possible and please its owners with quality work, you must follow the instructions:

    1. In order for ironing to go faster and heat was used correctly, you need to start ironing things that do not require high temperatures.
    2. When changing the temperature, the iron needs to be charged again.
    3. When working with mixed fabrics, it is necessary to iron at low temperatures.
    4. Before operating, adjust the steam flow. This can be achieved when the thermostat is set to maximum power and then switched to minimum.
    5. Clean the iron at least once a month.

    Review of the best firms

    Many models of irons without wires from various manufacturers have appeared on the market, but Tefal, Philips, Panasonic, Zelmer are in the greatest demand and love of buyers. The best wireless irons are Tefal and Philips products, because the demand for them is greatest and they are quality. Most of these products are made in China, which is explained by the high cost of this type of equipment and good components.

    Rating the best models of cordless irons

    Philips GC 2088

    The most in demand at the moment is the iron Philips GC 2088. The quality of this product is fully consistent with its price.

    Advantages of the model:

    • Power - up to 2400 watts.
    • There is an option for continuous steam.
    • Ceramic outsole.
    • Compact base.
    • High quality.
    • Ability to steam things upright.
    • Availability of light and sound indicators.
    • It takes 6 seconds to charge the iron.
    • There is a lock with which you can fix the iron on the stand.


    1. Must be charged every 30 seconds.
    2. It is not always possible to smooth the most difficult folds due to lack of heat.

    Philips GC 4810

    This model is popular for its design. The advantages include:

    • Power - 2000 watts.
    • Continuous steam.
    • Holds 200 ml of water.
    • Self-cleaning option.
    • Leakage Protection.
    • The sole material is aluminum.
    • Possibility of vertical ironing.
    • You can connect the cord directly to the iron.


    1. Limited time without charge.
    2. Prolonged charging due to low power.

    Tefal FV9920E0

    Advantages of the model:

    • Power - 2400 Watts.
    • Continuous steam generation.
    • Anti-scale protection.
    • Protection against leakage.
    • Self-cleaning system.
    • Ceramic outsole.
    • It takes only 4 seconds to heat the iron.
    • Iron works without recharging for 8 seconds.
    • Offline mode - it can be used to increase ironing efficiency up to 25 seconds.
    • Sound and light indicators.
    • The iron stand can be placed on any surface.


    1. Plastic parts have an unpleasant smell.
    2. Iron without recharging does not work for long.
    3. Iron sole can leak.

    In this article, we told you about what a cordless iron is, how it works, revealed weaknesses and advantages, and also listed the best manufacturers and the most popular models of this type of home appliances. Of course, only you can choose, but we hope that we could help you make the right decision.

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