Liquid weed fertilizer with yeast: how to cook?

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She feeds her plants with organic matter from the farm and makes weed based solutions. I decided to try it myself. Tell me, how to make a liquid fertilizer from weeds with yeast?

One of the most essential trace elements for the active development of plants is nitrogen. To provide growing crops with a nutrient, you can resort to store-based drugs. But often gardeners use folk methods, using natural ingredients to prepare dressings. For example, the weeds remaining after weeding are not thrown away, but a liquid solution is prepared on their basis.

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To make liquid fertilizer from weeds with yeast, you need:

  • to prepare a herbal extract;
  • dilute yeast;
  • connect two solutions.

Preparation of herbal infusion

In a large capacity to put chopped weeds. You can fill it to the top or half. Any plants will do, but if possible, you should give preference to those who "love" nitrogen( nettle, dandelions).

For the preparation of infusion can not use metal barrels.

Pour water into a container with weeds so that it completely covers them. To accelerate the "ripening" also necessarily need to add 1 tbsp.lfertilizers containing nitrogen( carbamide).Cover the top with a lid and leave for at least two weeks.

The readiness of the herbal infusion can be determined by the presence of a heavy dung odor, and the liquid itself will change color to the brown side and actively begin to emit bubbles.

Preparation of liquid fertilizer from weeds and yeast

When the herbal infusion is ready, you can proceed to the next step. First you need to make a yeast solution separately:

  1. Dissolve 1 kg of yeast in a bucket of water.
  2. Dilute the concentrate with water in a ratio of 1:20.
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Now it remains only to combine the filtered herb infusion and diluted 1: 1 yeast concentrate.

Benefit from

weed fertilizer Green mass is the most affordable way to produce nitrogen. In addition, this fertilizer does not require financial costs, and acts no worse than purchased products. Its only drawback is that it is not possible to determine the exact composition of useful substances. To enrich the solution with nutrients, liquid fertilizer is combined with yeast solution.

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The composition of yeast contains a whole range of substances necessary for plant development:

  • potassium in various forms;
  • magnesium;
  • ammonium sulfate;
  • sulfur;
  • calcium and many others.

When a yeast solution is combined with a herbal infusion, a universal complex fertilizer is obtained.

Preparation of the basis for liquid fertilizer - herbal infusion, video

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