Multi-colored silicone glove gloves from China

Every cook knows firsthand what a burn is. While working in the kitchen, you can burn anything. If you grab a hot frying pan, pan or even a spoon, a small burn is sure. Usually, as a tack, they use what comes to hand: a rag, towel, apron. But this is not an option, because even in this case, you can get burned.

To really avoid burns, you need to use a special tack made of heat-resistant materials. Gloves in the form of gloves are quite comfortable, as they ideally sit on the hand and completely cover it from burns.

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On the surface of each glove there are pimples that do not allow to drop the dishes. In addition, these same bumps are inside the glove. Only they are more imperceptible, but, nevertheless, perfectly perform their function: in no case will the glove fly off the hand.

The advantages of gloves-shaped tack:

  1. Simplicity. The glove is worn very quickly and easily. Now you do not have to constantly look for a suitable towel to transfer the hot dish.
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  2. Versatility. No need to tack the size of the hand. It is suitable for both small and large hands. Even children can use tack.
  3. Compact. Tack does not take a lot of size. In addition, it has a special side opening, thanks to which the glove can be hung in any convenient place.
  4. Security. Tack protects hands from any burns.
  5. Clean. After using the tack, simply rinse with water.
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Tack in the shape of a glove is an ideal option for chefs. However, there is one question: how much does it cost? Ukrainian and Russian online stores offer such a glove for 450 rubles. Quite inexpensively, considering that tacking protects the skin of the hands from various burns.

However, Aliexpress will take a glove-shaped tack for just 201 rubles. For such a price it is really worth buying this product, because much more is spent on burn cream.

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The characteristics of the Chinese glove-shaped tack:

  • material - heat-resistant silicone;
  • length - 27 cm;
  • width - 15 cm;
  • color - pink, sky blue, purple, orange, green, red, gray.

Thus, silicone gloves will be a great help in the kitchen. But it is better to buy them directly from the Chinese manufacturer, since its price is much lower than that offered by the domestic manufacturer.

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