How to choose a wrench

A screwdriver differs from a screwdriver in the shape of the head: not a hex socket, but a standard square rod of 13 mm( of a different size).As a result, it becomes possible to use a full set of collapsible socket wrenches without adapters. Which greatly simplifies the task of motorists. Let's see how to choose a wrench.

Device wrench

The wrench resembles a screwdriver. It is a tool that looks like a gun, the barrel ends with a drive, where the necessary nozzles are worn according to need. The engine is lowered using the trigger button. Often the speed of rotation depends on the force of pressing. For full revolutions, push all the way. Technical characteristics of wrenches are not fundamentally different from screwdrivers. The specifics of the work have to use the built-in battery:

. Modern

  1. wrench. The fire safety of the low wrench voltage is undeniable. A spark slips across the collector, but the protective properties increase with a special hull design. What makes it possible to use the wrench in a garage and parking lot.
  2. Mobility wrench allows you to twist from any position. Not to be confused with the cord. As a result, work is available in unattainable places: disassemble the motor at the dump, hang a punching bag in the garden.

Double isolation of the tool eliminates the need for approvals. A wrench is considered to be a completely safe tool in terms of protection against electric shock. Included in the third group( III), powered by the system BSNN( safe extra low voltage).Most wrenches hide in the depths of the battery voltage of 12 - 20 V with a capacity of 3-4 Ah.

As a screwdriver, the specified tool contains a powerful reduction gear inside. The speed of the shaft of the collector motor drops sharply until it reaches the spindle, but the torque increases proportionally. As a result, a small current( up to 3 A) makes it possible to obtain large values. Wrench consumption is extremely small, a hundred or another watt. In expensive models, the speed is supported by the introduction of a special scheme; in most cases, the tool goes without it.

The specific use of a wrench is to disassemble. The screwdriver is called the installer tool, the class in question today, rather the tool of the repairman. On sale are widely shock models. Suppose that for a brief moment, the wrenches achieve amazing torque. For example, 550 Nm. Which is 2.5 - 3 times the typical figures. This allows you to push in most cases, even the old nuts. Invaluable sometimes.

Design of an

Wrench A wrench will certainly have a reverse for assembly and disassembly. Little different from a screwdriver. The engine has a typical cooling circuit, but you will need to carefully read the instructions for instructions on the cycle of operation. In most cases, the drill mode, if any, works for a very limited period of time, then the wrench needs rest. Created devices with a long cycle of work. These wrenches are good, but develop less speed or torque.

There are elements in the family, consisting of new products that domestic and western entrepreneurs are made in China. In the latter case, with mediocre characteristics, the wrench shows simply disgusting indicators of the operating cycle. At wrenches the power of consumption is not so important as the developed force and speed of rotation of the spindle.

Impact wrenches

Let's talk about impact wrenches. About the mentioned class of devices there are a lot of contradictory rumors. As the authors have already noted, impact wrenches have excellent torque. But it is not created by constant effort, but by the inertia of many frequent blows. The impact wrench contains a special clutch that transmits the motor force directly to the spindle only for some time. Then the tool breaks down to strike. Sharply and often the drive of the impact wrench hits the cam on the axle in order to achieve the desired effect. The mode is called a ratchet( fastener goes little by little, shocks).Hence the pros and cons of the described wrenches:

. Percussion apparatus

  • If you take the ability to unscrew the old bolts and nuts, here the percussion instrument is beyond competition. The numbers are amazing. Let's stop, for example, the choice of a wrench on a specimen with a developed torque of 540 Nm. This means that at a distance of 1 meter, the device presses with a force of 5.4 kg( roughly speaking).The length of the wrench handle often does not exceed 20 cm. This means that a force of five( 100/20 cm), over 25 kg, acts on the edge( when using a impact wrench).Such an effort is enough to push the fasteners. Notice - without the risk of breakage that inevitably arises in the case of a wrench.
  • The impact wrench regularly operates in this mode when the load exceeds a certain limit. It will start to knock if you find a tight area when drilling. But the big torque will master any way. Impact wrench unprofitable to work on medium force, when the ratchet is already included. Revolution speed drops sharply, it remains to be patient. At the same time actively spent battery power. It will please you a little, it is better to strive for the work to be performed by other methods, and to take the impact wrench as a last resort. With a capacity of 3-4 Ah, the tool is barely enough for 50 minutes of work. The impact wrench is demanded on the extreme modes: at extremely high and low loads.
  • Work in ratchet mode is accompanied by increased noise. We recommend wearing headphones. Shock mode increases the resource consumption of the device. Try to apply when absolutely necessary.
  • Plus work shock wrench manifested when using a vice. A significant part of the thrust is obtained by inertia and shock. As a result, the actual load on the vise is much lower. Most of the effort is eaten by the elasticity of the material when there is no continuous pressure.

As a result, the impact wrench is considered a specific tool that can sometimes solve complex problems, but after switching to ratchet mode, the speed of work decreases. The tool is not under the threat of overload, which is considered to be standard for the instrument. If the bolt is not broken, the impact wrench will simply crack, and the job will end. It is beneficial to apply it side by side with the typical. When a heavy load takes a shock model, and finishes the usual case. Tandem successful in any undertaking.

How to take an

wrench We incline readers to buy two wrenches at once: the impact and the usual. The first will help, albeit slowly, with rusty fasteners, the second will bring the begun to the end. When choosing a tool, try to give preference to the same manufacturer, or take models with compatible batteries. During the work required to ensure the simultaneous charge of depleted sources.

When purchasing a product, make sure that the warranty card is filled in correctly. Ask to fill in the columns with the brand, the date of purchase. Have the seller stamp and sign. There are two guarantees:

  1. Store implies a receipt with a purchase date. It performs the delivery of the broken goods to the point of sale. Here the wrench will be taken indefinitely, then returned.
  2. Manufacturer's warranty is available at service centers or at the facility. It is permissible to send goods there by mail, take them by affordable means. Reverse arrangements are negotiated separately( sometimes self-pickup is sometimes possible).

Choosing a specific model.

The trouble is that the store warranty is less than the factory warranty. But the sales assistant will carefully offer to purchase a ticket for an interval in excess of the specified. It turns out, sells already put in another place, if the warranty card is filled correctly. Try to take a wrench from the manufacturer, whose service center( see the instructions for the purchase or check on the official website of the plant) is located nearby. Moreover, this place requires good fame.

We recommend making a list of stores and manufacturers, where there is a similar service.

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