How to choose an electric lawn mower

When choosing an electric lawn mower, think about the front of work. A large plot or a small one, will it be possible to supply the purchase with electricity or not, whether the surface is flat, what the height of the user is. The answers will help you decide which electric mower to buy.

How the lawn mower

is arranged Let's begin with a mobile model familiar from films. The meaning is simple. The engine becomes a source of operation. From electric less burning and noise. The motor is of the collector type, as a rule, for one phase of alternating current 220 V. Power is supplied from the extension cord. The mower is made according to the general requirements of the electric tool, demonstrates the second degree of electrical safety( reinforced or equivalent insulation).

For this reason, the electric lawn mower does not need a grounding circuit. Operating conditions, however, do not allow work on dew or in the rain. Regarding the details it is reasonable to read the instructions. The composition of the electric lawn mower:

Design lawn mower

  1. The body of the lawn mower has the shape of a parallelepiped with rounded corners. More often plastic. But today, sometimes composite materials are a little inferior to steel.
  2. Under the body is a knife, standard for most devices cut steel. It rotates at high speed around the center. For example, inside a grain crusher( grader) there is a similar knife, not sharp in the conventional sense of the word. Just the speed is such that the iron cuts through the stems without difficulty inside the electric lawn mower.
  3. Due to the energy of the engine, a fan is working, its task is to throw grass into a bag or a plastic collector. Capacity serves as a criterion for selecting an electric lawn mower. It is difficult to predict in advance how much volume will be skewed from a unit of area, the figure will say little to beginners. An extravagant way is possible - throw grass to the side of an electric lawn mower.
  4. Behind the body there are inclined handles, the device is carried on wheels until the surface quality reaches the desired one.
  5. Power cord of medium length, not very convenient. If you take electric saws, their size is within the elbow. As a result, an ingratiating connector does not drag on the ground.

The lawn mower cuts the grass at a knife height with a smooth carpet. Not suitable for curved surfaces. If you take Europe, for years there has been preparing a flat platform, where grass is meticulously grown and is called a lawn. Do not expect miracles from the lawn mower, if the field is crooked.

Methods care for the lawn mower

Speaking about the measures of care, is of interest sharpening a knife. Some people believe that the procedure is not needed, the second part says that the action takes place in the workshop, where there is a special balancing machine. In practice, customers are fooled all the time. The sharpening of the lawnmower is done on an ordinary wheel without additional measurements. However, the procedure is not easy. It is difficult to deal with petrol models:

Filling the tank

  • There is a danger of shedding oil from the crankcase on the piston head. This happens if you roll the lawnmower too far sideways. Then there will be difficulties with the launch, carbon deposits are formed. Knowledgeable people say that it is permissible to tilt the gasoline mower exclusively backwards, where the handles are. In this case there is no big danger.
  • Deviation of the lawn mower from the vertical can lead to fuel spillage. As a result, it is recommended to empty the tank or use it to the end. Alternatively, you will have to put a washer under the cap to prevent this effect.

Before starting work, it is required to remove the spark plug when the device is turned off. Electric models are de-energized. Difficulties with the removal of the knife are solved at the level of the inspection pit for cars. If the width or base of the lawn mower is sufficient. If not, use a pair of stools with precautions. The thread of the lawn mower knife( nut) is right, more often the key is on 19.

The knives are straight and mulch. The latter with twists and allow smaller shred grass. Sharpening methods vary:

  1. Especially gifted craftsmen grind lawn mower knives with grinders. Need to remove the product. Under the lawn mower's body there is grass that will have to be removed. The knife is clamped in a vice and gently sharpened disc thickness of 1.2 mm. Place the abrasive perpendicular to the edge of the knife, so as not to cut off the excess.
  2. They suggest using grinders of vibration, eccentric or belt type. Those that are used by plasterers and painters to smooth out irregularities of walls and ceilings. Take the skin size 120 and carefully carry out the operation to the desired point.
  3. Used for putting in order knives lawn mowers files, needle files and emery of any type. Sometimes use a circle, abrasive sticks, donkey and so on.

After sharpening, the mower knife is checked for balancing. It will be necessary to weigh relative to the center( where the hole is) on a ruler, thread, or thin file. The side that weighs more is lightly grind down. Then put in place. If possible, use a torque wrench, apply. As a result, the effort will become known; it will be necessary to repeat it during assembly.

Service maintenance is reduced to lubrication of the engine and other mechanisms, it is recommended to give the type of engine in an electric lawn mower by ear to hearing without any previous experience. The collector engine is extremely loud. For such a device, consumables are considered brushes, they will need to be replaced. This graphite electrodes are usually included. It is permissible to grind to a given size on their own and set in place.

Grass is emitted by a tangential fan standing directly on the motor shaft. Sometimes the passage is clogged, it is necessary to clear the grass. The drive shaft delivers torque not directly, but through a belt drive, all of a sudden the electric lawn mower's knife hits a hard one. Then the engine will not fail, but simply rotate the belt. There may be sad outcomes, but the heart of an electric lawn mower will not suffer.

Driving and driven shafts are supported by ball bearings. It is possible to lubricate Litol by removing the pan. We remind you that the work for gasoline lawn mowers are complicated. Finally, there are models with a 40 V battery. The electric lawn mower works an hour for such things. The charge lasts much longer. The exhausted battery is replenished according to the instructions on the electric lawn mower.

How to choose a lawn mower

Experts recommend to pay attention to the specified specifications electric lawn mowers.

Wheel Size

In Russia, models with large wheels are popular. This allows you to drive even on an uneven field and mow.

Garden care

Adjusting for terrain

Most models have an option to adjust the height of the knives above the ground for specific terrain conditions. This is done the simplest through changing the mounting position of the wheels. The position of the deck is determined by the specified points of support. Of course, the preferred types of electric lawn mowers that support the option.

Emission of chopped grass

It is recommended to take an electric lawn mower with the possibility of throwing grass to the ground. This is required to be done periodically to fertilize the soil. In the described mode, as a rule, not a straight, but a bent knife, having a greater degree of grinding, is used.

Tank for harvested grass

Tank capacity is selected depending on the needs. Already said that the amount of mowed grass can not be estimated in advance, unless experimentally( for example, ask your neighbor).


Electric lawn mowers show a different width and base. On an uneven surface, large dimensions clearly interfere, the grass will be uneven for mowing. Note that larger models and consumption show higher to cover the increased volume. Otherwise, you will have to move slower. We recommend power to be considered as equivalent to the speed of cutting. Manufacturers of electric lawn mowers are guided by the mass spectrum of consumers, choose the parameters that seem to be correct.

Adjustment knobs

Adjustment knob

Convenient when the height of the handles is adjustable. This allows the electric lawn mower to be customized for local conditions. Otherwise, it is easy to make radiculitis: during operation, the device shakes, which is certainly harmful. GOST even prescribes the pathogenic factor of vibration. Make a choice of electric lawn mower in favor of the one with which it is easier to move.

Alternatives to the Electric Lawn Mower

Spindle lawn mowers are not only mechanical. The design is a cylindrical tank, inside the tank rotates an intricately shaped spiral blade with many knives. The energy of the gardener pushing from behind is converted into rotation, due to the process grass is cut. Manufacturers of spindle lawn mowers position this as an advantage, but labor is capable of becoming slave: a person will begin to haul the unit in the manner of an ancient mare with a plow.

There are electrically operated spindle lawn mowers on sale. This is a miniature tool, but a lot depends on the balance. If the manufacturer is intelligent, the work will be a joy. Before buying, try how the electric lawn mower moves, whether it is convenient to drive and maneuver.

In addition to the models mentioned today, they are designed on the basis of golf cars. To order such a lawn mower will make and electric.

Finally, ask( according to the instructions) where the nearest service centers are located, what is the fame of the workers. It is better to be safe, the repair takes a lot of time, but it will seem like flowers in comparison with the need to carry a copy of a far away land to get it repaired, and then take it back.

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