Fertilizer for geraniums with iodine or Abundant blooms provided

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My neighbor grows geraniums of different varieties, which she has flowering almost all year round. I have only two pots, and they bloom every other time. A neighbor says that she feeds her flowers with iodine. Tell me how to make fertilizer for geranium with iodine for abundant flowering?

Geranium or pelargonium attracts the attention of flower growers with beautiful and lush flowering. With proper care, the flowering period lasts a long time, and the inflorescences themselves are rather large. Not the last role is played by timely top dressing, which gives the flower strength for laying a large number of buds.

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One of the simplest and most economical ways to help your beloved in abundant flowering is the fertilizer with ordinary iodine pharmacy iodine.

How to prepare nutritional supplement?

Of course, iodine cannot be used in its pure form. It should be added to the water for watering the plant, and in very limited quantities. In order for pelargonium to more actively absorb nutrients from the soil, the solution must be made on the basis of rainwater, settled water. Some growers recommend slightly warm the water. For 1 liter of liquid, 1 drop of iodine is sufficient, and for very weakened plants, an increase in the amount of the drug to 3 drops is allowed. Shake the solution thoroughly to evenly distribute the drug.

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When watering geraniums, it is necessary to follow certain rules:

  • pour the solution not at the very root of the flower, but as close as possible to the side walls of the flowerpot;
  • to apply fertilizer to wet soil;
  • on one plant to use about 50 ml of liquid.

It is worth taking into account that too frequent iodine supplements can lead to damage to the root system and geranium disease. Nutrient irrigation should be done no more than once every 3-4 weeks.

Effect of iodine solution on plants

A solution based on iodine is not only able to stimulate flowering, reproaching the formation of ovaries, but also helps geraniums to actively develop, especially in spring and autumn.

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seeds In addition, this useful trace element improves plant uptake of nitrogen, which in turn has a positive effect on the growth of deciduous mass and strengthen the immune system of geranium against diseases such as mildew and late blight.

The signal that pelargonium needs to be fed is a change in the state of the deciduous mass: the leaves become sluggish, begin to dry out, or fall off completely. If urgent measures are not taken, there is a risk that the plant will have only one bare stem or, worse, it will completely wither.

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