How to choose a drill

Selecting a drill is easy. Russian industry creates competition in the market for sales of this tool.

How to find an

drill Key features and characteristics of an

electric drill We tell about electric drills, there will be little information about hand-held tools. If the site did not have electricity, buy a screwdriver with a drill function, battery. The problem is one speed, but enough to establish on the pole of the junction box, sockets. Further we adjust a food.

Variety of drills

At the beginning of the 21st century, the drill can hammer walls. Without this mode with a hammer icon it is impossible to make holes in concrete. In the presence of drilled any wall. Difficulties arise in three cases:

  1. . Dull drill. Some 12 mm models withstand two holes. It costs 120 rubles.
  2. Steel reinforcement is difficult to drill. You need to locator in advance to assess the location of the flow. Otherwise, you can hammer in one place without a result.
  3. Shlakobeton contains inclusions - the drill takes with great difficulty. It is difficult to say that burned before getting into the composition of the building material, but is not affected.

Drill without a drill for concrete today looks out of place. Two thirds of the work falls on repairs, on walls, floors, and floor. But this is concrete or brick, wood. Today, the holes for the screws do not need to be drilled: the screwdriver will drive the hardware into the board. The corresponding drill function is not required.

A good drill has a reverse. Suppose you need to disassemble the aerogrill Supra. Tin body tightly attached to the plastic - can not be disassembled. If you make holes in a thin layer of metal, you can get a screwdriver to the right place.

The mechanism of drilling thin metal with an electric drill:

  1. A thick drill does not take, we use a thin one.
  2. To climb a screwdriver, you need to expand. We supply drill drill thicker.
  3. With a creak in size, we move up the diameter. At the next call, we discover: the work is not going. Push harder, a thick drill slowly scraping the edges. I want faster. We press, fails, it is sharply screwed, cutting a thread from one turn on a sheet.
  4. Let go of the button - the electric drill does not move. Turn on the reverse, the drill goes back freely.

Without reverse, you cannot remove the tool. Disconnect the wire, rewind, twist the electric drill against the stroke. Without reverse drill should not buy.

Pay attention to the speed control. Without the function, the electric drill is not efficient. Curved drill to work at low speed - breaks. The same requires work on the metal( the same consequences, the cutting edge is nothing to hold on).

There are other specific cases. Drilling the wall fell on a dead point( slag caught).You can not throw, change the speed of rotation of the drill. The percussion mechanism begins to work with a different frequency - it helps in 99% of cases. Reduce the speed, increase to the limit to get off the ground.

Technical Specifications of the

Drill The speed of rotation of the drill of the drill should vary( the knob of the potentiometer on the button).Technical characteristics of drills do not contain information. It can be written: the rotation range is within the range from 0 to 2900 revolutions per minute. But in reality - no. With increasing effort momentum grows slowly. In practice, it is impossible to get such a mode:

  1. For some drills, the speed depends on the effort when pressing the button. In reality, fix the desired area is difficult.
  2. Suppose we want to get a frequency of 4 Hz. Gently push the lock, it seems to work out.
  3. But the engine significantly works intermittently, the power drops: speed regulation goes according to the change of the cut-off angle, the drill moves in fits and starts.

Why not buy a screwdriver that reduces speed not due to the cut-off angle, but mechanically with a gearbox? An additional advantage is the torque: it allows you to work, not to suffer. Option speed control is useful, without excess. The locking button is not needed - reduces the security of the device. Most Bulgarians have latches: use them when a large amount of work. In the case of an electric drill, the situation will not arise.

Work as a drill

Power and tips on an electric drill

More power is better. The tool copes with complex tasks. At the same time, the minimum speed increases. If a 300 watt drill seems fast, imagine at 800!The fast car goes great in concrete. Powerful drills sell good tips.

Before - circular saw. Drill turns the cut into an exciting experience, if you strictly follow the rules of safety. Just making a frame for a balcony instead of a purchase helps save money. The circular saw has several discs for each group of materials. Drill helps to cut the shelves for the cabinet: doubles the capacity. Clothes can be sorted.

With a low power drill, such functions are impossible - a stable high rotation speed is required. Saws start at 600 watts. Grinding nozzles help get rid of excess sawdust. Smooth surfaces can be machined with an electrical plane - in practice this is not limited to. The nozzle on an electric drill in the form of a grinding wheel is useful. Made of flexible rubber, allows you to handle the back streets( to clean the surface of a wooden relief door).

At low power the device is inefficient. They recommended an electric drill with such nozzles to take from 600 W and above, if the volume, nature of the work does not require otherwise.

Sometimes there are nozzles in the form of discs for an angle grinder. Regarding the required power: we select a good grinder, then we take the equivalent power. You should choose a drill in favor of models from 800 W with high revs: not 2,900 or 3,000. At least 6,000 turns. Otherwise, it is better to take a normal grinder separately.

Sometimes you can find grinding wheels on the base of the drill. Do not pay attention to power: too high creates an extra danger. Sharpen knives can be 300 watts, less - safe for the master.

Many drill options are not limited to the set of nozzles.

The cycle of the electric drill

Choosing a high-powered electric drill, we risk. In the process, a lot of heat is generated, it is difficult to remove. When buying an electric drill, make sure that it maintains a long mode of operation. It may be that every quarter of an hour a considerable break should be taken. Speed ​​of rotation at the drill is great, such models are rare. A handwheel in the form of a turbine is placed on the shaft: it blows the windings, cooling it - the electric drill works for a long time.

Drill with battery

What to replace the electric drill

The function of drilling with a screwdriver is added for the passage of all areas of work. Power is not enough - you need to drill. Advantages:

  1. Despite the low power of the screwdriver( they meet up to 100 W), it develops a lot of effort by reducing the speed of the gearbox.
  2. Drills under the screwdriver do with a hex shank, worn on an ordinary magnet. Allows you to quickly change the nozzle when you want to get a large hole diameter, gradually increasing the number of the drill.
  3. Screwdriver has a reverse at several speeds - simplifies the work. Engine power can be directed to pulling out the drill. At low revs, a large torque is obtained.
  4. The screwdriver is powered by a battery, drill manufacturers do not use them. They want to expand the range of works at the expense of a perforator. Mobile screwdriver.

You can drill holes with a perforator. The difference comes down to the drill shanks. The range of diameters is higher. Achieved through the use of robust docking schemes with chuck SDS max, SDS plus. When choosing a drill to buy, look at the punch. Due to the design, it perfectly makes walls, works with a jackhammer.

To maintain the same hole depth, it is convenient to use a stop with a measuring scale. With the help of a screw, the desired size is set - we get our plans. Accelerates the process of working with an abundance of similar tasks( hanging carpet, shelves, mirrors, lamps).

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