How to choose an electrical outlet

We believe it is permissible to make sockets from cheap options. And the wire to take quality, to ensure good contact. Sometimes it is required to provide IP protection. In a cheap outlet there are spring blinds designed to protect the sockets from moisture. Similar kind are required, for example, in the nursery. But to put cheap sockets in wet rooms is still impossible. Instead, the curtains will have to break down( see the result in the figure below), and put the products in a dry place. The savings are 2 or more times, and the quality does not suffer at all( most products are manufactured at the required 10 A).So today we will talk how to choose the right electrical outlet.

Cheap sockets in the modern market, their design

Details of the disassembled sockets

Refer to the photo. There are details extracted from a cheap outlet. Explain the purpose of the objects in the text.


We answer in order:

  • They cover the sockets. Provide a portion of unflattering words about the manufacturer in some cases. In a cheap outlet, the curtains are not allowed to insert the plug where it is required. This is done by slightly shaking the plug, but it is difficult to put it into practice.
  • Shutters increase the level of protection of the hull ip. Sockets with curtains ideally permissible to put in a more "dangerous" in terms of GOST location.
  • Shuttered curtains, interfere. Often the bathrooms are such that 60 cm from the edge of the shower tray or bath - the value prescribes the standard - it is simply impossible to retreat, and it is too difficult to rock the plug daily, holding back unflattering comments. Coupled with two reasons with a low price explain why acquired sockets today occupy a leading place in the review. Note - without competition.

To break the curtains, you need to remove the front panel holding the device on small plastic spikes. Sometimes the structure has to be soldered( with a soldering iron or a hot needle) or cut off. It is forbidden to leave the springs( see picture) inside, for fear of causing a short circuit.

Closed curtain rosettes

Cerd outlets come across double models. And intended for installation in a single socket. It would seem - why? The washing machine does not consume a lot of energy( if the heating element is not included), if an urgent need to shave is required, it is easy to use the second socket. Together, the power devices hardly reach 1.5 kW.Mostly curtains are needed for installation in children.

Petals Earthing

Cheap sockets( the shutters are shown in the photo) are good ground lobes. Sense of adaptation:

  1. Protection against electric shock is considered an important part of the home network. If you try to put the grounding lobe on the neutral wire, sometimes you have to forget about safety. Any differential automatic device reacts to the difference between the input( phase wire) and output( zero wire) currents. When a lobe is connected in this way, the functioning is disturbed. Differential RCDs are supplied with automatic devices that trigger a sharp increase in current. Firstly, the standards prescribe directing the leakage current of 30 mA, and secondly, while the fuse bounces from overload, there is still a chance of electric shock. This is not an option. In the bathroom and other wet areas to combine the earth lobe with the neutral wire can not - trying to do by the rules. The socket is expected to be special, with an ipX1 protection class( for public spaces ipX5).The last digit, which is responsible for the features of protection against ingress of water, is chosen not lower than 1( 5).In this case, it means vertical dropping( jet action).An ordinary outlet class is virtually zero.

    Grounding socket

  2. Grounding is simply vital for home appliances. Typically, the input voltage filters lead on the body of the harmonic. It is impossible to short-circuit them to the neutral wire, the filtering goes on both buses( zero and phase), and the line is not able to protect itself. It is understood that the case is necessarily grounded, otherwise it will not act as a screen. For these two reasons in the West will not choose a socket without petals on the sides. Separate devices, mainly power tools, must not be grounded. The rest of the household appliances work exclusively in this way. Lack of grounding will simply prove dangerous. If you do not believe, plug the washing machine into a socket without petals, and then measure the voltage between the mixer hose and the housing. The result is expected to be stunning - at least 60 V. It is forbidden to take at the same time the hand in the bathroom tap and the washing machine plugged into the socket without grounding. For this reason, not all types of outlets are suitable in principle to include household appliances.
  3. Grounding serves as a screen. Above said, now illustrate. Suppose a microwave roasts a chicken. Thought how frying happens? High-frequency radiation flashing through the meat, absorbed by water. Due to the transfer of energy, the liquid literally explodes, the temperature is rapidly increasing. Meat is cooked simultaneously throughout the volume. Microwave is considered a leader in terms of speed. For satisfactory operation, the radiation should be reflected from the walls of the steel compartment and the mesh door. This happens if the advantages of grounded sockets are used. But when the screen hangs in the air, it ceases to serve as a reliable protection. Part of the energy goes to the kitchen. If you do not believe, try to put a contactless screwdriver indicator next to it. The result will be noticed. Now ground the screen and appreciate the improvements.

So, to summarize: in the house most outlets must be grounded. Separate devices, in particular, old lamps and soldering irons are not included in the new euro nests; keep them specially in the house for them. Safety in terms of protection against electric shock is closely intertwined with electromagnetic well-being at home. Finally, the devices get rid of the presence of grounding from the instability of domestic networks. Due to this, electronic components of high-tech equipment work longer. To penetrate the depth of approval, look at how much an electronic module costs on an automatic washing machine.


Suitable socket for the bathroom

In the bathroom is not allowed to put any outlet. As mentioned above, the degree of protection should not be lower than ipX1.Voltage is supplied in one of three ways:

  1. Through an individual isolating protective transformer. The device does not increase or decrease the current, provides galvanic isolation. As a result, if a person accidentally closes through one’s own body one output of the secondary winding to the ground, the worst will not happen( it’s not worth doing).It is dangerous only to take both ends at the same time. The secondary winding must not be grounded at any point. And a single device is supplied from an individual transformer( rare exceptions in the text of the standards are allowed).Grounding( equipotential bonding) is not canceled. Just do not allow common points between it and the secondary winding.
  2. When powered on safe undervoltage blocks, the danger of injury is zero. Voltages below 50 AC( 120 DC) belong to this category, devices up to 15 V are usually used. For example, razors and epilators that run on battery power.
  3. The third option is used everywhere. This is the use of differential automata. Tripping current - no higher than 30 mA.Voltage is allowed 220 V. We remind you that the socket is placed no closer than 60 cm to the bath or the door to the shower.


For powerful consumers, it is recommended to buy ceramic sockets. This material is much more resistant to heat than plastic. The disadvantages of ceramic sockets are few: intolerance to shocks, easily chipped and cracked. But do not get melted nests from the long work of the refrigerator. According to GOST R 51325.1, each socket has a maximum current. It is easy to associate with the power consumption by the formula P = UI.For example, a 10 A socket is suitable for transmitting power within 2 kW.Be careful to keep outlets for direct and alternating current. The latter are denoted by a tilde ~.

It is important to properly prepare the wire for the installation of the outlet. The length of the stripping according to GOST is indicated on the figure illustrating the installation process in the documentation for the socket. Additionally, the type of wire and the suitable cross-section are indicated. Of course, most people do not know about this before buying and often choose the wrong ones.

Installing sockets in a row

Now it is easy to find on sale double electrical sockets that allow distributing energy from a single socket to a pair of consumers. The store also sells triple electrical outlets, and other exotic items. In this case, it is important to withstand the wiring. It is not necessary to connect a bunch of powerful consumers in a single branch. Or you will need to lay the corresponding thick wire. Triple sockets are categorically not recommended to connect there a number of powerful consumers, for example, electric heaters.

In the case of combined outlets, poor conditions for heat dissipation occur. The abundance of physical contacts, where the release power is increased, does not contribute to the fulfillment of fire safety requirements. In addition, you do not always want to see a bunch of hanging plugs - well, not happy about it. For these reasons, it is advisable to put the sockets in a row, rather than sculpt into a pile.

The last task is solved with the help of modern construction equipment. After marking the centers of sub-viewers, the crown is taken into account, it remains only to combine the nests with a groove using a wall chaser. Wires are pulled through special holes in the sides. Podozetniki often even produced in pieces in a row: take it at will. The distance between them is 71 mm. Sockets will need to buy special - checkpoints: on the back of the terminal block dual.

As a result, it is possible to build the required system. Intermediate sockets through passage, the final - the usual. This helps to avoid the use of twists, adhesions, pads and other elements that represent an increased danger( due to the heat from the movement of electric current).Shraby is eventually sealed with plaster and leveled with putty.

Cable channels are often used for patch sockets, although the idea does not look very aesthetically pleasing. At home, do not want to contemplate such a thing in a prominent place. Much more appropriate this kind of design in the back rooms. Now readers know how to choose the right electrical outlet, will be able to install properly.

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