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To maintain the flavor and aroma of coffee, you need to know how to store it.To maintain the flavor and aroma of coffee, you need to know how to store it.

Hot flavored drink made from coffee beans awakens me each morning. Naturally, I stock up for future use with this product. I wonder how to store coffee beans in a soluble form and a hammer to enjoy its aroma until the last portion. Let's investigate.

General recommendations

Coffee beans, in principle, can easily maintain their properties for a long time. Given the proper conditions, the shelf life will be more than 1 year.

The basic rules of coffee storage in any form:

  1. Scents. Coffee should be shielded from any extraneous odors. Therefore, keep the packaging in the refrigerator completely illogical.
  2. View. Longer retains its properties of high grain coffee roast.
At home, well retain their flavor and aroma of the beans any roast.At home, well retain their flavor and aroma of the beans any roast.
  • Packaging. The capacity for the product to be sealed, in an ideal - a vacuum.
  • comminution
    . Best of all coffee is stored in the form of whole beans, so grind another batch immediately before the preparation of beverages.

storage Methods

Subtleties of coffee storage directly depend on the form in which they come to us, as consumers.

View 1. Grain

How to store coffee beans? If you put a container of beans in a dry, protected from direct sunlight place, the shelf life will be:

  • up to 2 yearsIf the package for coffee beans has been opened and the check valve;
  • up to 2 weeksIf the package is leaking (damaged or opened);
  • to 10 daysIf you leave the beans in the open.

Beans thrive at room temperature, the main thing - to avoid direct sunlight.

If you prefer to roast the beans with their own hands, the green coffee can be stored in the home up to 5 years.

Not roasted grain include many useful trace elements: polyphenols, antioxidants and vitamins.Not roasted grain include many useful trace elements: polyphenols, antioxidants and vitamins.

Choose a sealed container for storing grain and try to open them only when necessary.

The table summarizes the ways in which packages are best stored grain product:

Picture types
table_pic_att14946018573 vacuum shoplifting

It is desirable that the package had a special check valve, which will release gas accumulated therein.

table_pic_att14946018594 Special sealed container

Such a bank is equipped with a vent valve that outputs the gas generating product.

The price of this capacity is readily available.

table_pic_att14946018645 glass jars

You can put the beans in a sealed glass jars. The only condition is the capacity to hide in dark places, as the transparent wall pass harmful rays of the sun.

Use tin cans is not recommended.

table_pic_att14946018666 Clothespin bag +

If there is no special jar, you can just gently open the packaging and shopping zaschepit her household clothespin.

Suitable for both domestic and clerical clothespin.

View 2. Ground

Now figure out how to keep the home-ground coffee. Such a product has strong hygroscopicity, therefore it is necessary to try to limit the ingress of moisture on it. Plus, the crushed beans - an excellent absorbent, which easily absorbs odors.

Ground coffee - Bole capricious for storage conditions.Ground coffee - Bole capricious for storage conditions.

Instructions, how and what to do to as ground beans in a suitable form for longer you can save:

Picture Terms of storage ground beans
table_pic_att14946018698 Recommendation 1

Grind beans desirably immediately before preparing the beverage.

If this is not possible, separate the milled product into portions and place on a sealed container.

table_pic_att14946018699 Recommendation 2
  • Vacuum-packed shelf life is up to 2 years.
  • Conventional containers - up to 1 week.
  • Outdoors - only a few days.

The photo - a variant of the container for storage of ground beans.

table_pic_att149460187010 Recommendation 3

It is best to put the container with the product in a closed cupboard.

Next to coffee there should be no other substances with a strong smell, or he soaked them.

View 3. Soluble

Instant coffee - the product is questionable. There is practically no natural aromatic substances, and about the usefulness of better keep silent. But oddly enough, this is a very popular analog of this bean, so I suggest to find out how to store instant coffee.

The soluble product is normally produced in the form of water soluble powder or granule.The soluble product is normally produced in the form of water soluble powder or granule.

The basic rules of storage of soluble coffee:

  • The shelf life of instant coffee in a sealed shopping package - up to 2 years in the open - a maximum of a week.
  • At home, it is advisable to pour the granules into glass sealed containers.
  • If the powder remains in the package, try as much as possible to twist the empty part of a pin and secure it.

The granules begin to deteriorate under constant contact with the air.

  • Do not buy the product in tin containers, as such produce the most low-quality instant coffee.
Safer to buy a product in glass jars or special packages.Safer to buy a product in glass jars or special packages.


At home, you can save the grain, ground and instant coffee. Adhering to the basic recommendations can enjoy the taste and aroma of the hot drink for a long time.

Videos in this article clearly shows how to save the coffee for a maximum period. In the comments I welcome your advice and suggestions - write!

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