How to store semolina

You get semolina by grinding wheat grains. The semolina is useful, caloric and often prescribed for diseases of the stomach. How to properly store this valuable product so that it does not deteriorate, and bugs do not get in it?

Storage Conditions

At home, semolina should be stored in a dark place. Usually semolina pour into sealed containers, tightly closed and put on the shelves of kitchen cabinets. As containers use tin and plastic boxes, glass jars. Storage must be dry. The maximum permissible humidity should not exceed 70%.

The shelf life of the semolina is 7-10 months. During this time you should cook delicious meals from cereals and eat them. In order not to forget about the deadlines, you must attach a sticker with the date of production or packaging on the jar.

The main reason for the deterioration of semolina is excessive moisture. From this semolina begins to mold, gets a bitter or sour taste. Ensure that the croup is crumbly and does not form lumps in it.

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How to get rid of pests

Food moth and other pests are often turned on in semolina. The larvae can be invisible at first, but over time, insects appear from them that breed and finally spoil the product. There are two ways to solve the problem:

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  • to heat the grits in the oven or in a pan;
  • put semolina for several days in the freezer.

After that, it can be packaged in boxes and stored further. Sometimes hostesses put bay leaves in a container with flour and cereals. Its smell repels pests. They say that helps a piece of foil, laid on the bottom of the container. How it works is not entirely clear, but it is believed that it does not allow various bugs to wind up.

Buy semolina in transparent bags to see the appearance of the product. If you take the cereal by weight, then pour a little in your hand and carefully consider. No impurities should be present. You can try the semolina language, it should not be bitter. Remember, the less grinding, the faster the porridge will cook and thicken.

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