Pumpkin juice through a juicer

In the Santos No. 58 advertising video, the girl threw whole pieces of melon into the wide neck with the peel. In fact, there is a publicity stunt, the manual says that hard-skinned fruit should be cleaned, including pumpkin and pineapple. It will not be possible to make pumpkin juice through a juicer without conducting preliminary preparation of the fruit, the process is considered to be laborious.

Rotary pumpkin juicers

Pumpkin is a large fruit with firm skin and dense flesh. According to the characteristics close to the beets. It is permissible to squeeze a pumpkin with various devices. Let's start with rotary juicers. The situation rests on the price. The more expensive the device, the better. You should not expect a large efficiency from the unit, the pumpkin is too hard. Rather, it is about the speed and durability of the device.

From the price conditions, the bars are able to squeeze pumpkin juice through the Santos №58 juicer, the product will quickly pay for itself and start making a profit. As for the average user, I can’t afford to pay more than 85,000 rubles for a household appliance. If money is already found, Angel Juicer is more suitable for a house at a price of about 60,000 rubles.

The rotary juicer is very noisy. Small children in the house will certainly wake up, but the price will be within a thousand rubles. Those who hope with the help of a rotary juicer to get the juice cheaper and better than the store will have to be disappointed. In Moscow, a kilogram of pumpkin costs 30 rubles. Cheap Mystery juicer will not be able to produce an efficiency of over 50%.It turns out that a liter of juice costs 60 rubles. And some of the enzymes and vitamins will be destroyed.

In particular, Angel Juicer twin-screw juicers produce juice, where there are 6 times more vitamins than in a drink drained from a centrifuge. In the case of buying raw materials in a store, it is difficult to estimate the benefits of purchasing a rotary juicer. A different case is if your own garden grows - a vegetable garden( or a wholesale agricultural base near by).With free raw materials, it is not difficult to benefit from the use of a rotary juicer. By the way, the loss of vitamins is explained partly by thermal heating, partly by the gross mechanical action of the grater.

You shouldn’t overpay for turnovers, only professional juice extractor is capable of twisting the centrifuge qualitatively and quickly. There are two advantages to rotary juicers:

  • processing speed;
  • cheap.

The rest is flaws, starting with vibrations and noise and ending with the relative danger of wide-mouth models for feeding products. Take a rotary juicer if you are going to turn the juice away from small children( for example, in the country).Then the loss of vitamins is justified, during heat treatment, most of the time will be oxidized( the process will begin at 45 degrees Celsius).

Summing up. Take the rotary juicer in two cases:

  1. No 6500 rubles for auger juicer.
  2. Need to spin a couple of pumpkins for the winter in the form of juice.

If you are going to put the twist on the stream, feel free to give preference to Sadovaya, Rossoshanka or Neptune. Other Russian rotary juicers of high productivity have been created, the price starts from 4500 rubles. Remember to remove the core and peel off the skin before starting work.

Worm Pumpkin Juicers

Low speed juicer with auger has a greater efficiency than the rotary( and less than the twin screw).There is a division in the mentioned class, the models are distinguished:

  1. With a vertical auger arrangement.
  2. With horizontal auger.

The latter often become extensions to food processors. In particular, it is possible to buy such a screw juicer for 4000 rubles. Notice, about the same money that is asked for productive rotary type juicers, discussed above. Do not expect impressive performance from the auger. It is basically similar in models and is determined by the geometric dimensions of the parts and the number of revolutions per minute. The parameters of screw juicers, if not identical, are similar.

A perceptible increase in productivity( saving time on preparing raw materials) will be given by the excess engine power combined with a wide neck for feeding products, even a whole carrot is easily processed by powerful devices. The same applies to pumpkin pulp. The auger is probably able to cope with the skin of the fetus, but we don’t see the point. It is known that pumpkin seeds drive out worms. Probably, there is application in the peel. Potentially a screw pumpkin squeezer can bring more benefits in terms of healing. Of course, you first have to get a doctor's advice.

In horizontal screw juicers, the auger is often made of steel( there are plastic models).The chance of breakage is minimal. In the case of vertical screw juicers, everything is worse. For example, the bones of apricots and plums easily deform the grid, causing the device to become unusable.

Horizontal and vertical models belong to a single class, but the principle of operation varies. The first more resemble a meat grinder, which, as is known, has considerable strength.

From the point of view of safe experiments, it is better to take a screw-type juicer of the horizontal type from metal. Repulses considerable cost. It is much cheaper to look at the nozzle on your own food processor.

Auger juicers are often similar, characteristics are identical. Remember - solid large objects should not fall under the auger. This applies to pits for apricots and plums. Whether the specific model of the screw juice extractor can cope with the skin and pumpkin seeds, ask the manufacturer( do not confuse it with the seller).In light of this, before you go to the store for shopping, write a series of letters to the manufacturers of the models you like. There is a chance to get the right answer.

Online stores are especially convenient. Catalog juicers constantly before your eyes. However, note the important feature. Technical information presented on the site, can seriously differ from reality. Expand the range of questions to the manufacturer. Firms are always happy to talk about their own screw juicers.

Twin-screw Juicer for Pumpkin

This model is the undisputed leader. Pumpkin juice in a twin screw type juicer will delight the gourmet. The model will cope with the peel and seeds. A twin-screw juicer can, as a rule, twist minced meat, make sausages, and even extract oil from seeds. This is a specific equipment, where the extrusion passes between two screws of magnetized tool steel. The pressures inside are created unattainable for competitors.

Magnetization serves as protection when chipping steel pieces, the constant field created by augers has a beneficial effect on the beneficial qualities of the juice. Manufacturers claim that the device does not degrade the properties of the original product, makes the drink better. To collect breakaway pieces of steel( rarely, but it happens), there is a magnet at the bottom of the collecting tank.

Pumpkin juice in a twin screw type juicer will be the elixir of health. Do not expect high speed from the model, but the efficiency will be the maximum possible. Twin-screw juicers can handle even bananas and apricot pulp. Other types of household equipment are being brushed off the last ingredients.

Juicer for pumpkin

Juice extractor for harvesting juice on a global scale seems rotor. Otherwise, there is not enough patience to carry the volume of the crop through the conveyor. There will be a lot of trouble, if you wait until the screw juicers do it, it's easy to wait for the spring.

On the contrary, if the pumpkin is the only one, auger juice extractor will help, with an efficiency superior to the rotor models. How much do not twist the pulp in a centrifuge, pressing is much more effective. Even better results can be achieved with twin-screw juicers, costing 35,000 rubles and more. But the Santos rotary is even more expensive, but they belong to the professional equipment, which at home looks too pathetic.

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