Auger screw for apples

Auger juicers are known for their safety. There is no high revolutions, sharp edges, which are easy to cut. The main feature, on which the manufacturers of screw squeezers are focusing on, comparing the devices with rotary ones, is respect for the products. In contrast to the high revolutions of the centrifuge that violates the integrity of the components, the slow auger slowly squeezes the pulp almost to dryness. Auger screw for apples will help to turn fruit into high-quality juice.

Auger juicers versus rotary

Speed ​​affects video. The auger barely rotates. Perhaps the turnover in a second does not come out, and the juice pours cheerfully. According to the authors, here the manufacturer is a little tricky, for a twist, take the domestic rotary juicers from Togliatti. The quality of the finished product, the ability to make cocktails are undoubted. Rotary juicers are not able to satisfactorily mix milk, berries and fruit with each other.

According to Hurom, the author of the screw extraction method, the juice retains its structure. The manufacturer has its own laboratory, examining the product on the content of nutrients. The test of screw juice extractors is included in the company's production policy. The staff of special tasters constantly evaluates the taste and develops fresh recipes for consumers. Hurom spends about a third of the profits on innovation, expands its dealer network. The company reached Russia only in 2013.

It’s difficult to understand why South Korea is interested in Russia. It is probably offensive that other manufacturers of screw juicers have long ago mastered the Russian market, and Hurom, the engine of progress and the discoverer, did not do that. Now compatriots have access to all the charms of science from the trend setter on auger juicers. Moreover, the developers continue to work on improving the discovery.

A remarkable feature of Hurom auger juicers is its resistance to corrosion. One unit of the laboratory is engaged in the specified direction. Remember, a screw juicer works with relatively soft products.

Do not try to shove leaves or grass, favorite syroyedami. The stems just wound on the auger, you have to turn on the reverse to get out of the situation. With hard vegetables, like carrots, a screw extractor copes with a bang. Such vegetables are a known complication for rotary instruments centrifuges.

Auger juicers are characterized by the following features:

  • The devices are safe.
  • Juice is homogeneous in consistency.
  • Retains maximum nutrients.
  • The device is almost silent.
  • Hurom Auger Juicers rarely stop.
  • Available option for cocktails.
  • The cake is slightly wetter than the average rotary juicer.
  • Performance is sufficient to provide juice for the family.
  • Self-cleaning option available.

The listed advantages do not need clarification with the exception of two points:

  1. To make cocktails, the outlet nozzle will need to be closed with a special cap with the lid open. The ingredients are poured and poured inside, a certain time is waited, then the lid of the plug opens and the ready cocktail is poured into the collection container.
  2. To clean the auger juicer, close the lid of the cap for cocktails, pour inside clean water in the volume of the collection bowl. Turn on the device and let it work for half a minute. Open the lid and drain the dirty water.

Cheap screw juicers are able to water the family. The cake is discharged automatically in contrast to what is happening in most centrifugal juicers. Consequently, the production of beverages is carried out in a continuous stream, except for cocktails, given in portions. The glass is pressed in about 15 seconds, in 5 minutes it is possible to give an astronomical number of people to drink. If only there were fruits in stock.

As for performance, it has already been mentioned above that the auger juice extractor will not yield to the rotary. And since you do not need to throw out the cake, the advantages of the first one are obvious.

Manual Auger Juicers

It is not always possible to use electrically operated screw juicers. Causes:

  • lack of nearby central power supply networks;
  • high noise.

Witek screw extractor operates at a noise level of about 45 dB.It is not too loud, but if there is a sleeping baby in the house, it’s enough for the child to wake up. This is not a reason to abandon the benefits provided by the design, manual screw juicer is much more effective than usual. The result, more precisely, depends on the muscular strength of the operator, other things being equal, the average woman is quite able to squeeze the juice from the wheat germ. Such a feat is beyond the power of the electric brethren, the model deserves attention. In addition, the manual juicer does not require rest( the operator needs rest).

The device resembles a meat grinder with a transparent body and a plastic screw that is not very different in shape from the traditional one. In the lower part of the working nozzle there is an opening for a container for collecting juice. When you turn the "meat grinder", you can see what is happening inside, the spectacle is exciting. Instead of a lattice in a manual screw juice extractor, a conical nozzle is used, through which dried cake is removed. Further actions depend on the persistence of the operator. The manual tomato juicer will produce as much tasty juice as it is strong enough. However, one should not think that the models will force out professional rotary for processing the crop.

Shnekovy juice extractors are intended for the organization of healthy food. In the resulting drink, vitamin C is 6 times more than in the output product of the rotary type model. In other words, it is 6 times less to drink juice to achieve a similar effect in replenishing the body's need for vitamins. Naturally, cocktails with a manual auger juicer can not be done.

In order to avoid exploitation of human labor, similar models are equipped with an electric motor. There the screw, as a rule, from metal that the motor did not break the device. Most often in the set in addition to the juicer are a meat grinder, a device for making sausage and many other nozzles. The device looks multifunctional. The body, by the way, is made of metal. The cake is drier, the speed of work is higher. The disadvantage of juicers with a horizontal auger is the relative danger. It is forbidden to push hands into the bell to feed fruit.

Unlike the counterparts with a vertical auger, the devices work more quietly, they are acceptable in homes with small children. In addition, you do not have to separately buy a meat grinder.

In conclusion,

From what has been said, it is clear that the domestic auger juicer is not much different from its foreign counterparts. As shown, the honor of the invention belongs to South Korea, any Western manufacturers are also not very different.

These juicers are a little quieter than the rotary, but not silently, as shown in advertising. Not to say that the auger juicer for apples grown in your own garden, would be the best option if spinning is planned, but you can’t think of a better vitamin drink for everyday enjoyment. Rotary dangerous, loud work, without self-cleaning systems. Benefits remain behind the auger.

The design has no features. The main part of the juicer is an electric motor on which a special nozzle is put on, including:

  1. Circular obegatel.
  2. Conical mesh.
  3. Plastic Auger.
  4. Cylindrical housing with lid, with a hole for feeding fruit.

As you can see, everything is simple, and it is possible to install a structure on any engine of sufficient power with low revolutions. For example, from the washing machine( in the washing mode).

The topic is actually exhausted, we are completing a review of screw juicers. We expect to see a curious video on YouTube waiting for specific characteristics, which compares the domestic juicer produced in 1988 with a power of 150 W with a modern model designed for 800 W.From the signs it turns out that only bare technical characteristics of quality can not be achieved. From the above it is clear that most models today fit in the range of 500 - 1000 watts.

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