Cable for sewer cleaning: types and application rules

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Contamination in the sewer pipe - a trouble which may happen suddenly. Drain in an apartment or cottage can hide in any moment. And it is not always possible to clean household cleaning or plunger.

Agree cause plumbers expensive and time consuming. Simply take the cable for sewer cleaning and get rid of the problem manually yourself. This tool is simple to use and does not require the presence of specialized DIY skills.

We'll show you how to choose the simple device, what rules should be followed during sewer cleaning. And also give an example of the independent production of a simple cable.

The content of the article:

  • What is a plumber's snake, and why is it needed?
  • How to choose the appropriate option
    • Accounting for the design features of different models
    • Determining the optimal working diameter
    • Comparison with an electric hand tool
  • Types of used nozzles
  • Nuances pipe cleaning cable
  • The subtleties of producing such a tool
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

What is a plumber's snake, and why is it needed?

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technical funds based on chemistry and ways for cleaning sewer pipes, there are many. But the plumber's snake (also known as the flexible shaft), among them the most simple, cheap and effective option.

With it, even the chronic traffic jams of debris or sludge can be destroyed in the pipeline. This manual tool easily cleaned risers, plums, toilets and other plumbing.

A cable for mechanical cleaning of pipes

Plumber's snake - a tool for sewer cleaning in a foldaway spring, which at one end has a handle and the other fastened attachment or just hook

Now commonly cast iron sewer pipes are replaced in apartments analogues of plastic. The smooth walls inside plastic plum clog much less than the old pipelines made of cast iron. But even in these blockages are formed anyway.

Thrown into the toilet rags and plastic bags are transformed into tubes into the tube, which can break down mechanically.

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Adaptations for plumbing work

Plumber's snake lets you break through a solid plug in the pipes created by mineral and organic sediment. If the cable available in the economy can be much less likely to contact the plumbers

Cleaning the kitchen sink plunger

To use plumber's snake resort, if you remove the blockage plunger or pouring chemicals does not bring the expected results

Destruction of mechanical obstruction

Rope like "zaburivaetsya" in zabivshuyu pipe plug, and destroys it, then the destroyed rain washed down the drain

The result of delayed intervention

If time does not remove the blockage in the sewer pipes can burst connections, seals and leak even metal pipes

Thin rope for imported bathroom

For cleaning sewer pipes produce cables of different lengths and cross-sectional area. Sanitary engineering service using cables thin capable to go into the drain hole without removing the grille

Cable punching jam in the riser

To break logjam in the sewer riser helps thick rope with a heavy steel-tipped

Cable for the destruction of organic sludge

Punching Tube of grease and food residues do not need a powerful long cable of large cross section, it is sufficient with respect to a small device made in the form of springs

Chemical methods of dealing with clogged

It should be remembered that the mechanical way of influencing the blockage is not always safe. In the course of cleaning can damage the pipes, so before you use a cable, it is better to try a more secure means

Adaptations for plumbing work

Adaptations for plumbing work

Cleaning the kitchen sink plunger

Cleaning the kitchen sink plunger

Destruction of mechanical obstruction

Destruction of mechanical obstruction

The result of delayed intervention

The result of delayed intervention

Thin rope for imported bathroom

Thin rope for imported bathroom

Cable punching jam in the riser

Cable punching jam in the riser

Cable for the destruction of organic sludge

Cable for the destruction of organic sludge

Chemical methods of dealing with clogged

Chemical methods of dealing with clogged

How to choose the appropriate option

Principle Use plumber's snake very simple. First tool is pushed into the sewer pipe all the way to the end, he ran into the blockage.

Then, by the rotational and reciprocating tool picks up a pen tip of this end plug to remove or destroy it in place inside the pipeline.

Flexible cable for sewer cleaning

With the flexibility of the rope to clean sewers they can get away blockage in the pipe depth, without disassembling the latter and without removing for cleaning works plumbing

The specificity and efficiency of application depends on the tether device, the correctness of the selection tool size.

Accounting for the design features of different models

Plumber's snake at hardware stores sell four types:

  • cable - classical thin rope (rod) of several wires;
  • spring - a hollow spring, twisted from a wire;
  • spring-wound - a flexible core with a coil wound around the outside;
  • belt (Flat) - ribbon 1-4 cm in width.

Everyone has plumber's snake species operating elements (handles, nozzles, ribbons, wire) is generally made of solid steel.

There are models in which the spiral rubberized sheath is covered on the outside protecting the inner walls of pipes from mechanical damage metal. But most of the plumber's snake - it's just a steel spring without any slippage.

A rope will be held in any knee

On the one hand helix allows the rope to bend around any corners in the sewers, and on the other - due to the torque increases the mechanical action on the obstruction

Cable. Small cable-rope 1.5-3 meters in length belongs to the category of household tools. It is optimally suited for cleaning sinks, removing blockages in the toilet and in horizontal pipelines to a common riser.

They try to "break through" plug in the sewer depth meaningless. Such a sanitary or rope will not reach up to the obstruction, or simply not be able to destroy it.

spring. Cable has a small footprint and is ideal in terms of cleaning inside apartment risers and suitable to them from plumbing fixtures sewer pipes.

The cable core. This is a professional tool that can be used for punching (pushing) weed stopper. Conventional spiral do something like this is difficult because of its greater softness and compressibility.

Tape. This tool is not flexible enough and are not able to go to all corners of the sewer. It, unlike a spring, bent in one plane only. But the ribbon cable has a smaller size in a twisted condition.

In most cases, it is used in long procleaning trunk of large diameter pipes in which the order of magnitude smaller bends than intrahouse.

Determining the optimal working diameter

When buying a cable for cleaning sewer pipes must correctly select its cross section. Too thick tool unclog a sink or urinal is unlikely to succeed. He is the drain just will not go down. Such a flexible shaft for cleaning and broad downcomer pipes of large diameter.

Variety tool diameters

Flexible sanitary shaft section is released in 3-32 mm and a length of half a meter to 90 meters, for domestic use would be enough for the tool with a diameter of 10 mm and a length of 2-3 m

Corresponds to the diameter of pipes and santehtrosa:

  • pipe D <50 mm - a flexible shaft section should be selected to 10 mm;
  • pipelinesat 50-110 mm - you need a cable with a diameter of 11-15 mm;
  • vertical risers100 mm - need to select an instrument from the 16 mm thick.

Needless thin 3-4 mm wire may break when removing the plug from the tube. Such a device is more intended for cleaning the siphon and remove from the hair sinks.

Pierce them with a thick pipe clogging in the form of cloth is not necessary. This requires a more solid option.

Comparison with an electric hand tool

At the cable for cleaning sewer pipes a lot of advantages:

  • high torque;
  • ideal balance between elasticity and flexibility;
  • the use of safety;
  • simplicity and ease of use;
  • high efficiency cleaning;
  • the use of different nozzles purpose.

With the active intended use spiral cable loses its elasticity over time (razlohmachivaetsya) and simply broken. But with proper care, cleaning and lubricating oil after the work, adapting it will last more than one year.

All good plumber's snake. It is simple to use and cheap. However, it is still a hand tool, for which a person needs to make some effort. But you can modify it a bit and either purchase a professional appliance.

Cable for sewer cleaning with a drill

The easiest way to simplify your cleaning sewer pipes - is supplemented by an electric cable of a drive in the form of a drill or screwdriver, just need to include them at low speed

Professional plumbers prefer to use special tools to facilitate the work. This can be a knob on a rigid and stable base and a complete electric motor. Plus there are a variety of tips for different types of blockages.

Hand embodiment conventional sanitary cable is cheaper and smaller in size than the electrical counterpart. However, the latter greatly simplifies the cleaning of sewer pipes. If a tool is needed for one-time work, that much is spent on it there is no reason to.

However, if you have to constantly clean water drain on a professional basis as a plumber, then the acquisition of power should think seriously.

Types of used nozzles

Generally, for sanitary sewage wire has at the tip end hook poddevaniya garbage plugs in the tube. But instead of a professional tool it is equipped with a threaded connection for winding a wide variety of attachments. They can be included with a flexible shaft or sold separately from him.

Attachment to the wire

To a rope for cleaning of pipelines can be attached in the form of a brush ruff expander for pipes broad, pear nozzle and more

As a removable nozzle at the end of a flexible shaft can wear sanitary:

  • «screw"- to remove from the walls of tubes non-solid sediments;
  • «hook»- for winding and podtsepleniya soft knitwear, etc. of things;
  • «scraper"- for use in a wide tubes, and disposal of sludge from fats;
  • «harpoon"- for the possibility of impact on the cork with the aim of linking and stretching;
  • «retractable knife"- for more thorough cleaning of the tube walls;
  • «peak"- for the breakdown of fat zarosti.

Also, there are spiral, gear and other knives. Each of them is designed for the variety blockage. They can even be removed from the pipeline system roots and dense lime deposits.

Each has its own clogged nozzle

Sanitaryware cable adapted for cleaning not only intrahouse sewage, but also a street stormwater pipe system chimneys and interior fittings septic tank (+)

To strengthen the capacity of a conventional flexible shaft without attachments and connectors for them, experienced plumbers recommend fluff end of the cable.

Hard sticking out in different directions when the wire in the tube will engage a reliable rags and other debris. This will simplify and speed up the cleaning. But to apply this upgrade is possible only in metal pipes. Plastic wall quickly be damaged by hard hooks.

Nuances pipe cleaning cable

Before metal cable unclog drains, should assess the nature and extent of clogging debris. If it's just a cloth or wad of cardboard, the flexible shaft plumbing - ideal for such a cleaning tool.

However, if the tube formed a technological blockage, directly related to the deterioration of pipes and contraction due to rust, there will only complete relining of the sewer system.

Handle plumber's snake when it is introduced into the sewer to be rotated only in a clockwise direction. Since helix by abutment peg into the waste will gradually compressed, increasing the pressure and the torque.

If the blockage complex and large, the process of pushing the cable engaging the plug and pulling out the garbage will have to make several visits.

Tool pistol

Tool pistol with rope wound on the drum allows you to remove any blockages complexity, but it is worth a lot of money - for use in the home quite a simple flexible shaft helically

If sewer pipes are made of plastic, the cable is best for cleaning to take with rubber sheath. He will be less scrape plastic pipe walls, inevitably damaging them. So sewerage last much longer.

Before starting work, the spiral should be carefully inspected for possible damage. If it ruptures when cleaning inside the pipe, then it will be difficult to reach. To get a piece then be necessary to disassemble the drain.

At jamming the cable in the pipe it should be carefully and slowly begin to rotate in opposite directions to release. you can not pull the tool. And in general, when working is not necessary to use excessive force.

Breaking the cable plug in the pipe, the sewer to be additionally rinsed after boiling. Do not interfere in the sink and pour vinegar with the baking soda solution or a different version of dissolving fat chemistry. Prevention here does not hurt, and only contribute to stable operation of sewage.

After each use, the flexible shaft must be cleaned of adhering dirt. In this case, in addition to the hot water should be used for cleaning and splitting means fat. Deposited with the cable retracts into a twisted form after wiping with a dry cloth. It is made of galvanized steel, but leave it a drop of water is still not worth it.

The subtleties of producing such a tool

Instead of factory products for sewer cleaning, you can also use a homemade rope plumbing. Make it quite possibly out of scrap materials.

A simple analogy - it's a piece of flexible wire with a curved end. However, this device will clear the blockage only shallow. The thick wire is not so flexible to push it too far into the curved tube.

Cable for sewer cleaning their own hands

The basis sanitary flexible shaft can be made from a conventional steel cable, taking this last fragment and has attached thereto a handle

Procedure for the manufacture of hand tools for mechanical cleaning of sewers:

  1. Cut from the metal piece of the cable in a length of 1-3 meters.
  2. One end of the fluff to form a brush.
  3. The second end and twist in the ring attached thereto for easy handle.
  4. Process anticorrosive steel composition.

Made in this way their own hands sanitary cable can be used in purging toilets, baths and sewer pipes.

It is not as versatile as a professional cleaning tool, but it is suitable for self-use in the home.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

A few interesting videos to help you in the selection of the tool and prompt as possible to make the rope with your hands.

A device for cleaning the sewerage system without chemicals:

As can be modified cable for cleaning pipes:

Detailed instructions will help make a homemade rope:

Mechanical method of sewer cleaning is applied only in extreme cases when household chemicals and plunger is no longer able to help.

Job plumber's snake - not a pleasant pastime. Specific bad sewage mud is washed and extremely aggressive. But without a serious blockages of the flexible shaft can not do. And do not even call the plumber unclog clogged pipe can be on their own.

Have experience in dealing with sewage clogged? Please share the information with our readers, offer a way to solve the problem. You can post comments in the form below.

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