What small TV to buy

The smallest TV that entered the market in 2006 was Asuka Semiconductor's ARA K-60.The device is powered by batteries and consumes only 3 watts, having an external antenna input and a RCA "tulip" composite interface. With a diagonal of 7 cm and a weight of 190 g, the portable TV did not reach the RF.Firm MicroEmissive, supplying goods to the military, went bankrupt. Let us think about how small a TV to buy, we add that a modest diagonal on the Yandex Market indicates 9 inches, which is 2.5 times larger than the ARA K-60.In addition to Yandex Market, look for what you need on dostavka.ru in the TV section Portable Technology.

The history of the development of the smallest TVs

Experts say that the smallest TV is based on OLED.Organic light-emitting diodes have low power consumption, small size among well-known technologies, high contrast and excellent color reproduction. Ian Underwood has been studying microdisplays since 1983 at the University of Edinburgh. In 1999, Underwood came up with the idea of ​​creating his own company, MicroEmissive. It was a bad idea, in Yandex about the company is unknown, and Google finds only when writing the original name in Latin.

Television MicroEmissive

For 2006, the company made a profit of 9 million dollars and even began shipping goods to Asians and the military industry. A couple of years later, MicroEmissive was on the verge of bankruptcy and “was awaiting state support.”In the brochure( http://www.software-saxony.de/wp-content /uploads/2008/05/ vortrag-22.pdf), readers will see a screen slightly smaller than a fingernail, where the human eye flaunts. The statement of the question is impressive, because there is plenty of image decoding chips. The difficulty was always in the screen.

For the base was put expensive technology OLED.Look in the brochure for a comparison of LCD screens( same size and resolution).It was not for nothing that MicroEmissive ate bread, the company's founder, Ian Underwood, looks simply amazing on organic light-emitting diodes. The article is interesting. In English, the essence of OLED technology is revealed in comparison with LCD( which is simply impossible to find in RuNet).

About MicroEmissive, the authors were right. The database Crunch indicated on the closure of the company. The Asuka Semiconductor site has found the smallest televisions in the world. Apparently, in Taiwan, the government has managed to support the manufacturer, in contrast to the UK.


Portable TV ETV 45

Portable TV ETV 45 is designed to receive digital television and radio in Europe, Australia and Taiwan. The device is positioned as a godsend for motorists. The battery runs 5 hours, catches at a speed of 100 km / h. It supports teletext modes and reading music from a memory card( SD / SDHC), can record broadcasts and immediately show. The specifications of the portable TV indicate support for a number of languages.

We believe that the TV catches on the territory of the Russian Federation( made to receive broadcasting ETS300 744).And about the second generation( DVB-T2) did not say a word. Watch carefully what you are going to catch. Valuable in the portable TV ETV 45 - the characteristic of automatic channel search. And now the question of size, exciting readers.

The dimensions are not indicated directly, it is written that the portable TV is 3.5-inch. Probably given the size of the diagonal. In addition, the display of the portable TV is not LED, but liquid crystal, we dare to hope that the price does not bite. In the Australian online store, the device for the stock went for $ 7.5.On e-bay, a portable TV is sold at a fabulous price of 85 euros. It is said that the smallest TV is not easy to buy in the Russian Federation.

Signal for a TV of any size

A few words about the possibilities. The device does not catch FM radio, but it detects the 170–230 MHz band( 6–12 TV channels) and 470–862 MHz( the whole range of digital television, 21–69 channels).Do not try to catch on a portable television cable. Key features of the gadget:

  1. Antenna input MCX "mother".If desired, it is possible to solder your external cable. There is a built-in telescopic antenna.
  2. Available headphone jack.
  3. Of the languages ​​that are closest - English, no Russian.
  4. Powered via mini USB from a 5 V DC adapter. Almost any block from the iPad will do.
  5. Built-in 1.6 V 1.6 Ah battery.
  6. Resolution 320x240.
  7. Weight 140 grams.
  8. Dimensions 122 x 79 x 17 mm.
  9. The maximum capacity of a memory card is 8 GB.
  10. Reads videos exclusively in its own format( recorded by ETV 45).

Portable TV ETV 430

The parameters of small TVs ETV 430 are very different from the previous model. There is a TouchScreen, due to the touch control area of ​​the screen was significantly expanded, leaving the same size( 121 x 78 x 15.1 mm).Now the diagonal is 4.3 inches, like a solid smartphone. The resolution is 480 x 272. You will not see smaller details on a small screen. In plasma panels, the resolution is 1920 x 1080 with a diagonal of 43 inches. It is ten times larger in size( 100 times in area), and there are few pixels.

How does a portable TV show? We suppose it scales transmissions. The description says that the device is designed to receive digital television, which means that HD quality is expected. Clearly, 480 x 272 pixels is not enough to show everything. Therefore, the scaling is necessary, the aspect ratio of the screen is 16 x9, as is customary with large brothers.

In addition to the TouchScreen, the model shows the “software” of the desktop, but is not specified in more detail. In the thematic brochure( http://www.asuka-mobile-tv.com /comm/upfile/ p_130419_01945.pdf) the manufacturer points to “an incredibly low price”, but the authors found the product for only 113 euros on e-bay.

Portable TV PHD 700

A portable TV PHD 700 is considered to be the sample of the first resolution still used. The matrix of liquid crystals is 800 x 480 pixels. Touchpad, no TouchScreen. In addition to the 7-inch diagonal of the screen, they promise surround sound from two stereo speakers. The difference from the previous models was the support of a huge number of formats:

Modern TV with a small diagonal

  • mkv;
  • vob;
  • avi;
  • mpeg 1, 2, 3.

See technical specifications for the full list. This small flat TV is positioned as a means of entertainment on a trip. Provides opportunities for viewing photos, listening to music. With a limit: the size of the memory card is no more than 8 GB.There is a Reader for SIM-cards and a USB interface( Type A).This is a big step forward. .. or not. .. decide on your own.

In size, the device resembles a solid iPad, weighs 350 grams and is supplied with a remote control. Among other devices, the car cigarette lighter charger and adapter cable from IES to MCX seem to be the most interesting.

How to choose a small TV

We do not exclude that there are small TVs and other manufacturers, but in the Russian market there is silence. We believe that the state of affairs will improve when the Russian Federation enters into digital broadcasting. Then the ranges of the models listed above will become relevant( up to a dozen channels from one frequency), and consumer interest in the segment will finally wake up.

By the way, televisions are designed just for motorists. It is shown that they continue to operate at speeds of 100 km / h. True. .. on the German roads.

We add that the Asuka Semiconductor SK 700 digital photo frame supports the DVB-T digital television standard. A decent resolution( 800 x 480), an FM receiver is available, a USB interface is present. .. but where to buy a novelty( on the Russian market), we will not tell. There will be a TV-frame and other useful properties. Hopefully, helped readers navigate.

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