Shashlik fan made in China

Cooking kebab - a whole art, which gardeners eventually master perfectly. The first May holidays can no longer be imagined without gatherings near the brazier, so experienced chefs do not get tired of looking for all the new devices that will help to make a tasty and juicy kebab.

All summer residents and lovers of outdoor recreation are familiar with the ritual of “brushing” coals - this is done in order to remove the white patina, which prevents even roasting of meat. It is unlikely that anyone would think to inflate the fire with their own forces, and the heat will not allow one to approach the brazier. Most often, cooks use branches, a piece of plywood or special plastic webs, but the most advanced have already managed to get acquainted with a portable barbecue fan.

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In the Russian online stores a new device is presented in two versions: manual and electric. The hand fan will cost the least of all - from 300 to 400 rubles. The body is made of durable plastic and a special alloy. The mechanism of action is extremely simple: to create a stream of air, you just need to turn the knob.

To operate the electric barbecue fan, you will need AA batteries. Manual and electric devices practically do not differ in power, but the cost of the latter in Russian stores is about twice as much( 700-800 rubles).

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As you already guessed, a barbecue fan first appeared on sale on AliExpress. It was the Chinese who offered roast meat lovers a novelty that many people bought and actively use in the country.

Manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom talk about the anti-stick and heat-resistant body of the product, which allows to bring it as close as possible to the coal. The barbecue fan is notable for its very modest size( 25 cm in length) and the already low quality of traditional China. The sticky handle does not tolerate rough handling, and the batteries inside the model heat up after long work.

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The cost of a handheld device on the AliExpress website is 186 rubles, the battery-powered product will cost 250-300 rubles.

According to customer reviews, it is still possible to kindle a fire or “refresh” extinct coals with the help of a simple device. However, it is difficult not to notice the responses of disappointed kebab lovers, because for such a modest price, instead of a manual plastic fan, some expect to see a powerful unit. If you still decide to buy this device, then feel free to make an order on AliExpress.

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