We are waiting for guests of feathered friends - vintage feeder with Aliexpress

Garden - a heavenly place to relax at each cottage. Can you imagine him without charming and colorful birds? They harmoniously fit into a dull and harsh winter interior. To attract these birds to your estate, you need to purchase a vintage feeder with Aliexpress. It is made in the form of a funny cat, therefore it will attract the attention of not only curious birds, but also envious neighbors. Such an unusual accessory will make a luxurious touch to the design of any yard.

Useful thing

There is a perception that such devices are money thrown to the wind. However, Japanese psychologists have investigated the influence of these trinkets on the lives of each family member. It is no secret that birds regularly flock to the trough and constantly chirp their serenades. Being in such an atmosphere, the likelihood of developing cardiovascular diseases, depression, and cancerous tumors is reduced by almost 50%.The harmonious connection of man with nature fills his life with bright colors.

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It is also worth mentioning the design of the bird feeder. The top cover is made in the form of a cat's head. It has everything: ears, nose and even elegant antennae. It is easily removed and runs freely on the chain. The product is made in brown tones. The surface is slightly worn out, which gives the trough a truly vitazhny and elite look. However, users do not like the fact that the plate accumulates, but does not drain the liquid. Therefore, the feeder will have to constantly clean.

Practicality in every detail of the

In addition to its impact on psychological and physical health, this vitaja bird feeder attracts many birds of various shapes and types. They always flock to something unusual and attractive. It is a fancy cat with a lattice calf, like a magnet that attracts feathered animals. This handmade exhibit will be a gorgeous decoration of the garden. At the same time the feeding trough is rather practical in use:

  1. Dimensions. The diameter of the bottom pallet is 16 cm, and the height of the product is 18 cm. It weighs 0.540 kg, so it will ideally look both on the tree and on the balcony.
  2. Grate has a cross-weave. In such diamond holes, seeds of different colors and sizes look very elegant. The joints are welded carefully and without burrs so that the birds do not get hurt.
  3. Metal is coated with high quality paint. The top layer is securely fastened. For this, the master used a special burner. As a result, the surface does not burn out under the influence of moisture and temperature fluctuations, and most importantly, it does not peel off.
  4. At the base there is a pallet that protrudes a couple of centimeters. This is done so that the inhabitants of the forest did not fall.
  5. Fastening device. One end of the chain is connected to the handle, and the other has a hook. It can be attached to a branch, rod or loop.
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You can buy this device for birds on AliExpress. Here the handmade product costs from 675 to 1 344 rubles. In this case, you can get a 40% discount. At the same time, in other online stores forged feeders cost from 2 to 50 thousand.

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