How to store fat - the right approach to the four types of product


  • 1 Choosing a quality product
  • 2 Methods for storing various types of fat
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Bacon - delicious and nutritious product.Bacon - delicious and nutritious product.

Salo - a useful snack of animal origin. The taste of this product is not boring - it can add salt, smoke and pickle spices. And in order to properly store fat, you need to follow some rules. Together, let us look at how to store fat after salting, smoking and heating.

Choosing a quality product

Taste and fat storage life is directly dependent on how fresh and high-quality product you have purchased. Fresh fat is:

  • neobvetrenny view;
  • white or pinkish color of the product - if the product turned yellow, then it is no longer suitable for human consumption;
  • thin skin, which can be easily pierced with a knife;
  • pleasant smell of meat;

It is impossible to prepare a fat old pig or boar. Ask the seller to pierce the skin of a knife and to smell the product, so you can ensure the quality.

  • the fresh fat should be no dirt, drops of dried blood;
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  • the price of a good piece of bacon can be low - to buy a product with a significantly reduced cost it is dangerous to health.
It looks like fresh bacon in section.It looks like fresh bacon in section.

Methods for storing various types of fat

As I said earlier, the fat can be stored in fresh, salted, smoked and melted form. Actually, a few options:

  • in a cool place without refrigeration;
  • in the fridge;
  • in the freezer.

Regardless of the storage space, it is important to bear in mind that the optimum temperature for this product is about +10 ° C, including low humidity is necessary to observe and ensure good ventilation.

View 1. fresh bacon

The fresh product is stored only in the frozen state. To do this, divide it into portions desired size and wrapped in plastic wrap or parchment. If you wish, sprinkle with spices product so that it soaked with fragrant notes.

Re-freeze this product can not, it will lose its flavorRe-freeze this product can not, it will lose its flavor

View 2. salty bacon

Instructions on how to store the salty bacon in the fridge without it:

Picture recommendations
table_pic_att14939329272 Method 1. In boxes.
  1. Solim product dry method (carefully obkladyvayut edges of the product salt and spices).
  2. At the bottom of the box and put the parchment liberally peppered him with salt.
  3. Tightly ramming portions sandpaper down.
  4. Gusto stopped all the empty spaces with salt.
  5. From above it is desirable to cover the product parchment and, if you want to accelerate the process of salting, put the yoke.
  6. Next, put the box in a well-ventilated place.

storage life this method up to three months at the correct temperature.

table_pic_att14939329273 Method 2. In a saucepan.
  1. Salted fat dry method.
  2. Then, the bottom of an enamelled pan poured thick layer of salt.
  3. Laid on top of bacon rind down.
  4. Covers all voids salt and pan with the contents sent in the refrigerator (at the top you can put pressure).

storage life - 3 to 6 months.

table_pic_att14939329284 Method 3. banks
  1. Enveloping portions salt and add up in sterile jars.
  2. At will add spice.
  3. We fall asleep brim voids salt and close the lids.

This is the most practical way to store bacon at home. In the fridge or cellar, the product is suitable for 6-8 months.

table_pic_att14939329295 Method 4. In the freezer.
  1. Sprinkled with spices pieces are wrapped in parchment or plastic wrap.
  2. Then, the product must be folded on the bottom shelf of the freezer.

In this form, keep salty bacon can be up to 1 year.

View 3. smoked bacon

Now figure out how to store fat smoked in the home:

Picture recommendations
table_pic_att14939329306 Method 1. In the fridge.

The product must be wrapped with parchment and put it on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

storage life - up to 30 days.

table_pic_att14939329317 Method 2. In a dark place.

Keep smoked bacon can be hung on hooks in a cool dark place. It is desirable that was reduced humidity.

Shelf life - 1-3 months.

table_pic_att14939329328 Method 3. In freezer.

The product is packed into vacuum bags and sent to the freezer.

How much fat is stored in the freezer in such a way? Up to 1 year.

table_pic_att14939329329 Method 4. In boxes.

Fold portions in boxes, sprinkling each layer rye chaff or sawdust. Put in a cool place.

timestore - up to 3 months.

View 4. grease

I wonder how to make a stock of lard? To do this, melt the pieces of fat:

  1. Cut the product into portions.
  2. Fold the entire mass in the iron cauldron and send it to the plate.
  3. Pour it hot into clean jars and, after cooling down, close the lid.
Wait until the fat is completely melted.Wait until the fat is completely melted.

I know of two faithful version of long-term storage of lard:

Picture recommendations
table_pic_att149393293611 Method 1. In the fridge.

Hot lard pour into glass jars and close the lid.

Keep cans of lard can on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator up to 6 months.

table_pic_att149393293712 Method 2. In freezer.

Hot lard packagi of plastic containers and after curing, send in the freezer.

The product will be useful to one and a half years.


So we found out - to make a stock of fat is very simple. Enough to take a quality product and adhere to the required storage temperature. Videos in this article will convince you of this. If you have their secrets, how to extend the shelf life of fat - share them in the comments!

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