Storage of lemons in whole or cut at home

Lemons firmly occupied a leading position among citrus fruits in terms of their use for various purposes. Sometimes the housewives decide to purchase a large amount of these fruits for the future, finding good quality fruit in the market. In this regard, many would like to know how to store lemons, especially already cut, at home.

Long-term storage methods for whole lemons

If you need to protect large quantities of citrus fruits at home, you can use one of the following storage methods:

  • in sand
  • in wax or wax paper,
  • in a jar without oxygen.

If you want to preserve the fruits for a short time, you can use:

  • content in the refrigerator
  • content in the jar with water.

One of the prerequisites for storing citrus fruits is to protect them from light. The most correct solution would be to put containers with lemons in a dark place.

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Storing lemons in the sand

For this purpose, take absolutely clean and well-dried sand. You can dry it on the stove, in the oven or just in the sun. For this method, it is better to use specially prepared boxes or containers. First you need to fill the sand in the bottom of the box with a layer of 3-4 centimeters, then put citrus on it, having previously wrapped each with parchment paper. Then fill them with sand on top of the same layer. If the height of the box allows, you can make several such layers.

Lemons in wax

Protect fruits from spoilage with wax or wax paper. It is quite expensive, but nonetheless well-proven method. The wax is melted in a water bath, and then a thin layer of a brush is applied to each fruit, allowed to wax and then put in a box or container of lemons. If wax paper is used, each fruit is wrapped in paper and folded in a storage container. With this method, the container with stored fruit should be ventilated.

Contents in a jar without oxygen access

For this purpose, glass jars of various capacities can be used. Banks must first be sterilized and allowed to dry. Then they put the fruit in them and put a small candle( a candle is quite suitable for cakes).The candle is set on fire and the can is tightly closed with a lid. Oxygen is necessary for the combustion process, and as soon as all the oxygen inside the can is consumed, the candle will go out. And citrus fruits will be in excellent condition for a long time.

Cold storage

If citrus fruits do not require too long preservation, you can simply put them in the refrigerator in the department for vegetables and fruits. To extend the shelf life somewhat, you can wrap each fruit individually with parchment paper or tracing paper.

Lemon content in a can of

water To protect lemons from drying out, some housewives use containers filled with water. It is desirable that the tank was glass. Before placing in the jar the fruit is thoroughly washed. Then they are put in a container not too tightly and filled with plain water. The water in the bank must be completely replaced every two days, and the citrus fruits must be washed.

Storing sliced ​​lemons

Slice a lemon for a long time will not be subject to damage, drying out or rotting if you use one of the following proven storage methods.

Citrus on a saucer

The fruit is placed on a saucer or plate, sprinkled with sugar or salt, cut down. Sugar is used to preserve citrus fruits, which are used to add to tea or confectionery. Salt for lemons used for making sauces or any hot or cold fruit snacks. The vessel with the fruit is placed in the fridge or other dark and cool place.

Chopped Lemons

You can completely cut the fruit into thin plates and, pouring sugar into them, fold it into a plastic container. It is clear that they can be used only for confectionery purposes or for adding to tea. You can also chop the fruits with a meat grinder or blender and make a lemon-sugar mixture. Keep it better in a glass jar or plastic container in the refrigerator.

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