Complex fertilizers for indoor flowers of prolonged action: the advantage of granular form

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I love flowers in pots, but by my forgetfulness I constantly miss the next dressings. A friend advised to use granular preparations. Tell me, what are the complex fertilizers for indoor flowers in granules?

Complex fertilizers consist of several mineral substances that provide plants with the necessary nutrition for active growth and beautiful flowering. As a rule, nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus underlie such dressings. Most complex fertilizers are presented in liquid form, they are diluted with water and used for root and leaf color processing. That is, the drugs begin to work immediately after application.

The action of granular fertilizers

For a more prolonged action of useful microelements, complex fertilizers for indoor flowers are produced in granular form. They need to be made directly into the soil, not previously dissolved in water.

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The advantage and peculiarity of the action of such drugs is that the nutrients reach the plants gradually as the granules dissolve. This almost completely eliminates the possibility of burning the root system of flowers as a result of overdose.

Depending on air temperature and abundance of moisture, plants receive the necessary amount of minerals in small doses. When the temperature in the room decreases, the need of colors for microelements, which also cease to be intensively released from the granules, decreases.

A single application of granules allows you to provide flowers with nutrition for at least 2 months, which is very convenient.

Popular types of granular fertilizers

Such preparations in granular form are widely used for potted fertilizers:

  1. Osmokot .Add to the soil when planting or add to the top layer of the substrate. The application rate is up to 4 g for each liter of the volume of the pot for large plants and 1.5 g for flowers with little need for additional feeding. Re-feeding must be done no earlier than 2 months.
  2. Activin Universal .It can be used for all types of indoor plants, as well as for garden flowers. Method of application: scatter on the surface of the soil( 1 tsp. Granules per liter of soil).The frequency of application - 1 time in three months.
  3. Activin for palm trees and decorative - of deciduous plants .It is used in the same way as the universal form.
  4. Pyramids Royal Mix Push for flowering plants .Place in a pot between the roots of the flower and the wall of the pot. One pyramid is enough for a capacity of 3 liters. The frequency of application - 1 time in 6 months.
  5. Plantac Plus .Suitable for fertilizing all types of plants. Mix the granules with the soil or scatter on the surface. The application rate - from 2 to 7 g per 1 liter of land, depending on the size and needs of the flower. The duration of the drug is 6 months.
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Granular form of fertilizers provides indoor flowers with all the necessary nutrients for a long time, which has a positive effect on their growth and flowering.

Fertilizer for potted flowers Osmokot - video

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