How to install the outlet in drywall or wooden wall

Often lathing is done under facing, followed by plasterboard or siding. How in such a case is the installation of receptacles on their own? The difficulty is that the base crumbles: the lining is not designed for serious mechanical loads that occur when using a receptacle. As a result, the body is relatively simply ripped from the roots. Consider how to do it with your own hands.

Project for installing sockets on drywall

The project, further stored in the BTI, is needed for any work that changes the plan of the apartment. And the simplest decoration of plasterboard walls also falls into this category. And here experts disagree. Confusion adds that there is no clear definition of work requiring reconciliation. We can contact the local authorities, find the architectural department where such documents are stored. And in the state organization more difficult. The document may declare paper with a stamp for internal use.

Hole for the

socket Before carrying out repairs and upon its completion, such nuances should be clarified. After all, it remains possible that the commission will come and give instructions to return everything to its original form. When it comes to electrical wiring, a second difficulty arises: a project is also being drawn up about the networks. And this should be done by an organization with a SRO license. A similar need arises for the following reasons:

  1. Installing or removing any receptacle changes the electrical design of the house. This does not include replacing a single distribution point with a double one( in residential premises).Here the law looks at the revision loyally. But if you plan to do something else with receptacles, this will necessitate changes in the electrical design with the ensuing consequences.
  2. Nuances occur during septum demolition. If the wall is not capital( carrier), no special difficulties arise, except for coordination. But in the living room for every 4 meters of the perimeter should fall on the power outlet. If something stays over, a distribution point is added. The partition was demolished, the perimeter increased - it is necessary to put another plug socket. And this causes a change in the electrical design of the room, and then everything goes according to plan - see above.

It is not possible to close the receptacle with drywall. Everything needs to be brought out for use. The law does not prohibit it. There are restrictions on the installation height. Usually it does not exceed a meter, but for preschool and educational child care institutions there is an amendment to hooliganism, and the limit rises to 1.8 meters. In addition to the previous two points( coordination and design), it is necessary to satisfy the requirements of the legislation during installation. The first is the number of points and the height of the sockets and switches. In particular, the law says that:

Distribution of cables

  • It is prohibited to install receptacles in storerooms for residential apartments. Such rooms are too fire hazardous.
  • Requirements for shops, public buildings and workshops are a separate line. The height of installation of sockets in a similar case, respectively, 1.3, 1 and 0.8 meters. The exception will be the case when the power wires in the shop down the wall from the ceiling. Plug socket is permissible to put at a height of 1.5 meters.
  • When it comes to the kitchen, it is forbidden to put a receptacle closer to half a meter from the gas pipe. In total, there are at least four points, but there are no requirements regarding the uniformity of the installation. By the way, in the kitchen, a double plug socket is considered to be two, as opposed to what is happening in residential areas.
  • It is forbidden to put receptacles under and above the sink, sink.
  • Special instructions relate to a socket for powering an electric cooker. Wiring points should go straight to the distribution board without branches.
  • There is a statement that in this case is no longer valid: according to the rules, it is forbidden to place switches and receptacles with concealed wiring for different apartments on the same axis. In this case, the supporting structures are not affected, therefore, the rule is leveled. This follows from considerations of common sense, but must be consistent.
  • In the corridors is placed on the outlet for every 10 square meters.

According to the norms of the state, the work on the execution of an electrical project is performed by a person who has SRO approval( self-regulating organizations).This means that you have to invite someone. Know exactly whether the brigade is needed, we can from the text of the law. At the time of writing a review, an internal electrician for the project could be laid by anyone. Of course, with the admission to work within the nominal networks. For the work is usually called the master of the HOA.

Professional installation of the outlet under the drywall

Transfer sockets without changing the total number of

From the above it should be understood that the above requirements are met by the designer. But the project is expensive, but people want to move the outlet or put it without spending. For registration can request a tidy sum. According to Article 25 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, changes that require reflection in the technical passport of the premises are considered re-planning or reorganization. In practice, the document does not always contain the layout of electrical equipment. Therefore, then you need to consult with a lawyer, please note the information:

  1. Bureau of Technical Inventory is synonymous with the Design and Inventory Bureau. This is the place where they issue a technical passport to the apartment.
  2. Sometimes it is stipulated in the contract with the management company that the changes in the electrics are coordinated in the prescribed manner. Often the Criminal Code enters into a contract of verification with a specialized organization in advance.
  3. An electricians scheme with the designation of sockets is often attached to the Apartment Acceptance Act. In this case, you have to reconcile. Take into account: if the tenants in the room did not change, then no one else could carry out the unlawful transfer of receptacles that did not comply with the standards. If it comes to court, the opposing party will put pressure on the argument.

If you want to move something, we advise you to follow the answer located at the link http: // 855681-pereplanirovka.html. With the permission of the copyright holder, we quote, but this does not eliminate the communication with people who know the law: “If the number of outlets is constant, nothing needs to be coordinated. A placement is governed by SP 31-110, excerpts cited above. "

The lawyer hints that the commission will understand whether the receptacles were installed initially or they were added. Precautions do not interfere, you need a project with structural changes, although electricians may not be in the BTI plan. And if you connect the cable to the distribution point, and then lengthen the electrical wire in the outlet and bring it to drywall, the bad will not occur. Do not forget all the calculations about the number and location. However, for residential premises norms are non-strict.

How to install a wall socket on drywall

A. Zemskov claims that the installation of sockets in drywall will take place without difficulty if you use a little trick: on the back side, the screws are fixed with small pieces of plastic. We have already given photos of seized blinds in reviews, and now we supplement them with a picture of items that are suitable for such purposes. These are, first of all, plastic covers, discount cards of various stores and bank cards, SIM cards of phones and other similar things.

Please note that the rules in the nursery put sockets with curtains. In this regard, you need to know two things:

  1. Before installing the outlet in the drywall or wooden wall of the nursery, make sure that there is a curtain that protects the sockets, while there is no plug.
  2. Do not buy cheap power outlets, because the curtains will still have to break. Here the PIB will not stick: nominally everything is done according to the rules, and it is not necessary to use receptacles.

Required parts for mounting

From what has been said, it is clear that installing a power outlet block is economical in the kitchen. With a few exceptions - the plate consumes too much energy, and it is stated above that such a distribution point cannot be combined with anything. In other cases, it is allowed to put double, triple sockets and mount in a row. Do not forget to check the ground in the socket in the kitchen and in the bathroom, it depends on the correct operation of the RCD( or differential machine).The wire for the side terminals is drawn from the shield or taken from the house circuit( dug below the basement).

According to the general recommendations, we say that the socket of the hidden installation does not require the installation of a socket into the drywall and is not regulated separately. However, you could miss the legal nuances, try to find information yourself. Outdoor sockets are usually mounted. But there is a subtlety. The law stipulates that a hidden electrical wiring( behind the face) is carried out for embedded sockets. But there are the words "as a rule" and "drowned state."The latter concerns the outlets. Therefore, the thesis is interpreted in two ways.

With regard to the method of attachment, for outdoor installation will have to pre-stick on the sheet body. And the front part is put after pasting wallpaper, painting. Of course, during finishing, the power is disconnected from the point, and the current-carrying part is covered with masking tape. When the issue of repairing the outlet, installed in this way, is raised, difficulties may arise. From this point of view, finishing with siding( clapboard) looks more attractive because it undergoes partial disassembly without damage. Consequently, the cost of installing the outlet and the switch is reduced.

Showed how to strengthen the outlet in the wall, hinted that fixing on the wall is permissible, and then make a cut in the drywall. But there are a large number of placement requirements. Add that podrozetnik may appear in the prices as an installation box, but may not be needed. Would recommend to find a decorative platband to protect the wallpaper or paint near the location of the electricians.

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