How to remove the smell of burning in the apartment after a fire

If there was a fire in the apartment
  • Overhaul overhaulGet rid of it is difficult. Consider effective methods to combat the smell of burning.

    Airing efficiency

    The first thing that everyone does in such a situation is to try to eliminate the smell of burning after a fire with ordinary airing. This method will only eliminate visible smoke. To do this, open all the windows in the house. Fresh air must enter the room.

    If an air conditioner is installed in the house, then close the windows tightly and turn on the device. He will pull out all the bad fumes.

    Water treatments

    Moisture is able to quickly absorb an unpleasant odor. To do this, you can do the following:

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    • turn on the water in the bathroom and kitchen;
    • fill large containers with water( buckets, pans will do);
    • arrange them throughout the apartment.

    The tandem of water and herbs will help to get rid of the smell of burning. In containers with liquid, add the essential oils of mint, eucalyptus, lavender or lemon balm. Every half hour, collect condensed water from the surface of the liquid.

    Additionally, you can hang wet sheets in the doorways. They will also absorb unpleasant odor after a fire. As soon as they are dry, rinse and put back.

    Remove the stench from the house after a fire will help another effective recipe. For him, prepare:

    • a large pot;
    • water;
    • bottle of vinegar.

    Next, do the following:

    1. The pot needs to be filled with water.
    2. Put on fire.
    3. Pour 0.5 liters of vinegar and bring to a boil.
    4. Remove the saucepan from the heat.
    5. Open all windows and leave home for a few hours.

    Such a solution will literally "eat" the whole unpleasant smell.

    General cleaning

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    If all the above means did not manage to get rid of the smell of burning after a fire in the apartment, then it is time to move on to more radical measures. For cleaning, you need a solution that is prepared according to the following recipe:

    • pour into a bucket of water;
    • add 30 ml of ammonia and vinegar.

    Working solution in the first place we process the place where the fire occurred. Also in the house it is necessary to remove all the smell from the walls, furniture and doors. To do this, use a lighter solution of water and vinegar.

    For general cleaning only new cloths should be used. Old copies that were in the apartment before the fire remove the smell is impossible.

    Cleaning textiles

    The smell of burning eats not only into walls and furniture. All textiles suffer greatly from it. If carpets are in the affected area, you can try to wash them in a soap solution and dry them in fresh air.

    Curtains, tulle and clothes should be cleaned using baking soda. Large down comforters, blankets and pillows are best brought to dry cleaning.

    Aromatherapy for home

    It is often impossible to remove the unpleasant burning scent after a fire in an apartment with one general cleaning. You can try to get rid of the problem with scented candles or oils. For these purposes, get an aroma lamp. It is easy to use it:

    • in a special container pour water;
    • add a few drops of oil;
    • light a candle that warms up the bowl of water.
    It is worth remembering that the duration of one procedure should not exceed two hours.

    If you can not get an aroma lamp, then you can use another recipe:

    • take an ashtray;
    • Spread citrus fruits in it;
    • burn them.

    It is possible that the first time it will not be possible to get rid of the odor in the apartment, so we recommend additionally expanding all the rooms:

    • starch balls with the addition of ammonia;
    • coffee beans;
    • activated or charcoal.

    These substances are safe for humans and effective.


    In rare cases, removing the smell may not work. If general cleaning and aromatherapy did not help get rid of the problem, then it is worth taking the most stringent measures. These include repair. If there was a strong fire in the apartment, you will most likely have to change:

    • all the furniture;
    • floor and wall covering.
    It is better to throw away burnt objects immediately. Clear them will not work. In the future, they will only “flavor” the whole house.

    Additional Recommendations

    Check out some tips to help get rid of the effects of a fire in an apartment:

    1. Get a good air purifier. If the house has a humidifier, we strongly recommend that you turn on the device. It will also help remove all odors.
    2. If you want the smell of burning to quickly leave your home, often change the decomposed coffee beans, starch balls and other products.
    3. Repaint all wooden windows and doors in the apartment.
    4. During general cleaning, children and elderly people must leave the premises.
    5. On sale you can find professional cleaners that cope with the smell of burning after a fire.

    Having got acquainted with effective methods of struggle against unpleasant aromas, you can choose for yourself suitable. Do not forget about security and better avoid such critical situations.

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