Why does not the washing machine

If the washing machine does not work completely, the case in the power supply. Little known fact: e-filling also requires energy. But this hard silenced. required voltage nominal value of 5 and 12 on the inside of the washing machine B. It makes no sense to include a large transformer, if consumption is weak, a typical power supply used in the diode bridge, switch mode power supply is used in certain situations. The only difference is that often use special chips and assembly, sharpened under the denominations of 5 and 12 V. The answer to the question, why not work the washing machine, it is logical to look for in the field of development of the supply voltage.

Washing machine repair

Washing machine repair

Where the voltage is in the washing machine

Four well known consumer voltage in the washing machine:

  1. The main motor for driving the drum.
  2. Drain pump.
  3. Inlet valve.
  4. TEN.

More, in addition to the electronic unit, inside there are no mechanisms. Actually, using the listed and sold the washing machine modes: a fence, and the flow of water, rotation of the drum, water heating. The rest of the mechanisms related to the sensors and control conglomerates, without said parts washing machine and looks dead. The front control panel with all the lights requires power, and the source is located geographically on the electronics unit.

The search algorithm in the washing machine malfunctions:

  1. Prozvanivatsya power contacts on the plug. If the resistance is infinity, it means that the relay (motor, heating element, pump, inlet valve) are open until everything is in order. And at the moment the arrow must touch jerk. This means that the washing machine capacitor filter network is OK. If the arrow does not twitch, short-circuit the plug of and then spend the experience again.
    Checking the voltage

    Checking the voltage

  2. The steel of the hull on the outside powder coated, do not be surprised that they do not call with a petal on the ground plug. If the top cover has been removed, check the ground, leaning against the inside of the tester probe.
  3. With any contact plugs should not be ground to call.

If the conditions are not met, start looking for the problem directly in the course of the current. Simply find the power supply unit from moving in the opposite direction from the transformer. You need to know the action of the power supply principle. Sometimes that does not work separately draining, the drum does not rotate, the washing machine is not taking on water. These features characterize the damage at a local site.

Washing machine does not turn on, it looks dead

Samsung washing machine welcome host modulations buzzer. Immediately clear on the basis of whether the power supply device is not defective. In the future, when you press the tune button varies depending on the button. If there is a dead silence when the stick a fork, first remove the top cover of the device. Staryutsya access to the electronic board.

It supposed to check whether the supply voltage of the source comes. Optionally, stick a wall socket. Just take it and call contacts. In some models, a line filter is not separated from the engine outlet and the electronic unit. If the washing machine touch control, sparking own brushed motor capable of inflicting considerable damage.

When the power comes checked input filter elements PSU.

It chokes, resistors, capacitors less. Then relies ping each diode bridge. Remember that the elements pass current only in one direction. For diodes is a power key on the slicing voltage pulses, hotel chip transistor. The control electrode receives low voltage pulses from the generator.

Geographically possible chip, and where the key. The voltage supplied to the transformer and goes to the secondary winding. Where it is filtered and Schottky diodes is spent on the CPU.

The windings of the transformer may call on both sides, if there is a coupling capacitor on the output. Prior to the secondary still need to get, do not hurry. We call the power key, there should be a short circuit. If a visual all right, there is no break in the primary winding of the transformer, power is supplied (permissible to withdraw the charge and powered from 220 V) and analyze the point. In the absence of a high-frequency voltmeter or oscilloscope relies verify pulse generator power mode, the voltage at the output. Beautiful fronts will not be able to see, but it should fix the current value. The frequency is usually a little higher ultrasound in the region of 50 kHz (compare, in the socket 50 Hz).

Pay attention to the protection varistors. In the normal state resistance is a few megohms. Otherwise, worth more to conduct a study on the performance. Finally, the measured output voltage of the power supply, including a space to the Schottky diode and the output filter. If does not work, we make replacement. Schottky diodes have a low voltage drop across the open p-n junction. With all the power supply, if the voltage at the output in order, defective processor. Then, the signal is likely, no. by clever electronics literature is almost no service centers for repairs are not taken to change much.

Washing machine does not drain

Washing machine does not drain

When the washing machine does not drain

If the drain is not working at the washing machine, to blame:

  • The filter drain pump.
  • Actually drain pump.
  • Level sensor.
  • The electronic unit.

If the first wash was his usual, but in an unexpected moment it turned out that there is no drainage, most likely the first two reasons. To test, it is necessary to remove water from the tank. Save your basin with low margins and unplug the appliance from the wall outlet. In the lower right corner of any panel or behind the door is a hose cap accidental discharge. End of the need to pull out a little, then get rid of water from the washing machine. Now plug the hose and look at the larger cap. Unscrew previously podsteliv cloth merge 200 ml of water, would be in the hands of the filter cleaning pump, retarding hair to the blade is not stuck.

In the liberated hole perpendicular worth impeller. carefully roll the required it, such as a pencil. Do not go? Clogged pump, dismantle and clean. Progress but tight? It's okay. The impeller moves jerkily, for example, by a quarter turn. Remove the top and rear housing cover, then unplug the power terminals. The pump is powered by a voltage of 220 V. Carefully move the here-sided cord and see whether there is the impeller to rotate. Turnover high, in the range of 50 Hz: water is pushed to the periphery by centrifugal force.

Washing machine or spin

Washing machine or spin

Washing machine does not spin

washing machine motor collector. Reverse ensured the relay to switch the direction of the windings. Spin and wash detect individual contacts. If you do not work in the washing machine spin cycle, it is likely broke down the corresponding relay. There is danger in testing to receive a strap for the forehead. We recommend to remove the power to remove the belt, motor undock, scheme to find and hold a launch from the external network. Often the terminals 3 and 4, 5 and 6 are responsible for the modes. Get ready for a sharp jerk and observe the safety precautions: the engine speed can go off-scale for 10,000. That's more than most juicers. In addition, it expected a considerable noise.

By the way, if it stops functioning washing machine, the motor does not turn, probably, the reason in the input filter. It protects the network from sparking collector. Or partially covered himself with a processor that is responsible for regimes. Both options are easy to check the test run. Do not forget to inspect the power supply. Incidentally, it is useful to get documentation on the processor and test modes of the chip.

Hopefully, now the readers know why does not work the washing machine, regardless of the brand: Indesit, LG, Samsung (Samsung) and Bosch (Bosch). home appliance device is identical. They differ only in specific proprietary technologies. As concerns movements 6 y LG, Big-in and so on. D. This little regard to repair, is incorporated into the digital stuffing processor. This form factors, features of work, but not the basic principles.

May vary the intake valves, depending on the mode, some will fail. Protection against leaks may be present, absent and offer different levels of complexity. Such details will not stop the experienced masters and will be put into a prolonged meditation, how to fix a washing machine.

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