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My beauties lilies for two years. After disembarking, I did not touch them, and the plants during this time formed many children. Now I will plant them, especially since I want to exchange varieties with a neighbor. Tell me, what fertilizers can be used for planting and transplanting lilies? They are tubular hybrids.

Lilies need loose soil and additional nutrition. For abundant and beautiful flowering, it is important to create suitable conditions for them and at the initial stage to provide a stock of necessary elements. It is easy to cope with this task by adding fertilizers directly during planting / transplanting lilies.

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Flower fertilizer during planting or transplanting

Planting young lilies, as well as transplanting old plants is best in August, but it is possible in spring. The site intended for lilies should be dug up to a depth of 40 cm.

Heavy soils should be “diluted” with sand and peat( 1 bucket each for 1 square meter of bed).To feed poor soil, make:

  • from 5 to 10 kg of rotted manure( depending on the degree of soil depletion):
  • 50 g of potassium sulfate;
  • 100 g of superphosphate.

This fertilizer is quite enough for Asian hybrids, but tubular lilies additionally require the introduction of ash( up to 500 g per 1 sq. M.).

As for the eastern hybrids, it is first necessary to lay a drainage layer in the planting pit, and only then fill it with a mixture of humus, peat and sod( in equal proportions).At the very least, shed all the solution of saturated color potassium permanganate.

After applying the fertilizer, mix them with the ground and pour the hole well.

After planting the ground lilies, mumble around the ground to prevent rapid evaporation of moisture. Spread the ground bark of conifers around the flowerbed( or around the plants).You can also use fallen needles.

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Seasonal top dressing of lilies

In the first year after planting, the flowers do not need additional top dressing. From the next season, fertilizers should be applied up to 5 times during the spring and autumn period:

  1. In the spring, when sprouts are not less than 10 cm in height, dissolve 1 tbsp.lCalcium nitrate in a bucket of water and pour it under the root.
  2. After 10 days, repeat the procedure.
  3. During the formation of buds, add potassium magnesium( 40 g of the drug per 1 sq. M.).
  4. Root top-dressing based on liquid Kemira or Hera fertilizer two weeks before flowering.
  5. After the end of flowering, shed a solution of superphosphate or Kemira.
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