Ranking of the best front-loading washing machines

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Going to the home appliance store for a new washing machine, it would be good to understand in advance what you want to buy. Dozens of manufacturers, hundreds of models, thousands of modes and characteristics, a huge number of incomprehensible letters and numbers that define the most diverse parameters. Agree, there is something to become disheartened. How to choose a washing machine , that will satisfy all requests and will please their owners for many years? To make the decision-making process as easy as possible, we have compiled for you the ranking of the best front-loading washing machines in 2017-2018.Our estimates were based on customer feedback and model specifications.

How to choose the right

washer Before starting the discussion, let's talk about the advantages of washing machines with front-loading type from "vertical" counterparts. And also pay a little attention to how to choose the right washing machine.

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. Method of loading

. As you probably already know, there are two types of laying things in a washing machine:

  • vertical;
  • frontal.

The first option takes up much less space and is suitable for small bathrooms. However, it also has drawbacks:

  • is a small capacity;the maximum volume of such a machine is calculated not more than 6 kg;
  • the impossibility of embedding in the kitchen set due to non-standard height.

The second option is much more popular. A washing machine with front loading type provides an opportunity to observe the process. Loading things into it is much more convenient. In addition, in some models of such machines you can put up to 14 kg of linen, which, you see, is very beneficial for a large family. The range of washing units with front loading is much wider than that of vertical counterparts.

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buyers Download volume

There is no doubt that the more laundry is placed in the washing machine, the greater its dimensions. For a family of 2 people, it is quite enough to wash the smallest sizes of 3.5–4 kg of linen. True, it is worth remembering that in it you are unlikely to be able to wash large covers or outerwear.

But if there are 4 or more people living in your house, it is better to get a washing machine for at least 5-6 kg. For a large family, of course, the best choice would be a 10-12 kg automatic machine.

The number of programs

This item is not the most powerful criterion, but it is still of great importance. The fact is that almost all modern washing units have approximately the same set of necessary functions. These include “Quick Wash”, “Cotton”, “Children's Things”, “Wool”, “Synthetics”, “Delicate Wash” and some others. The name in different models may differ slightly, but the essence remains the same. Practice shows that only 5–6 main functions are regularly used, so there is no need to pay for the rest.

The class of washing and spinning

If we talk about the spin, then all the machines can be divided into 3 categories:

  • C - 600-800 revolutions per minute;
  • B - 800–1200 rpm;
  • A - 1200 rev / min and above.

In this case, you should not chase for large numbers. A figure of a thousand turns will be more than sufficient. The fact is that for increased numbers of class "A" requires an additional engine. Therefore, a washing machine is more expensive.

In terms of energy efficiency class, the following can be said. The higher it is, the less money you have to pay "for the light."Of course, class A +++ typewriters( the best one) cost a little more, but then each wash will cost you a much smaller amount.

Drum Material

The most common option is stainless steel. Its service life may be more than 50 years. But if you plan to change the “washer” early, plastic is also quite suitable for you. In addition, it is not so much noise at work.


If you do not have a separate place for drying washed things, you should think about purchasing a two-in-one washing machine. Such a machine besides, in fact, washing can dry clothes. True, consumer reviews( and manufacturers) say that in this case it is best to buy two separate units.

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Well, now let's move from general assessments to specifics. So, the ranking of the best washing machines of 2017-2018.

The best narrow washing machines

For convenience, we have divided our rating into two large parts:

  • standard washing machines, 45 cm in depth;
  • narrow cars, up to 45 cm in depth.

Our TOP 5 small-sized units looks like this:

Siemens WS 10G160

This washing machine opens our rating of small units. With a modest size of 60x40x85 cm, it can hold as much as 5 kg of linen. Energy class "A" and the spin speed of about 1 thousand revolutions per minute also add a few points to it. WS 10G160 has as many as 13 modes of washing, which is quite enough for excellent work. For especially hurried features SpeedPerfect, accelerating any program. Siemens WS 10G160 is worth choosing for those who are looking for the optimal ratio in the categories “price - quality”.At various Siemens WS 10G160 retail outlets you can find for about $ 285.


  • is very quiet;
  • excellent build;
  • intuitive control;
  • extended list of functions;
  • ability to reload.


  • hatch cover is a little in favor of the dimensions stated in the instructions;
  • vulnerability - boot latch latch;
  • missing function "Aquastop".

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At a slightly lower level, our rating is determined by the unit F-10B8ND of the brand LG.At the same time, its only drawback is a slightly higher price, about $ 400.However, this washing machine holds 1.5 kg more than the previous model. And the energy efficiency class is slightly higher - A +.Also to the additional advantages can be attributed, and the possibility of embedding in the kitchen, the top cover is removable here. Customers note the high quality of the wash and the low noise level.

Bosch WLG 20160

Continuing rating. And the next “bronze” medal is awarded to Bosch, namely, the WLG 20160 washing machine. With the general parameters of the almost identical first position( Siemens WS 10G160), this washing machine costs much more. The price of this "washer" in some outlets can reach 350 arbitrary units. This fact can not brighten up even the presence of as many as 14 programs for washing.

Of the positive aspects are present here:

  • delayed start;
  • foam control;
  • child protection;
  • control and protection against overflows and leaks.

Zanussi ZWSG 7101 V

The honorable fourth place is awarded by our rating to the ZWSO 6100 V washing machine, developed by Zanussi. This small unit( 60x34x85) is able to hold up to four kilograms of linen. EcoValve technology allows you to precisely meter out detergent and water, which will save you from additional costs. The price of such a "washer" is about $ 250.


  • foam control;
  • reloading function;
  • quiet operation;
  • leakage protection.


  • operating time specified in the instructions often does not coincide with the real one;
  • is designed for a small family.

LG F-1096ND3

Our TOP 5 is completed with one more automatic machine from LG F-1296ND3.This model is considered one of the quietest in the line of small-sized washing machines. During operation, this unit produces a maximum of 50–53 dB, which is equivalent to not very loud conversational speech. Compared to other middle-class washers, this one has a higher spin class - “B”.

With a sufficiently modest dimensions, this washing machine can hold as much as 6 kg of linen, and a removable cover allows you to embed the unit in the existing furniture.

LG F-1096ND3 is very energy efficient( A ++) and has a direct drive, which reduces the likelihood of additional breakdowns.

Not only pleased with the price, slightly higher compared to other similar models.

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The best models of standard sizes

Now let's imagine what the rating looks like called Best front-loading washing machines for units of standard sizes.

Vestfrost VFWM 1250 X

Opens our TOP 5 among models with a depth of more than 45 cm Vestfrost VFWM 1250 X washing machine. And here's why.

With a depth of only 53 cm, it can hold about 7 kg of dry laundry, which you will agree, quite a lot. As many as 15 different washing modes are available, which allows you to perform almost any task. At the same time, it is extremely energy efficient, class A +++.The

Vestfrost VFWM 1250 X can be used as a stand-alone or embedded technique. To all of the above positive qualities, you can add one more. The price of this unit fluctuates at the level of 470 conventional units.


Of course, standard models have plenty to choose from. But still the honorable second place our rating gives F-12B8WDS7 company LG.Of the benefits here you can call these:

  • volume up to 6.5 kg;
  • is quite high washing and spinning classes( “A” and “C”, respectively);
  • plastic tank;
  • 13 modes to choose from;
  • modern design;
  • wash phase “bioenzyme”, when the washer removes various types of contamination most efficiently and carefully;
  • intelligent wash;
  • leak control.

The price is also good - about $ 420.


If you decide to choose a more expensive typewriter, we recommend paying attention to the ASKO unit. Very good, for example, the model W8844 XL W from this manufacturer. This is a real premium class:

  • capacity up to 11 kg;
  • noise work a little louder than a whisper( about 45 dB);
  • perfect assembly and high-quality body materials;
  • excellent design and excellent washing quality;
  • full protection against possible leakage.

The only item due to which our rating puts this wonderful technique in third place is the price. Not every consumer is able to safely part with $ 1500-1600.But it is likely that it is worth it.

Electrolux EWF 1408 WDL

We continue to choose from models more expensive. The next model nominee will cost you a bit less than the previous one - about 1120–1150 conventional units. What does Electrolux offer for such money?

  • Loading capacity up to 10 kg.
  • Spin during spinning up to 1400 revolutions per minute with adjustable. Ability to completely abandon the spin.
  • Economical power consumption, class A ++.
  • Huge selection of operating modes.
  • A weight sensor that helps you choose the right work program and save water.
  • The function of additional loading of laundry during work.
  • The dry cleaning effect is a Steam System feature that allows you to handle completely dry laundry.
  • Foam control, overflow and leakage protection, child lock.

Strangely enough, this model was not found to have any significant flaws. The only exception is the rather high cost.

Whirpool FSCR90420

The model FSCR90420 from the manufacturer of household appliances Whirpool closes our rating. This is a very quiet and roomy washer with a maximum load of about 9 kg. The intelligent control system and the touch interface make it possible not to be mistaken when choosing modes. And there are eleven of them here. The washing and spinning parameters correspond to the A-class, and the energy saving is at the level of A +++.

Two special technologies are incorporated into the Whirpool FSCR90420 washing machine, which is practically a unique development of the company:

  • "6th sense Colors" - the technology of preserving the color of the fabric even under the condition of very frequent washes;
  • "6th sense" - special sensors that save resources and independently optimize the process of work.

The disadvantages of this unit include quite a lot of weight and the lack of blockage from the intervention of children. The price of this “washer” in various outlets fluctuates at the level of $ 870.

Of course, our ranking of the best front-loading washing machines for 2017-2018 is based on customer feedback and expert opinion. But on the market there are a huge number of other models and manufacturers that are not inferior to all of the above. It is likely that you prefer any particular brand of home appliances. But we very much hope that our advice will help you make the right choice.

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