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Towel dryer is an indispensable device in the bathroom, especially in cold seasons when towels do not have time to dry themselves, hanging on hooks. Appearance of the heated towel rail is similar to a water pipe;can work both from electricity and be connected to a stationary water pipe. And also there are models that combine these two principles of work. Due to the fact that the heated towel rail generates heat, it also performs the function of a heater for the bathroom. Because of the wide variety of manufactured devices, in order to decide which heated towel rail is better to choose, you should familiarize yourself with the best rating which includes electric, water and combined models.

The best manufacturers of

In contrast to other household appliances, a large number of manufacturers can boast high-quality towel warmers, for example, Arbonia - one of the first to start making such devices and already that year continues to become the best in its business. The Swedish manufacturer specializes in all three types of these devices: water, electric and combined.


A company originally from Italy has been occupying a niche in the manufacture of heated towel rails for half a century. The company values ​​its reputation, so each product passes a multi-level test before entering the market. The device is made of stainless steel and other high-quality materials. It differs from other companies in the original design of products, as well as Margaroli is one of the few who produce mobile towel warmers.


A company from Germany, produces towel warmers that can be used not only for their intended purpose, but also as a complete heating device in the bathroom and in other rooms. In addition to the diverse design and size of products, the company is famous for the fact that it manufactures heated towel rails exclusively from environmentally friendly materials.


Company from Russia, manufactures towel warmers and other heating appliances. In production, they use a unique manufacturing technique, as a result of which, the devices are obtained seamless, which enhances the safety of the device in the event of pressure surges, which can cause the pipe to crack. The heated towel rail will withstand a water pressure of 7 atmospheres, however, the company will launch the device on the market only if the pipe at the testing stage could withstand a pressure twice as high.


The list is also closed by the Russian manufacturer Sunerzha. Famous for the fact that in Russia it is still the only company that manufactures its stainless steel towel warmers. Devices are carefully checked for resistance to high pressure. And also, the devices have a different design and many additional features in addition to drying towels.

The best electric towel warmers

Russian-made device Argo Beam 4 opens the top-best towel warmers powered by electricity. The design of the device will allow you to place it even in small bathrooms and has a choice of options for devices with four or more pipes. Also, this heated towel rail can work without connecting to the power cord. The power of the device is 50 W, and the heating element can heat it to a temperature of 50 degrees. The absence of leaks at pressure surges guarantees the protection class IP X3.

Dvin J( 1 ″ - 1/2) 60/40 pr

A special feature of this device is the presence of a built-in valve that will remove air traps. A variety of sizes and design will allow to pick up the device suitable for any areas and designs of bathrooms. Despite the presence of seams in the structure, this device is able to withstand a pressure level of 25 bar.

The package of the heated towel rail includes everything you need to mount the device on the wall. And also, the device is given a two-year warranty.

TermoSmart Comfort-El

This towel warmer is made by a Croatian company. It is worthwhile to pay special attention to it, since it ideally combines the concepts of price and quality. The device is made of stainless steel, and polished with chrome on top, which will permanently preserve the presentable appearance of the device. The appearance is a staircase of 6 steps, on which the required number of towels can be placed. If you use a heated towel rail as a heater, it will create a comfortable temperature in a room of up to 7 square meters.

The best water heated towel rails

The principle of operation of a water heated towel rail is that it connects to a water pipe and heats up with hot water when it is. Such a device is the most popular on the market of heated towel rails because of its affordable price and ease of use, maintenance and installation.

Terminus Astra New Design

The Russian-made heated towel rail is made of stainless steel, which allows for better heat and is polished with chrome on top, which will keep its aesthetic appearance for a long time. The device can heat up to a temperature of 100 degrees and withstand pressures up to 20 atmospheres. The manufacturer offers models of different sizes and designs, and also gives a guarantee for a heated towel rail for up to 9 years.

Zehnder Stalox STXI-060-045

This German towel warmer is the most expensive one in the ranking, as it is made of high quality stainless steel and has large dimensions that are suitable not for every bathroom, but it will fit on it much more towels. Complete with a heated towel rail has everything you need to install it on the wall and connect to a water pipe.

Margaroli Venta 405

The Margaroli Venta 405 heated towel rail is made in Italy from stainless steel-brass with chromed coating. The manufacturer offers a wide selection of device sizes up to 70 centimeters in height, which makes it possible to install it in a bathroom of any size. It differs from other towel rails by the presence of a turning mechanism that allows it to be mounted in any convenient position and to change this position further.

The best combined heated towel rails

A combined heated towel rail is a water heated towel rail that connects to the pipeline but also has an additional heating element in its design - a tubular electric heater. This feature allows the device to heat up from the hot water of central heating, and from electricity in the absence of hot water. Due to its versatility, such devices are gaining increasing popularity.

Arbonia Karomix

The most demanded appliance among the combined towel rails. He deserved his popularity with original design, wide assortment of colors offered, ease of installation and maintenance. Device power is 900 watts. Another feature of this towel is the presence of a remote control with temperature control function.


The combined Russian-made heated towel rail is not inferior to the previous competitor in technical terms, however, it is not as popular due to its less attractive design. The peculiarity of the device is the presence of a built-in valve that removes air plugs, which can form in the pipe and adversely affect the quality of the heated towel rail.

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