How to choose a screwdriver

People who often work on wood, it is useful to think about choosing a screwdriver. The tool helps to quickly build, veneer rooms with drywall, drill. A distinctive feature of the screwdriver is the presence of a battery, it changes the balance, the return is reduced. It is important if you have to tighten a lot of screws.

Distinguishing signs of an

screwdriver When you see an adapter for a puncher on the counter of an electronic store, you get the impression that the trader does not want to sell the product. No description. In civilized countries, the seller explains the function of the goods to the buyer.

Most people do not care about the spindles SDS plus, SDS max, we want to see excellent repair at home. Not everyone can spend money on professionals. The average citizen does not distinguish the adapter for a perforator, a similar situation with a screwdriver. Many have heard about the screwdriver - household, professional electric tool. I want to know the features.

Working with standard bits

A set of standard bits

Screwdriver made under the standard bits. It is used to work on wood, repair equipment. Potentially, the screwdriver is able to develop a tremendous torque due to a powerful reduction gear. Shaft speed decreases, torque increases. When twisting the baseboard, it is inconvenient to hold a screwdriver. Screwdriver relieve pain in the forearms, the process will accelerate. Among tips there are hex keys under nuts. The screwdriver, thanks to bits, becomes a unique thing. Adapters on square and other section are applicable, then suitable nozzles are applied. The screwdriver does not develop significant pulling force. It is unlikely that the engine from the motorcycle can be disassembled.

Battery Operation

A screwdriver needs a battery for three reasons. One is the presence of balance. The bulk of the drill falls on the engine, for a long time to hold the tool by the handle is tiring. In the screwdriver, a dumbbell shape is applied, the skew is removed.

The second reason is weight gain. It is difficult to work with a heavy screwdriver, it gives a light torque to the arm. The battery allows you to work comfortably. Plus - when working on the horizontal does not need to push on the head. The third reason is the specifics of the work of a carpenter's screwdriver. Imagine yourself on rafter legs creating a crate for insulation. It is inconvenient to carry the cord, fall off not for long. As a result of the use of the battery, it is convenient to carry out work everywhere: for example, electricity was not conducted to the construction site, you need to make a removable formwork for the foundation.

Charging the screwdriver

The screwdriver does not warp the structure, it works quietly( for builders, the work is piecework, it is forbidden to make noise at night).Indirectly, the cord affects the aiming. With the battery, the direction is freely selected. The screw goes to the side, the cord becomes a hindrance. The battery is needed for the screwdriver, choose, based on the capacity in ampere hours, the promised duration of work, the number of self-tapping screws.

Magnetic spindle

The screwdriver is supplied with a magnetic spindle, no key is needed. The case of some screwdrivers has bits for replacement.

Torque AdjustmentSome screwdrivers can drill. Twisting screws at this pace is difficult. Advantage: the drill is tested at low revs( with precautions).Sometimes a thick drill jams in the last seconds. Add torque. The main question: how to drill? Shanks sell smooth, either under SDS. .. Drills for the screwdriver at the end have a hex.


Work as an

screwdriver The screwdriver has a reverse motion. From a technical point of view, the reverse is organized by changing the mutual switching of the windings. The stator is turned on towards the rotor. It is difficult to underestimate the practical side: you cannot use the left-hand thread without reversing, you can not remove the screws. The value of the tool is reduced by at least a third. It is necessary to disassemble the carpenter a lot, if the garden is fenced incorrectly. With the push of a button, the screwdriver's engine switches to reverse.

Speed ​​

The rotation speed is not regulated by the force of pressing the start button, a lever with two or three positions is offered. With increasing speed, the torque drops. If you double the speed, torque drops 2 times. A typical value for household screwdrivers is 20-25 N / m. At a length of one meter, a weight of 2 kg is applied. The handle of a conventional screwdriver is no thicker than 5 cm; a similar force will be 2 x( 100 / 2.5) = 80 kg. The screwdriver is needed when you need to tighten the screws en masse. Even at high speed, the effort will remain decent. With enough effort, the screwdriver twists the head. Bring a batter to the shop for a bat - it will suddenly be damaged.

Screwdriver parameters

Not all screwdrivers confirm parameters. Using a torque wrench, check the strength of the screw. The task - to turn the head, to detect the effort. If the value is too small, take a durable screw.

. Selection of bits for

nut. A table is obtained, at which effort the screw head is folded. Destroying option. Find the bit under the nut( photo).Take the screw connection with the bolt:

  • The screwdriver applies force to the nut that is already screwed in to the stop.
  • Torque wrench grips the bolt head.
  • We begin to tighten the nut with a screwdriver and measure the torque from the device.

Get accurate specifications. Act carefully, start with the minimum torque mode, otherwise the key will be torn out of your hands. The pair must be no thinner than M10.Rate input here: http: // corrosion_proof_krepezh / inhaling_moments /.

Torque take the most powerful. The good news: adapters, bits have the limiting torques. Be careful in choosing components. Do not equate ordinary steel to hardened tool, which is stronger.

Listing the technical characteristics of screwdrivers, we mention the time of the charge, the discharge of the battery. The process of preparing for work is long. A 12 V DC power screwdriver draws 2.5 amps at idle. If the battery capacity is 1.5 Ah, the tool will work: 1 hour x 1.5 / 2.5 = 36 minutes at idle. The kit will need a spare battery to work without inconvenience.

Not all screwdrivers are protected from overheating( requirements are too complex).The concept of a work cycle arises. Screwdriver for the intended purpose injects continuously, in the drilling mode, another layout. It does not work out and start spinning right away. Rest the device.

It is logical to make the choice of a screwdriver in favor of the device with a spare battery. Carefully read the instructions before work. Some types of screwdrivers have a long mode of operation, others are afraid to overwork.

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