Why knocks traffic jams in the apartment

Constantly knocks out traffic jams - output one: the neighbors flooded. Rarely the child will short out the outlet. The reason is obvious: the phase passes to the ground. It happens in any branch, finding a problem is easier than ever. Now we will tell how it is done. Sometimes a different event bothers people: let's say a fridge knocks out traffic jams. This is due to the asynchronous compressor motor overloading an incorrectly selected protection circuit breaker. Today we will discuss why knocks traffic jams in the apartment.

There are three reasons for the escape of traffic jams.

There are three reasons for the flight of residential traffic jams:

  1. Short circuit.
  2. Short-term current overload caused by the starting of engines( especially asynchronous), metal welding.
  3. Automatic plug / switch malfunction.

Short circuit: causes

Constantly knocks out the plug of the machine - check for wet spots on the ceiling. Old wiring usually has broken insulation, leakage flows through wet concrete. Minor problems cause the LED lights( ceiling) to blink, difficult situations are accompanied by the blowout of the switchboard fuses. Such situations are the reason to install reusable circuit breakers. In fact, there is a chance when the equipment is turned off to get a short circuit, for example:

Neighborhood water flooded the

outlet. Typical flood

A small thickness of the wet bridge will suffice to allow current to flow. Sparks will fall, sound effects appear, people see a blue glow, tongues resembling lightning. The situation is, firstly, dangerous, and secondly, it provokes a blackout. A differential circuit breaker would work immediately. Sensing trouble, cut off the electricity while people are alive, then you have to patiently wait for the moisture to dry out.

A long drying period follows. Assess the readiness of the wiring, guided by the indicator using the above LED lamps: there is a leak, the light blinks. Complete drying lasts several days. The good news is that there are no damages to the insulation of the wires, enough to disassemble the socket, dry it with a hairdryer, wind blower( with careful supervision excluding the occurrence of fire, property damage), assemble.

Melt insulation

The worst option. Traffic jams, automatic protection set, trying to avoid emergency situations. According to the idea, the temperature of the insulation should not rise excessively, aces like A. Zemskov recommend underloading the home network by 10-20%( in the worst case).Guaranteed to stop the situation when the cable melted inside the wall, the current-carrying core closed to the ground.

The apartment’s power supply is cut down, the search for a problem area begins. If the flat in the panel is divided into lines, the process is greatly simplified. It is necessary to cut down the machines one by one, then call the phase on the common bus of the neutral wire: where it beeps, it burned. Work before the procedure to raise the plugs of the sockets, the bulbs should be unscrewed.

Signed caps of the drive plate

Plus situations - protection devices are inscribed( see figure), the search direction is clear. More branches in the apartment, it is easier to locate the fault. Now we will describe a hard case: there are traffic jams. The socket is ringing with a tester( electricity is off, of course), where it beeps, there is a breakdown. Use actively extenders, will help to take a given point closer.

Investigate junction boxes( round hole near the ceiling), disconnect the wires. We are calling( the switches are cut down) every pair, do not squeak - try to apply energy. We will talk about repairing the wiring below. Similarly, we test the lighting through the cartridges: there are no short-circuits with cut-off traffic jams, switches.

The device

burned. Occasionally, a short circuit occurred inside the home appliance. If the microwave knocks out the plugs, disconnect from the circuit, try to test the power supply. It's easier to start with a fork: 90% chance, at the input there is a capacitor filter for DC isolation. We start to call, insulation resistance is foreseen everywhere( three terminals, phase, zero, earth).The fact is obvious, the case is isolated from the other line, it is not known in advance which phase of the two pins.

If a sample is detected, a fault is found inside the instrument. It is difficult to buy equipment without an input filter now, dogma is performed often. Soldering irons, table lamps, fireplaces have a resistance of 30 to 500 ohms. It should not trigger the protection( current up to 7A).

Connected electrical appliances

Children closed the wiring

Children are rarely the cause. Strictly speaking, when an emergency situation arises, first of all you need to check what they are doing, where they are. Secondarily, the nursery is being investigated. According to the rules of the outlet there are placed with curtains. Therefore, it is easy to notice the problem. We look, whether someone decided to play with power supply networks.

Other causes of failures

  • Start of engines

A common cause of knocking out too sensitive automata. Classes breakers A, B. At the start of most engines, the current consumption exceeds significantly nominal. The difference reaches 7 times. Equipment is demanding, a machine that consumes 5 kW - surely the launch will trigger the protection.

Plugs such a device should not knock out. The short circuit arc current is much higher( measured in hundreds of amperes).It knocks out the meter’s cork( with a fusible insert) - the reason is hardly due to the launch of the equipment. We recommend that you plug in other equipment at this outlet, and see if the abnormal situation repeats.

  • Overload

The plugs have knocked out an unbearable load. After inspecting the automata set by the builders, you will see: the nominal is limited to 16 amperes. The load of one plug is 2.5 kW, with a long-term excess of the value of possible shutdowns. Most modern devices cut off power after a couple of hours when the nominal is 15% higher.

Burnt Outlet

Make your own conclusions or install other protective equipment. Today it is possible to buy a meter equipped with relay protection against overload, if the hall light is not so important, the water heater will wait, it is logical to plant a branch on the corresponding terminal, it will be cut down with a power exceeding the nominal value."Important" devices will continue to work. Try to break powerful consumers into equal groups, supply each branch with the same. Some protection against possible overload is provided. In the future, turn on the equipment wisely: running the washing machine knocks out the cork, try using a different branch outlet, where there is no consumption right now. As for this particular device, an emergency shutdown causes a burned-up heater, less often closes the motor windings. Infrequently, the electronic unit becomes the cause of the washing machine's behavior.

Malfunction of traffic jams, household appliances

Protection machines cannot be checked( excluding differential).There is no test button, in the closed state the tester gives zero resistance. It seems to be a seemingly serviceable automatic protection turns out to be worthless. Monopolar check it out: remove from the shield, we get through an extension cord to any outlet in the house. We turn on, say, a soldering iron or a desk lamp, and see if it knocks it out( the second machine on the dashboard is a known good).Lever flies - the device is broken. You just need to buy a new one, choosing the same rated current, the number of poles( only the phase is torn - one pole).

Try to take a machine with similar characteristics. Kettle knocks cork, wait a little to think that it will be enough to increase the rated current. A thoughtless step will cause the insulation to melt, we get the worst case mentioned above. The kettle is functioning inadequately - grab the Chinese tester. The resistance of the device to alternating current is 30 ohms, for the tester( auxiliary voltage is constant) the figure is sometimes different( lower than real).The main thing is that there is no short circuit.

Having prepared to call the electric kettle, pull the plug out of the socket, press the switch. Water should be poured. We call the mutual resistance of the plug pins. It turns out too much( more than 30), perekchelkivaem switch, the complexity is limited by poor contact. Zero resistance is noticed, it is time to scold the burnt spiral. Inside there is a backlight LED, the current of which is limited by the resistor. The resistance is often black, call out without fail. We'll have to disassemble the body.

Often a washing machine knocks out the stoppers; the burned-up heating element is to blame. Note that the circuit breakers are turned off when the outlet ground is properly equipped. Sometimes the drain pump is to blame. In the first case, it is clear: struck copper( steel) shell, the phase reached the body, grounded abnormally. In the second case, 230 volts waiting in the wings, there are no direct leakage paths. Which of the tenants will hit, it is immediately clear why the traffic jams were knocked out and not turned back on. The drainage pump will start working, a bridge will be formed leading to the sewage system, through which the current will surely flow. The latter will be the cause.

This case explains the undesirability of discharging waste in a non-standard way. The inhabitants are poured bath drainage slug. Washable can shock. The result is determined by passing the charges.

Change TEN.Before switching on a new heater, check the insulation resistance( 20 MΩ) according to the general rules. An external installation( standard 500V isolation meter) will be required. There are no other methods, you can set the maximum scale for measuring the resistance of the tester, make sure: shows the maximum. It will be enough to avoid accidents, with an insulation resistance of 20 kΩ, a current of 11 mA is generated.

The iron knocks the plugs out when water gets inside. Wait in a hurry to disassemble the device, pre-drain the reservoir, dry thoroughly. Then call from the side of the plug, fixing the open, try turning the temperature regulator. We are sure that readers now know the order - what to do if traffic jams in the apartment are knocked out. The main thing - stock up on new ones. The cause may be careless handling of electrical appliances. It happens, you know, why the cork was knocked out - and you forgot to buy new ones.

Another reason to put the automatic protection. You can experiment as much as you like, the cost of the error is small.

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