How to choose a portable vacuum cleaner for home

In today's world of technological progress, even a small vacuum cleaner does the cleaning in a car. The main advantages of such equipment are: small size, works from the built-in battery or cigarette lighter cabin.

Among the main tasks performed by a vacuum cleaner for transport are: cleaning of smooth rubber surfaces, nappy seats, deep crevices. Its cost is more than 2 thousand rubles. The question arises what kind of vacuum cleaner to take care of appliances: a portable vacuum cleaner for cars or Mini Vacuum USB Cleaner. Only you can answer this question.

  • Mini-VacuumEach leading manufacturer of large and small specialized equipment has a department of portable home equipment. Among them, the most famous are: Karcher, Zelmer, Electrolux, Philips. Of course, this is an incomplete list of good manufacturers who are ready to provide a quality hand-held mini vacuum cleaner with a large set of functions, interesting design, individual advantages( power, size, weight), cost.

    Today everyone can buy a mini hand vacuum cleaner. The difference in the cost of devices in this case will depend entirely on the presence of the following pricing factors:

    • Brand. The more popular the company has a manufacturer of large and small household appliances, the more it will cost a portable unit for home and household.
    • Functionality. Multifunctional equipment for cleaning the house, cars are more expensive than an ordinary mini hand vacuum cleaner.

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    Advantages and disadvantages of mini vacuum cleaners

    How many buyers, so many different opinions about the work of cleaning portable equipment. Despite the many advantages of a compact mini vacuum cleaner has its own advantages and disadvantages. To begin, consider the general advantages of a mini hand vacuum cleaner:

    1. Dimensions and weight .The average weight is 1.3 kg( depending on the model and functionality).
    2. Care .Regardless of the model and company of the manufacturer, the compact mini vacuum cleaner is equipped with removable containers for garbage collection. The principle of cleaning the built-in container is to collect debris at the end of cleaning the house, car, any contaminated area, cleaning under running water, drying and reinstalling in the unit.
    3. Economical power consumption .It is worth noting that for the cleaning equipment to operate it is sufficient to fully charge its battery( battery) from the network.
    4. Convenience .If the battery is sufficiently charged, you can use the device at any time of the day, as soon as the need arises.

    After examining all the advantages, before purchasing, you should be familiar with the shortcomings of the models, among which may be:

    1. The volume of the tank .In pursuit of reducing the weight and size of the developers have reduced the volume of the trash. Therefore, today a manual mini vacuum cleaner consists of a dust collector up to 1.5 liters.
    2. Power .A miniature engine is installed in the portable unit, which cannot provide good quality cleaning of the very dirty surface of the house, the adjacent territory.
    3. Sustainability .Virtually all models of cleaning units for the home are equipped with fine filters, which eventually accumulate dust, contribute to the spread of harmful bacteria and microorganisms.
    4. Additional waste. A portable unit during active operation quickly wears its own components( filters).

    If, having studied all the advantages and disadvantages of cleaning the equipment for the house, you still want to buy it, then it is worth it to get acquainted with the most popular models.

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    Vacuum cleaner for car care for Mini Vacuum USB Cleaner

    The cost of such a gadget is just over 200 rubles. Model Mini Vacuum USB Cleaner for computer equipment is equipped with a built-in LED backlight, which helps to remove debris from the keyboard in the dark. Weak little motor can cope only with dust and crumbs. A portable mini vacuum cleaner maneuvers easily between fragile parts, makes almost no noise, cleans any household equipment from dust.

    Blizzard Stationary Vacuum Cleaner

    The leading engineers at Blizzard have developed an unusual and at the same time compact model for cleaning the house, the power of which is not inferior to similar bulky devices.

    The uniqueness of the model is that for cleaning the premises only the hose and the brush are used, which visually resemble a large gas cylinder connected to the main unit through an air outlet.

    The new model of the vacuum cleaner can have an impressive power consumption of electrical energy. Therefore, during the design of the building it is necessary to initially consider this fact. The main advantages of the device:

    1. No limit on the weight of the stationary unit, power. The power of the equipment of the Blizzard company is large enough, however, it is necessary to understand that with each turn it decreases. Therefore, at the engineering design stage, it is necessary to minimize the number of turns, find the “ideal” place for the installation of the stationary unit.
    2. Equipment operation directly from the network. Wiring is set once during the construction and finishing of the structure. If you turn to experienced professionals, you can equip the channels for heating and ventilation of the room.
    3. Large size dust collector. Capacity for collecting and storing dust( debris) has a volume of 10 liters. Therefore, you can forget about the constant cleaning of the container.
    4. The portable hose is connected to the unit through an air inlet. If several vacuum cleaners are used for the house, then the power is distributed equally among all work units.
    5. The hand-held mini-vacuum cleaner is equipped with a hose that allows you to reach into any hard-to-reach place in the room.
    6. It is possible to control( turn on, turn off) the electric motor from each room.
    7. Storage of a dust collector at home can be in any utility room. Thus, the absence of dust in the "ceremonial" rooms and the accumulation of such in a specially designated room( where the stationary unit is installed) is ensured.
    8. Low weight manual part.
    9. Portable vacuum cleaner for home does not make noise.
    10. No home air pollution. Due to the fact that the dust collector is located in another room, dust cannot re-settle on objects.

    The only drawback that the Blizzard has is the lack of remote power control. However, to solve the problem, you can use the device to control the power of the induction motor.

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    Clean the kitchen with Mastrad

    Mini vacuum cleaner for the kitchen Mastrad is designed for cleaning the dining table and work surfaces, has a set of 3 nozzles: brush, tip with a narrow and wide nose. The main advantages which the manual unit for kitchen possesses are: small dimensions( weight up to 1 kg), works from 4 standard batteries.

    Thus, we can safely say that the power of the device is small and any portable, manual vacuum cleaner on the battery, for the same cost, will work more efficiently. The small assistant manual vacuum cleaner; Smile HVC 831 is the perfect assistant for cleaning the house, vehicles, which consists of: 3 standard nozzles, hose and shoulder strap.

    It should be noted that the device can be operated directly from the mains, or from the battery. In this case, the consumption of electrical energy is 700 W, which is 2 times less than typical cyclical equipment. Among the main advantages of the model should be noted:

    • Low weight, only 1.5 kg, allows you to easily carry it on your shoulder, without feeling discomfort.
    • Washable dust collector and internal filter will help save on consumables.
    • Attaching the brushes directly to the body provides compactness and mobility of movement.
    • A peculiar design, the red body resembles a bomb from the movie.

    Robot Vacuum Cleaners

    In conclusion, I would like to talk about vacuum cleaner robots, which also have small dimensions and impressive cost. Today, in the domestic market one can find many models of robots for dry and wet cleaning, differing in design, functionality, and software.

    However, the main advantage of robots is the lack of control over the process. The little helper cleans himself regardless of the time of day. Silent operation, perfect cleanliness of the room, the possibility of individual programming of the frequency of cycles facilitate cleaning of the residents.

    Having studied the materials, from now on you can easily choose the right hand vacuum cleaner that meets all the requirements and parameters.

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