TOP 14 embedded refrigerators according to buyers

  • What is a built-in refrigerator and why is it needed?
  • Disadvantages and advantages of the built-in refrigerator
  • How to choose the best built-in refrigerator?
  • Rating the best built-in refrigerators

It is impossible to imagine the life of a modern person without such an important and necessary device as a refrigerator. This unit helps to keep food fresh, cools the cooked food and drinks, even allows you to make stocks for the winter. And we all want to become the owner of a reliable, roomy and economical refrigerator, which would not take up much space in our home. But among the huge variety of manufacturers and models it is easy to get confused. Therefore, if it is time for your family to purchase new large household appliances, then our 2018 , best embedded refrigerator rating which we carefully prepared based on customer reviews and online store sales reports will not be superfluous.

What is a built-in refrigerator and why is it needed?

The built-in refrigerator is a household appliance that is placed in a special cupboard or niche behind a decorative furniture facade. As a rule, this type of equipment is preferred by those people for whom it is important that every detail is consistent with the overall interior design. If you dream of a kitchen in the style of "Provence" or "vintage", then the modern stylish plastic doors of the refrigerator will clash with the rest of the situation. In such a situation, it is better to “hide” your household assistant behind the appropriate facade. Sometimes, the refrigerator is not placed in the kitchen, but in the hallway or in the office. In such a situation, it is also customary to withstand compliance of all items of furniture, and an eye-catching refrigerator is simply placed in a niche and covered with another door.

Disadvantages and advantages of the built-in refrigerator

Like any appliance, the built-in refrigerator has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's take an objective look at each of them.(See also: Which refrigerators are the most quiet and reliable)

The distinctive advantages include:

  • economy;
  • silent operation;
  • stealth.

Why is a built-in refrigerator economical? Additional walls create enhanced thermal insulation. And you probably know - the less external temperatures affect the device, the longer and more efficiently it works and consumes less electricity.

Plus, the cabinet walls and the door muffle the sounds of the compressor, and if your refrigerator is close to the doors of the rest room, this is a significant factor.

Well, we have already considered the last argument “for” - if you are confused by a large white cabinet among the seasoned colors of the interior - then begin to choose a suitable model among the samples of the built-in equipment.

But, there is one "but."As a rule, embedded refrigerators are much more expensive than their solo counterparts. And not always as roomy. Think about what is more important to you - the appearance or the volume of the refrigerating chamber, on what better to save - on the cost or dimensions of the device?

How to choose the best built-in refrigerator?

Let's briefly consider the criteria that will help you make a choice in favor of a particular model. After all, you’ve surely realized that it’s not always a good idea to overpay for a brand or a huge number of additional functions, which, ultimately, you will rarely or never use.(See also: The best two-chamber refrigerators of 2017)

So, what parameters do we pay attention to first and foremost?

  1. Type;
  2. Volume;
  3. Energy Class;
  4. Defrost.

By type of arrangement refrigerators are:

  • Single-chamber, where the freezer and the refrigerator compartment itself are hidden behind a common door;
  • Two-chamber - in which two compartments are separated by different doors;
  • Side-by-Side - in such devices the freezing and refrigerating compartments are placed parallel to each other.
  • in accordance with the "Asian" scheme, the freezer is located above the refrigerator compartment;
  • on the "European" scheme, on the contrary - the freezer is located at the bottom of the device.

The average built-in refrigerator has a volume of from 200 to 250 liters. The bigger your family, the bigger the fridge you need. There are samples and 300-500 l each. But for the dacha or the office will fit even more compact options - about 100 liters. Believe me, a refrigerator of any size can be embedded in a furniture cabinet, if this cabinet is ordered specifically for the appliance.

Modern refrigerated cabinets belong to the A-class energy consumption. However, recently it is increasingly possible to meet the A + or A ++ marking. These letters predict how much electricity your appliance will require per year, taking into account the useful refrigeration volume of the device.

If we consider the last criterion, then defrosting in a refrigerator can be:

Manual - is becoming less common, but still requires direct human intervention in the operation of the refrigerator;

Drip - when moisture condenses and flows into special containers;

No Frost - when there is no frost at all and no defrosting is required.

There are also combined models when the freezer requires manual intervention, and the No Frost function in the refrigerator compartment.

What we should pay attention to when buying - we told you what criteria you consider to be decisive - think for you, and now we offer to consider the best embedded refrigerators in 2018.The most spacious refrigerated cabinet, the most economical and inexpensive models gathered at the positions of our review. There are a few 2017 refrigerators that continue to be popular.

Rating the best built-in refrigerators

  • The best single-chamber built-in refrigerator in the category of compact models for 2018 - Bosch Bosch KUL15A50 Reliable, compact, convenient. Chamber volume - 140 l, antibacterial coating and the possibility of hanging the doors. Does not have a freezer.
  • The leader in the category of "inexpensive and reliable " - built-in refrigerator ATLANT XM 4307-000.Two cameras, total capacity - 250 liters. Automatic defrosting, well-thought-out internal organization, lower location of the freezer. Inexpensive service, but there is no freshness zone.
  • The best small recessed refrigerator with two cameras - Liebherr UIK 1424. Economical, small-sized, high-quality. The total volume of the chambers is 120 l, the complete set of the internal space, manual defrosting of the freezer, the presence of rapid cooling of products.
  • The Best Built-In Refrigerator side-by-side LIEBHERR SBS 66I3.Impressive, roomy, but economical and quiet. The model is electronically controlled, has protection against children, and retains a negative temperature well when the electricity is turned off( up to 20 hours).Features No Frost, supercooling and freezing, there is a "camera-zero" to preserve the freshness of products.
  • price-quality category: Liebherr ICUNS 3314( No Frost system, 262 l, automatic defrost) Whirlpool ART 9811( 308 l, A ++, anti-bacterial protection, superfast freezing function), TEKA CI 320( low cost, noiseless, presence of freshness zone), Gorenje NRKI 5181 LW( 200 l, 8kg / day - freezing capacity, No Frost system), BEKO CBI 7771( inexpensive, 242 l, antibacterial coating, freshness zone and No Frost system).
  • The best model of 2017: Hotpoint-Ariston BDR 190 AAI( A +, the cameras are made in the form of drawers, there is a system No Frost) and Whirlpool ART 9812 / A + SF( silent, two-door, reliable, 230 L and with the bottom arrangement of the freezercompartment).
  • Finishes our ranking of embedded refrigerators in the category best news- 2018: Bosch KGN39VW35( 360 l, dry cold system, carbon filter, strong shelves and energy class A ++), Liebherr IKBP 3554( 285 l, class A ++, drip defrost), Hotpoint-Ariston B 20 A1 FV C( 300 l, No Frost, temperature display, door overhang).

So, you read the rating of the best built-in refrigerators 2018, and in addition, you can safely give recommendations on which devices to prefer when buying. We tried to make our material interesting and useful for you, we hope that with our recommendations, it is easier and easier to make life easier. Surround yourself with reliable and convenient instruments, appreciate yourself and your family.

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