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In my young dragon tree, the tips of the leaves have recently begun to dry up. A friend advised to feed the flower. Tell me, which fertilizer is better to use for dracaena at home?

In order for the dracaena to grow lush and please the eye with its bright foliar cap, it must be fed regularly. The roots of the plant quickly occupy the entire pot, completely entangling the earthy ball. In such conditions, dracaena very quickly selects all the nutrients from the soil. It is necessary to regularly replenish the supply of trace elements so that the flower has the opportunity to develop. With their deficiency, dracaena leaves begin to dry out over time.

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For home fertilizer drafts can be used:

  • store preparations;
  • folk remedies.

Dressing dracaena should be carried out from spring to November, when the flower grows intensively. During the period of rest, in the winter, fertilizers are not applied.

Shop preparations

For dressing dracaena, you can use ready-made preparations that are designed for decorative and deciduous plants and contain the necessary concentration of nutrients, for example:

  • Master;
  • Stimulus;
  • Agricola for palm trees;
  • fertilizer in the sticks.

Mineral supplements can also be made independently:

  1. Mix 0.3 g of ammonium sulphate, 0.5 g of potassium nitrous and 0.4 g of potassium phosphate. Add the mixture to 1 liter of water. Use for spraying on the sheet.
  2. Add 1 tsp to a liter of water.nitroammofoski. Effectively alternate such a solution with the introduction of organic matter.
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It is recommended not to feed the dracaena with both mineral and organic fertilizers twice a month.

Folk Remedies

Dracaena responds well to fertilizing, prepared independently from improvised means, including household waste and litter. The following are the most commonly used supplements:

  1. Bird droppings or rotted manure .To prepare a concentrated solution, mix the droppings with water in a 1: 4 ratio and hold for 5 days. Ready infusion diluted with water( for 1 part solution of 15 parts of water) and water dracaena.
  2. Meat water .For watering the plant, use water in which raw meat was soaked or thawed.

Considering the specific smell of manure and meat water, it is advisable to take the pot to the balcony and leave it for a couple of days outside. During this time, the unpleasant odor disappears.

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