Storage of royal jelly at home

Worker bees have iron that produces royal jelly. Its composition is complex, and the properties are not fully understood, but milk has long been used to strengthen the immune system and treat many diseases. It will be useful to learn how to properly store it, so that healing properties are not lost.

The importance of temperature

Larvae and the queen bee feed on bee milk. The fresh substance looks like a white with a light yellowish mass, it tastes sourish and spicy with a characteristic odor. It contains more than 100 different components, including biologically active. The difficulty of its receipt and storage make the product quite expensive.

Different breeds of bees give different amounts of milk. In addition, there are special technologies, including the preparation of bowls of wax, vaccination of larvae, the preparation of families and other stages.

Milk collected glass blades manually or using a vacuum pump. After the royal jelly is removed from the mother liquor, it is placed in a sterile container. Long-term storage should occur at low temperatures. That is why at home it should definitely be placed in a refrigerator or freezer. If this is not done, then after a couple of hours the product will become unusable.

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Experts advise storing royal jelly at -20 ° C so that it does not lose its beneficial biologically active properties for 2 years. There is an experimentally obtained relationship between temperature and shelf life. AS

Storage Temperature, ° C Term, Months
-1 12depdbottle or test tube. Prefer dark glass and place the container in a dark place, as sunlight mercilessly spoils the waste products of bees. Plexiglas or other plastic cannot be used. If you need to carry royal jelly, then use the cooler bag or insulated container.

Mixing with other products

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To somehow increase the resistance of the product to external factors, it is mixed with other substances. Very often, royal jelly is combined with honey. At 100 or 300 grams of fresh natural honey take only 1 gram of milk. Products are mixed with glass or porcelain sticks, getting a healing composition. It must be stored at -6 ° C.

So that the bee milk does not spoil at home, it is dissolved in alcohol, more precisely, in vodka( 90 ml of vodka with 10 g of bee product).Biologically active properties do not deteriorate. On the contrary, the composition is absorbed faster mucous.

At apiaries where it is harvested on an industrial scale, the royal jelly is immediately adsorbed after collection with a mixture of lactose( 98%) and glucose( 2%).

  • Take 1 part of the milk and 4 parts of the adsorbing mixture.
  • Place everything in a porcelain mortar and rub with quick pestles.
  • When the mixture does not stick to the walls of the mortar, it becomes dense, stop rubbing.
  • Shift the finished composition in a glass container, tamped with a pestle and tightly closed.

Tightness can be ensured by dipping the cap into the melted wax. In all this process, speed is of great importance. The faster bee milk will be processed, the less it will be affected by sunlight, oxygen, heat and other external factors, the better it will be.

The finished composition obtained by the method of adsorption can be stored for up to 10 months at + 6 °.It is enough to place the containers in an ordinary refrigerator to ensure their long-term preservation.

Another way to increase shelf life is associated with the evaporation of water. It is called lyophilization. Water evaporates in a vacuum at low temperature. The product retains its taste and healing properties. After that, it can be stored even at + 20 ° for 2 years.

How to use

When you purchase royal jelly, you must clarify how it is harvested in order to store it properly.

A native( fresh) product sold directly in queen cells has the shortest shelf life. It is recommended to take an adult 20-30 mg per day for 30-60 minutes before meals. If it is possible to take the tool directly in the apiary, then this is a guarantee of maximum utility.

If you mix 1 gram of milk with 2 ml of boiled water, you can store the solution in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. It is used for lubrication of mucous membranes and for inhalation.

In addition to the fresh look, royal jelly is sold in tablets, candles, ampoules, as part of hygiene products and cosmetics, in honey solutions. Ampoules and tablets with a lyophilized product can be stored at room temperature for the longest time.

Bee medication should be taken under the tongue, in the form of injections, inhalations, suppositories. It is not recommended to swallow it, because in the stomach most of the nutrients are destroyed by stomach acids. But if you drink alkaline water 15 minutes before taking the medicine( a large spoon of soda per cup of boiled water), then the action of the acids will be neutralized.

To achieve better health, royal jelly should be consumed after consulting a doctor. Drugs prescribed for diseases of the heart, blood vessels, hypertension and low blood pressure( doses vary), gastric diseases, some female diseases. Milk-based cosmetics have a positive effect on the skin.

Assign it to children of different ages, while reducing the dose to 5 mg or less per day. There is no doubt that the substance has a bactericidal property, improves appetite, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, restores strength. It is used in face masks to make the skin fresh and elastic.

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