Storage of vegetables in the kitchen: useful ideas, housewife tips

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Ideas for storing vegetables in the kitchen
Every housewife has such a problem when there is not enough space in the kitchen for vegetables. In this article, we will analyze original storage ideas, and also consider their systems.

There are many food storage options. For example, bread is needed for fresh bread. But it can take up a lot of space. Instead, you can make something yourself. For example, mount an additional wooden box on the table, make a convenient lid, and store bread there.

You can also make a drawer with a sliding glass board, which is useful for slicing bread.

Storage of vegetables in the kitchen

Proper organization of space

For fruits and vegetables, it is wrong to take large boxes.

The original idea is a vegetable corner on the wall. Put vegetables or fruits in cotton or linen bags and hang them on hooks.

A convenient way to store vegetables is drawers near the cutting table.

Now consider the original ideas. It is worth noting that such "storage" can be made independently.

Order in the kitchen: ideas for storing fruits, vegetables, cereals

Ideas for storing fruits, vegetables, cereals in the kitchen
You can store vegetables and fruits not only in the refrigerator, but also in drawers, as well as in a conspicuous place. Consider the options:
  • Suspended vegetables. For this, hanging mesh baskets are used. They are used to store fruits and vegetables.
  • Convenience and order. To do this, use separators for the boxes. In this case, maintaining order is much easier.
  • Everything is in its place. A vertical drive is attached to the cabinet door. In this system, it is convenient to store different cereals in narrow jars.
  • Storage system when everything is in the kitchen access area. It is done on the principle of turntables in a store, which houses various souvenirs and postcards. It is quite possible to make it in your own kitchen. To do this, add a few racks to the cabinet. Then all the jars will be at hand.
  • Convenience is when everything is under control. If you are tired of removing crumbs from sweets, then you need to pinch the packaging with cookies with a regular clothespin.
  • Make inscriptions on the covers of spices and cereals, so as not to confuse the jars.
  • Storage of trifles on shelves. Make them yourself is not difficult. It is enough to take small baskets, glue and magnets.
  • Save space in the refrigerator with food containers. This will also help to avoid unnecessary cleaning in the refrigerator. Containers can be signed.

Options for storing dishes in the kitchen

We figured out the storage of products. But what to do with dishes, which are many in every kitchen?

There are open and closed systems.

DIY do-it-yourself storage options

Open storage systems in the kitchen
This type is suitable for small kitchens and for large. They possess:
  • Shelves. In small kitchens, this type of accommodation can replace a cupboard, which takes up a lot of space. Shelves can be used in conjunction with built-in appliances. Bottom are wide open shelves. They store large-sized utensils and small household appliances. Plates, jars with cereals and spices are placed on the upper shelves. Shelves constantly need to be kept clean. And to make the composition look beautiful, you need to choose kitchen utensils of the same color and style.
  • Niches. They help to place various cutlery, if niches are equipped with additional shelves or cabinets.
  • Open shelving and cabinets. Open shelves and cabinets help keep different utensils in sight. There are no doors in the design, it is lightweight, great for small kitchens. It can be placed along the entire wall or above the door and window openings. A large rack will help accommodate everything.
  • Roof rails. Located on the apron of the kitchen. Such a system is installed along the shelves, one above the other. On the railing you can place small items - these are spices, detergents, towels. Roof rails can be placed in the most uncomfortable places in the kitchen. If a island kitchenthen attach to the ceiling. In addition to conventional railing systems, you can use magnetic strips. Knives, spoons are well attached to them.
  • Baskets. They are used not only for storing dishes, but also for food. Such systems look great in country style. They will bring a sense of comfort to the room. They can be located on open shelves or racks. Retractable structures are often found. Also, ordinary plastic and cardboard boxes are suitable for storage.
  • The table is a pedestal. It’s more efficient to place it in a small kitchen. This is a small table that has several drawers that extend. Cutlery can be stored there. A countertop can be used for cooking and for eating. At the bottom of the table there is an empty space that is quite useful for pots and pans.

Closed systems: boxes, convenient containers

Closed systems allow maximum use of the internal space. We will consider the most popular types of closed systems:

  • Corner Professionals call the space in the corner a “dead zone." There is not much space for equipment. That is why angular systems were invented. They help fight these areas and make them functional. The cabinet must be retractable. So you can easily get to those items that you need. In addition, drawers can be used to store dishes and baking sheets. The corner system is ideal for a small kitchen. The system can be located below and above.
  • Lockers This is the most common storage option for dishes and products. The cabinet has one or two shelves. The lower cabinets are wider and more spacious. They are used to store large dishes. And the upper ones are for small ones.
  • Drawers. With their help, you can organize the rational use of the kitchen space.
    Closed storage systems in the kitchen
    In addition, a retractable system provides convenient access to essential items. There may be several options for opening boxes. It is possible to make the drawers move forward fake, or it is possible so that when the doors are opened, all the other compartments are pulled. In such a system, you can store baking sheets.
  • Vertical drawers. With the equipment of the kitchen space, they will also be out of place. Crates can store cutlery or bottles. Such a system helps maintain cleanliness in the box, and the division into zones allows you to find the necessary item faster. Also, the drawers do not take up much space and can be installed in the place where nothing else fits. For example, on the side of a gas stove. They can also be placed above the countertop. In one of these lockers you can place an urn. She will not be with other products and utensils. And to maintain cleanliness will become more convenient.

Pantry as a way to store in the kitchen

Pantry as food storage in the kitchen
Some kitchens have niches in the wall. They can become a real pantry. To realize the plan, you will need to calculate the number of shelves and think about their location.

Of course, everything will depend on the size of the niche. If the niche is small, it is best to use retractable systems. Foldable drawers can also be used. At the top of the niche make open shelves.

A shallow niche in the wall can be equipped with narrow shelves, sliding doors can be installed. This will save space in the room.

The pantry is done in the kitchen if the area allows it. In all other cases, you need to use the tips that we have outlined above.

How to maintain order in the kitchen

How to maintain order in the kitchen
The kitchen, like any room in the house and apartment, should be clean. And sometimes it’s not so easy to keep clean. We will analyze a few ideas and tips on how to maintain order in it:
  • The first rule is to start all over from scratch. Starting cooking, you need to prepare the surface for this. There should also be no dirty dishes in the sink. Remove everything first, and then start cooking. An excellent option for maintaining cleanliness is the organization of space. We have already talked about this.
  • The second rule - do not leave trash for later. Try to clean the garbage while cooking. For example, beat eggs, washed a whisk. And all in the same vein.
  • The third rule is to prepare a place for garbage. Many manufacturers specifically build trash in their countertops. It is very convenient. But, if this is not, then you have to organize a small trash, so as not to run every time to the bin.
  • The fourth rule is to protect the surface from grease. This is the case if there is no hood.
  • The fifth rule - eat up the food. No need to put one piece of sausage in the refrigerator.

So, we examined the options for storage systems. They are easy to make with your own hands or order from a furniture manufacturer. Use containers to keep vegetables in the refrigerator.

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