How to remove the smell of urine from the carpet: folk recipes

Stains from human urine should be removed immediately after they appear. Otherwise, the urine will begin to decompose and smell unpleasant. Neutralize the smell of baby urine can be using soapy water, soda, salt, citric acid and other improvised means. An adult's urine has a more persistent and unpleasant odor, which will require the removal of "heavy artillery" in the form of vinegar, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, combined solutions or special household chemicals.

General recommendations

The folk remedies or special household chemicals will help to get rid of the urine smell on the carpet. In no case do not need to fill the stain with perfume or cologne, rub it with gasoline or turpentine - poorly weathered fragrances will mix and it will only get worse. Before using any cleaning agent, the carpet should be thoroughly vacuumed.

Folk remedies for the odor of

Vodka, lemon juice, vinegar, salt, soda, iodine, potassium permanganate, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, laundry soap, or a combination of these products can be used to remove the smell of urine from the carpet.


Fill the stain with vodka or diluted with alcohol( 1: 1), leave for a couple of hours. Vaporizing, the alcohol will remove the unpleasant smell without a trace. If there is no waiting time, take a clean, dry cloth, rub the treated area until it is completely dry.

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Lemon Juice

Acid, which is contained in lemons, breaks down urine and effectively removes its smell. Fill the carpet pile with the juice of this tropical fruit and leave for 30 minutes. After that, thoroughly rinse the area with clean water and dry it.


Dilute vinegar with water in a ratio of 1: 3, apply a little solution on a little noticeable stretch of carpet. If the color of the pile has not changed - process the entire stain, and then dry it with a soft cloth. To remove the sour smell after the procedure, ventilate the room.


You can clean the carpet from the smell of urine using salt. Wet the fetid place with water, thickly sprinkle with salt. Wait a few hours until the liquid has completely evaporated, thoroughly vacuum the treated area. Along with white salt crystals, the unpleasant smell will disappear.


Removing the smell of urine from the carpet is carried out by analogy with the previous recipe. Dampen a damaged area with water and generously sprinkle it with soda. Then rub the pile with a stiff brush and leave it for a few hours until completely dry. Remove residual powder with a vacuum cleaner. To enhance the effect of soda combine with fragrant lavender or rosemary.


Take a jar, pour a liter of water into it and 20 drops of iodine. Apply the solution to the carpet, carefully rub it with a brush, and then dry it with a clean, dry cloth. This simple recipe will help get rid of the corrosive amber left by humans or animals.

Potassium permanganate

A weak solution of potassium permanganate can quickly cope with an unpleasant taint. Apply it on the stain, let it soak in, then rinse the treated area thoroughly with warm water and wipe off with a dry cloth. Potassium permanganate crystals can leave stains, so this recipe is only suitable for dark pile carpets.


Dilute the bleach with water as directed in the bottle instructions. Wipe the affected area with the resulting liquid, then rinse it thoroughly with soap and water, and dry it in the open air. After the carpet dries, remove any residue of reagents with a vacuum cleaner.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Dilute the peroxide with water in a 1: 1 ratio and test the effect of the resulting solution on a small portion of the carpet. If the pile is not discolored - moisten the stain with the solution, smelling urine, rub it with a stiff brush, rinse with warm water.

Laundry soap

Wipe off a foul-smelling place with household soap, leave for a few minutes, rinse with a damp cloth, wipe with vodka. Then repeat the cycle from beginning to end several times in a row until the carpet is fresh.

Soda and Peroxide Paste

Urine stench can be effectively eliminated with a combination of vinegar, soda and hydrogen peroxide. It is necessary to act according to the following algorithm:

  • moisten the stain with vinegar essence;
  • dry the treated area;
  • plenty of sprinkle with baking soda;
  • process hydrogen peroxide;
  • wait for the surface to dry, vacuum thoroughly.

This recipe allows you to remove even the old smell of urine of an animal or person.

Special household chemicals

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If traditional methods did not help to cope with the problem, then you should try special household chemicals Line, Dezosan, Odorgon, Zoovorsin, Ecolife, Stain &Odor Remover, Nature’s Miracle, Justforcats, Urine Off, Orange-Oxy, SmellOff, DuftaPen, DuftaFresh, Bio-GM.These funds do not drown out the smell of urine, but destroy it. Many of them contain components that remove pathogens.

Special tools should be used strictly according to the instructions. Most often, they are diluted with water, whipped into foam, applied to the carpet and left to dry, after which the residue is removed with a vacuum cleaner.

Than to clean the carpet from the smell of animal urine

Cats and dogs are very sensitive to odors. Therefore, marking the Palace once, they will leave their marks on it again and again. To prevent such behavior, it is necessary to rinse the stain well, dry it and apply special repelling agents to the damaged area, such as Beaphar, Mr Fresh, Biovax, STOP Spray, Himol, Smart Spray, etc. These funds include substances that are poorly tolerated by animals. They will reliably protect the carpet from the encroachments of the four-legged pets.

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