How to remove construction dust after repair

After repairs in the apartment, there is often a large amount of construction waste and dust left on the floor. It may be limescale, remnants of cement, sand and other contaminants that are quite difficult to remove from the surface. In order for cleaning to be effective, proven effective methods are needed.

Cleaning Tips

In order to make it easier to clean up the dirt, cover the whole area of ​​the room with large-sized polyethylene or newspapers before starting repairs. This will give the opportunity to protect the floor from a large amount of dirt and it is easier to wash it later.

If you use special cleaning fluids, wear gloves, as there are many chemicals in the cleaning solutions that act aggressively on the skin.

Gently dry the cement, alabaster, and other materials to the floor with a spatula, and then moisten the stains from them with a damp cloth.

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Cleaning of dirt from laminate and parquet should be done using only special means intended for these coatings.

The premises should be cleaned in the following order:

  • collect large pieces of construction waste;
  • a broom dipped in water, sweep away the main dirt, starting from the corners;
  • clean the floor with a wet cloth using plenty of water;
  • change the water and rinse well again using detergent;
  • repeat the procedure several times, often changing the water.

We wash off pollution

In order to clean gypsum or lime dust and various building pollution that remained after repair, there are several effective ways.

  • Construction dust is well cleaned with a solution of vegetable oil. Pour a few tablespoons of oil into the warm water and mix. Wash the room, then pour out the bucket. Then wash everything with a solution with a little vinegar. At the end of the cleaning rinse the entire area thoroughly with clean water.
  • To clean the room after the repair, use regular salt. First, wash the entire area with water and any detergent. Change the water and add about half a glass of salt to the bucket. After washing with salt, wipe the floor with clean water.
  • Potassium permanganate( manganese) will help remove the construction dust after the repair. Dissolve some powder in water to make a bright pink color. Rinse the area thoroughly.
  • To remove construction dust, you can use kerosene. Approximately one hundred grams of kerosene is poured into a bucket of water. Wash the entire floor area. Rinse it again if necessary.
  • You can clean the floor from building dust with the help of universal surface cleaners( Domestos, Amway).Dilute the product according to the instructions in warm water. Wash the entire contaminated area. After that, wipe with clean water.
  • To remove various dirt after repairs, you can use special cleaning cleaners for floors( Mr. Muscle or Mr. Proper).Separate them as indicated in the instructions and thoroughly wash dirty surfaces. Repeat if necessary.
  • In order to remove the plaster and lime dust, there is a special cleaner Probel, which can be bought at hardware and hardware stores. Dilute it with warm water according to the instructions. Rinse the contaminated surface thoroughly, then rinse with clean water.

Cleaning of wooden surfaces

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Floors made of wooden materials need special care. Very beautiful laminate and parquet coverings require careful personal care. If ingested a large amount of moisture, they can be deformed. To clean these surfaces, use the following methods:

  • If your home has natural wood flooring, it is possible to remove contamination from painted wooden boards using ammonia solution. Dilute it in water at the rate of 1 tablespoon per liter of water. Rinse the wood floor thoroughly.
  • To clean the laminate floor after the repair, use special detergents for the laminate surface. After applying them, it will shine and smell fresh. It is better to use a microfiber cloth for washing such a covering. Do not use too much liquid to prevent the surface from deforming.
  • You can remove construction dust from the parquet floor using special parquet treatment cleaners, which are sold in hardware stores. Wipe the floor with a damp cloth moistened with mortar. Make sure that excess moisture does not fall on the floor, as it can deteriorate. After use, do not flush the solution, as the floor will be covered with a protective film that adds shine.

By using these cleaning tips, you can effectively remove contaminants left over from repairs. Applying these proven methods will make any surface shine clean.

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