Why is the TV does not see the hard drive

Let's start the discussion USB interface performance. An old variety 1.1 GByte 5 transmits... 9 hours. Want to wait for the movie, gruzyaschiysya half a day, in the evening to look at the PDP? Not for nothing is entered USB 2, using the new protocol task performed 12 minutes, maybe watch HD resolution in real time. Class! Introduced in 2009, the standard USB 3 does the job in 70 seconds, ten times higher than the rate of the previous version, suitable for use with movies and TV. Bad luck... until now, many devices do not support the new product. Why is the TV does not see the hard drive, what to do?

Attempts digital interfaces: Current TV

On TV today manage to chase the game, watch movies, photos, talk to friends on Skype. Manufacturers understand that the only chance to push the product to increase the size up to the maximum, reducing the price. Products fill the maximum number of useful options. TV hard drive has become a regular chip. The developers have introduced into the hub for several ports, now to the stream decoder connected external memory, decrypts on the fly, a media stream output to the screen. Hard disk drive enables you to record the transfer in high quality, in fact - in any supported TV.

Attempts digital interface

We solve the complexity of coding, the current level of technology development provides hardware and software support options. The context makes clear the existence of wanting to use the opportunity. Causes:

  1. Large-capacity drive is not visible flash drive, though issued on removable media 32 GB or more.
  2. Portable hard drive, easily copied and pirated favorite Soviet movies with friends to watch quietly.
  3. Good movie weighs 10 GB or more, pumping long, the connection speed will not allow to implement real-time preview on the server.
  4. Modern hard drives artificially bypass limit the scope, asked the file system type, has long surpassed the 1 TB capacity.
  5. The speed of modern hard drives is delicious (for external models), allowing you to watch videos in real-time.


Many reasons to wonder why television does not see the hard drive. In July 2013 it released USB 3.1, which has higher speed - 10 Gbit / s. Standard connector protocol changed. There are no typical symptoms of USB, use four tires:

  • positive power contact;
  • Packages negative contact;
  • packets positive contact;
  • power negative terminal.

Four strips of copper are left to provide mechanical compatibility. On the opposite side there were 5 counterparts, entirely related to USB3. Wonder what format the hard disk does not work? We begin to wonder that with some TVs (eg, Samsung LE-40 C550) USB3 protocol works! 80% five newly input contacts (four) protrude gate transmitter, receiver, using the twisted pairs at high speed. Ensure respect for the heritage of the heavy past, the new speed in two directions simultaneously.

USB3 protocol type Powered-B introduces an additional quota of power. Connectors are easy to distinguish. Typical resembles an ordinary USB, Powered-B looks like the type B (square, two chamfered angle to protect against incorrect wiring) that connect printers, peripheral office equipment.

Formatting a hard drive

There is not enough power for the hard drive connected to the TV

A much more trivial reason does not want the hard drive to work. Most external hard drives takes the power from the USB bus. Old TV - the picture is unfavorable. The new HDD contains a bunch of chips that require power. Only the school of physics say: contact voltage is present - the equipment works. Electronic power supply should provide acceptable current, engineers use the term load capacity. TV with an old USB is unable to give the required correct hard disk capacity of work. Exemplary ratios of three generations of the standard:

  1. USB1 - 500 mA, 5 volts.
  2. USB2 - 500 mA, 5 volts.
  3. USB3 - 2000 mA (according to some sources, 900 mA), 5 volts.

It found a possible reason why the non-working hard drives is recommended to connect to a TV via Y-splitters, in which one connector is on the hard drive, and two - on the plasma panel ports. on TV different interfaces (second, third generation), nothing wrong with that. Inner hub sits parallel to the power bus, will give the same right amount mA.

It planned to add two additional tire supply interface USB3: 20 and 12 volts. The total power transferred to the peripheral device cable is 110 watts. Of course, the power supply of a personal computer or a TV capable of an amount of power digest. Otherwise the hub will have nowhere to take the nominal watts.

In the TV only port? Suitable arbitrary power supply that often comes with the players and other gadgets. The main thing that gave the necessary current adapter. The rest of the hard drive on your TV will take. Of course, the computer may be powered, but in the light of the purpose of a single device to view the movie becomes confusing. Nesusvetny garden room, which provides the hard disk performance. Simply take the device with a USB2 interface, which will work - not only to consume!

Before buying useful to know how the TV port gives watts. Then the value is compared hard disk consumption. The stock is at least 30%. The power of modern USB3 tiny (about 5 watts), for microelectronics is sometimes a lot.

TV does not see the hard drive

HDD file system of the TV is not clear

Individual TVs are able to perceive only the FAT32 file system. Superimposed volume size limitation, create a single partition 32GB. Of course, the situation is not satisfied with the movie fans, modern devices recognize NTFS, the size of the volume which is not limited to (within reason).

Most TV is designed to recognize the flash drive. Media formatted FAT32 (different formats are designed to provide media content storage of digital cameras, film cameras). There are limitations. TV is designed to reproduce small portions of video stored carrier devices will allow to watch movies from a network server. The file system of the hard disk is not clear TV. Try to create a FAT32 partition size GB, better 4 GB. Difficulties were gone - it came to organizing the storage constraints.

The latest models are adapted to recognize NTFS. Allow to record programs, playback of multimedia information, including coded.

Before buying a TV is necessary to specify the time, look in the manual. file system information often we find the whole list of hard drives, which operate TV refuses deliberately. Perhaps surprisingly mishaps. Recorded movie on a single computer - look, recorded on the other - do not show TV. Hard disk does not see.

Why is the hard drive is no longer perceived TV

It happens, the TV stopped seeing the hard drive, even before the equipment worked flawlessly. Ordinary repair procedure. You need to take another hard drive - the good, now digital technology is common - try it. Works - equipment simply grown old. Remember viruses. Recently (December 2013), hackers managed to hit the net... appliances. However, the attack came a comic, a TV script the future is unknown. The virus affects the Master Boot Record, refuses to seek Kaspersky. Some infection changes the file attributes, out of the Explorer made invisible operation.

MBR minor changes in the structure completely destroy the file system. Although it is theoretically known, the element is required to start loading the operating system. Process unrelated to viewing a movie does not. We recommend carrying out a check using chkdsk utility, gives excellent results.

The rest you know: equipment is old, televisions remain skittish. I have heard something like a computer hard drive is recognized, the films can not see. It can be said, and laser discs are not all drives are read the same way. The case and the laser power and receiver sensitivity, and many other things. CDs eventually stopped reading, primarily rewritable. You do not find that the situation is similar?

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