How to connect the speaker to the TV

We bought a plasma panel - the question is how to connect the speakers to the TV. Eyewitnesses say loud special effects, though plugging ears, the voice actors are barely audible. TV modern world is positioning as a luxury item. Other watch movies from your computer content with stereo sound.

Why connect the speakers to your TV

To understand why not hear voices, at least to a first approximation, create a view as encoded sound is transmitted. Map increasingly integrated into the motherboard, three outputs are present:

  1. Green - left or right stereo speakers.
  2. Red - a stereo microphone.
  3. Blue - stereo input.
Sound is set on either side of the TV

Speakers and TV

analog signals. Someone watching a video from your computer, does not need a good sound. Small speakers are unable to reproduce the low frequencies, the two channels. The left and right. Ideal professionals consider the balance of Diamond speakers. Rhombus, one vertex of which is located in the center of the screen.

A complex scheme is combined with the bad form of rooms, in practice applicable standard, called Surround (surround sound). It involves the installation of a minimum of six columns:

  • The two front sides of the screen are in the corners of the room.
  • Side rear. And two on the sides.
  • Central under the TV.
  • The subwoofer is on the floor, to the left of the TV.

Rear speakers create environment. Are responsible for the amount. Voice out from the screen where the actors are, the central column is displayed. To make it clearer, let's see, outputs, available on a modern PC sound card:

  1. Green output stereo sound around the front speakers.
  2. Yellow is the source of the center speaker signal, subwoofer.
  3. Black produces a signal of the rear speakers sound around.
Connectors and ports

TV input connectors: digital combined HDMI, analog, VGA input, component interfaces tulips

PC connector selected jack (mini jack). A metal pin with two or three metal rings along the perimeter. The tip enters the left speaker, a center ring signal provides the right column. Earth is closer to the plug. Each output sound card carries information in analog form on two speakers. Rear speakers are given the order, but the yellow connector. Black: the center speaker / subwoofer.

PC interface are the HDMI ports, a tulip, a few others. Other protocols are combined, other specialized sound. Speakers connected to the TV is extremely rare. Connected center acts as a home theater unit. The photo above shows the state of affairs: the abundance of inputs, outputs zero.

Around the active columns sound. Requiring a power voltage from 230 volts. Naked insufficient signal power. TV can receive external digital or analog. S / PDIF connector easily memorize through convoluted abbreviation accepted standard Sony / Philips firms served for transmitting digital (Digital) format (Format).

  1. Car stereo (uncompressed packet). PCM Abbreviation (produced by the modulation type), the sound is coming into two columns.
  2. Sorround 5.1 / 7.1 (compressed package). This includes the DTS.

How to connect speakers to the TV. Whatever the source of the signal at the output of the digital S / PDIF, acoustic systems capable of directly recognize the figure, expensive. Little benefit because the minimum loop length. The sound is around at all uncommon. overseas example _nkw = Terratec% 20Aureon% 205% 201% 20USB% 20MK% 2011% 20external% 20surround% 20NEW & _itemId = 160,432,796,240.

DMX 6Fire USB for 1600 rubles will allow to sing karaoke, equipped with electric entrance. Although it is not so easy to find the description on the official website ( There are quite tolerable drawings.

applicable connectors

Analog audio out to the connector with the RCA plug. Computer pin-jack with a set of rare black rings. 3RCA called tulip in people. Numeral 3 denotes the number of connectors in the cord. The letters are derived from the name of the US company, the first to offer an interface in the forties.

Wires - tulips

Transition cord game console PlayStation (composite video plus two columns)

RCA is a metallic pin, surrounded by a steel rim. Tulip named earlier version, the outer part was equipped with characteristic (flower) smooth teeth. White (Blue - pictured left) and red channels are connected to the left and the right hand column. Use RCA-jack adapter, if necessary. Connector S / PDIF digital interface serves a single tulip orange. Transmitted sound. Digital audio transmission minimizes distortion.

Channel bi-directional HDMI released. The presence of analog output systems surround sound (Surround) specify to the TV shopping. And then have to decide on how to connect the speakers to the TV.

Home audio system for TV

Home Surround Sound System

To hear the voice, it is believed to involve the central column. Attach required by:

  1. Home theater. send the audio stream to the central unit, there will distribute the speakers.
  2. Receiver. The scheme is the same.
  3. Output S / PDIF TV. Digital channel you need to decipher. Engage DMX 6Fire USB console.

RCA connector is used as an output image, a sound. Switching should be conducted according to the pin-color (help Wikipedia Protection against incorrect connection of any (except for color). If you wish to listen to Surround format support is required to select an appropriate TV in advance. To go around the sound of S / PDIF.

Surround sound capable of transmitting in 5.1, 7.1. Different number of columns. Used primarily home theaters. Professionals claim that the latest version of S / PDIF rarity, the stream to be decoded.

Wire circuits are soldered by hand. Appropriate connectors collapsible type sold markets. Readers now understand how to connect the column to the TV. Digital standard video channel, such as the HDMI, are discussed in detail in the reviews of the portal VashTehnik. Worth a look at the official website of VESA.

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