Which heater to choose for the garage

  • Selection parameters
  • Electric
  • Diesel and kerosene
  • Gas
  • Infrared
  • Solid Fuel Heater

Winter is not an easy time not only for humans, but for technology. Cars are particularly sensitive to cold - every car enthusiast knows how hard it is to warm up a car on a winter morning and how it reacts to low temperatures.

In addition, motorists spend a lot of time in the garage, caring for the car, and of course, this requires comfortable conditions. Which garage heater to choose so that it is comfortable and warm? Let's consider different options and find the answer to this question.

Selection Parameters Before making a choice, let us review a number of parameters that must be considered. The most important criteria for a garage heater are:

  • Safety for flammable substances;
  • Performance and efficiency;
  • Power consumption and costs.

Let us first discuss the most important aspect - security. Heater for the garage must meet this, because in the immediate vicinity are flammable substances.

Do not neglect this! Trying to save on the heater, you can create a dangerous situation: both for the garage and for yourself.

Performance and efficiency are just as important - you need to maintain the temperature in the garage, which is comfortable both for the car and for you. The larger the room, the larger( and more efficient) the heater should be, although the parameters of the ideal temperature are, of course, individual.

And, of course, the last factor, but no less important from this: energy consumption and the cost of it. When you buy a heater, the costs do not end, but only begin: electricity or fuel is required for any option.
Having correctly selected your optimal device, you will reduce and optimize your expenses.

Focusing on the basic parameters, you can determine which garage heater is best for you. We analyze each of them separately.


It is possible not to talk about an electric heater for a long time: everyone knows these devices, since it is they that are most often found in our everyday life.
For the heating of the apartment, cottages and works, everyone chooses such an option;consider it in the case of a garage.

The principle of operation of any electrical device is common: electricity heats the coil, which gives off heat directly to the air or, for example, to oil.
Heat guns, wall convectors, heat fans and usual oil radiators are suitable for the garage.

The advantages of the appliance:

  • Low cost( compared to other options);
  • Range( easy to find a device of any shape, size and type);
  • Mobility of most versions( easy to move from place to place and connect anywhere).


  • It is impossible to turn on if there is no power network;
  • High power consumption.

. An electric appliance is suitable if you are doing a small repair or just urgently need to warm up the garage, but for constant heating it will not be convenient, and even more economical.
However, if you decide to purchase this particular type, then when choosing, be sure to pay attention to fire safety and power.

Diesel and kerosene

The diesel or kerosene variant is well suited for use in the garage and has a number of pleasant advantages:

  • Inexpensive fuel;
  • High performance;
  • Compactness of most options.
  • In circulation, diesel and kerosene heaters are very simple and do not require much attention and skill, and the time of continuous operation is up to fifteen hours.

However, there is a significant disadvantage that when using this option, it is necessary to air the garage from time to time or put it in a room with good ventilation: when using this device, the oxygen content in the air is significantly reduced.

If you chose a kerosene or diesel heater for a garage, choose diesel indirect heating: it has a pipe for venting.


Gas heaters are a fairly convenient and quick-paying option. They usually work on a propane-butane mixture, and are connected to a cylinder of liquefied gas.
In turn, the gas heater is divided into two versions: convector and ceramic.

  • A convector gas heater is a combustion chamber that is connected to a gas cylinder. As well as the device is equipped with an air duct, which supplies air for, and a chimney to get rid of combustion products.
  • The second version of the gas heater - ceramic models. They are heated ceramic panels embedded in the device.

One of the advantages of this model is the combustion sensor. If the flame goes out, the heater will stop supplying fuel - this makes the ceramic heater more secure.

If there is access to a common gas pipeline, then in the ceramic version there is a universal valve for connection. In addition, the gas appliance has a thermostat that allows you to adjust the air temperature: it also saves fuel.

Gas heater is best suited for heating garages that do not require constant heating.


Infrared heater is actually also referred to as electric heaters, because electricity is also required for its operation.

Infrared heater is usually fixed on the ceiling of the room - this allows you to use its energy as efficiently as possible. One device will be quite enough for a small garage;for a spacious room it is better to install two devices.

The undoubted advantages are quiet operation, no smell and space saving, as they are mounted on the ceiling. This is convenient if you carry out some large-scale repair work with the car.

The main minus of the infrared lamp - you need to carefully monitor the direction of radiation: you can not direct the lamp to objects and substances that are highly flammable.

This is due to the principle of operation of the device: at first the lamp heats everything that is in the room, and only then these objects give off heat to the air.

The same factor influences one more thing: if there is a low ceiling in the room, it is best to choose a low-temperature lamp.

Solid Fuel Heater

We conclude the review with the simplest and unassuming heating option - solid fuel. This is what is commonly called in the people "burzhuykoy."

Many make such stoves manually, but you can also buy a ready-made version that will be more thoughtful and safe: for example, it will have a hood and a tightly covered door.

  • Solid fuel stoves use coal, wood, sawdust, and various wood waste.
  • With the help of such a stove, you can quickly heat a room of any size and maintain the desired temperature in it, however, you should not forget about the fire safety rules.
  • Install stoves as far as possible from any flammable substances.
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