The difference between a photoepilator and a laser epilator

  • What is the difference between devices
  • Which device is better to choose and why?

Always open is the same question - hair removal. Women experience various means for removing hair, so that the skin will remain smooth and tender longer.

Modern technologies offer us to use for this purpose special epilators aimed at removing hair for a long period of time. These include laser and photoepilators. Of course, such prospects are very pleasing, but what is better to choose and how does the photoepilator differ from the laser epilator. This question is discussed in detail now.

What is the difference between devices

A laser epilator and a photoepilator are two devices that secrete light waves aimed at destroying the hair. Specifically, the heated wave is aimed at destroying melanin in the structure of the hair, which leads to the destruction of the hair bulb.

Laser epilator

Gives out a laser beam of a specific length. Its action is concentrated on a specific site. It is worth noting that the laser heats only the hair, that is, burn the skin is not a threat, because it does not undergo heating.

The principle of operation is as follows: the ray is directed to the indication of melanin and focuses on the destruction of the root of the hair. Best of all, this procedure provides representatives of light skin and dark hair. More problematic are situations where a person has red hair or gray hair. Black people are also more difficult to give in to this procedure. However, observations regarding skin color and hair itself are not evidence that the procedure will not be effective.

Advantages of laser hair removal:

  • The procedure passes quickly.
  • Directly the device does not come into contact with the skin, only the laser.
  • The organism easily tolerates the procedure and is quickly restored.
  • There are no burns, scars, wounds or other skin damage after the procedure.
  • In fact, the procedure does not cause difficulties.

Disadvantages of laser hair removal:

  • The cost of equipment for such a procedure is quite high.
  • The effect is intermittent - temporary.


Gives out more light rays in comparison with the laser epilator, so the scope is more significant. They are all different lengths and are aimed at more hair, but because of this the effect is somewhat reduced. Such features require repeated procedures. True, there are improved models of devices that are able to automatically select the length of these waves. In this case, short ones will fall off and only long beams will be applied and the effect will be better. Photoepilation effectively removes hair on a large area.

It is worth paying careful attention to the choice of this device for people who have certain diseases and that they take medication. In this case, the use of a photoepilator may be undesirable. Therefore, it is better to consult a doctor.

It should be noted that the apparatus for photoepilation contains special lamps. From time to time they must be changed. Therefore, when buying, pay attention to this fact and ask about their availability. There are models that have been removed from production and can not be replaced with replaceable parts.

In general, the use of the photoepilator is simpler in that it processes a large area of ​​action.

Advantages of photoepilation:

  • Does not damage the skin and leaves no traces of contact.
  • The speed of the procedure. You can achieve maximum effect even at home.
  • The effect lasts a long time if you follow the procedures with all the recommendations.
  • The condition of the skin improves significantly, in appearance it becomes more elastic and tender.

Disadvantages of photoepilation:

  • High price.
  • There may be unpleasant (painful) sensations, if a person has an increased sensitivity.
  • Possible negative consequences: burns, with improper use of the device or poor-quality gels. The cause may also be too thin skin.
  • Contraindications are possible.

Which device is better to choose and why?

We more deeply penetrated into the question of comparing both devices and in general we understood what the photoepilator differs from a laser epilator. It can be noted that in the market they are approximately in the same price category. And they also have practically the same principle of operation, with insignificant differences. The photoepilator and laser epilator have their advantages and disadvantages. So which one is best to choose is a very individual matter.

In particular, the following points should be considered:

  • For which area of ​​the body you choose the device. After all, the photo-epilator copes with larger areas faster than a laser device.
  • Your natural skin sensitivity. Do you have any allergic reactions, what kind of reaction from the sun's rays. Photoepilation in this plan will have a more stringent effect, unlike the action of the laser.
  • Features of the state of health, taking medication. In specific cases, categorical contraindications combine photoepilation taking into account the characteristics of the state of health and drugs.
  • Color of skin, hair. There are various statements about this. However, there is an opinion that the photoepilator better copes with light and gray hair, in contrast to the laser device.

Specifically, it is impossible to say what will be the best of both devices, since each person is different in their own way and should be selected according to their own characteristics and wishes.

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