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  • 1 About proper cleaning and preparation
    • 1.1 Cleaning
    • 1.2 Preparation for storage
  • 2 storage Methods
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Do you know how to grow garlic, but you can not save it until the next harvest? So, my photos, tips for you!Do you know how to grow garlic, but you can not save it until the next harvest? So, my photos, tips for you!

Winter storage vegetables - an important and requires a responsible approach. Today I want to tell you how to store garlic in a city apartment and forget about the troubles such as germination, drying and mold.

About proper cleaning and preparation


Before drying garlic, be sure to check for the presence of head injuryBefore drying garlic, be sure to check for the presence of head injury

Proper storage of garlic at home in the winter begins with its timely cleaning:

  1. Winter garlic, which you carefully planted in the fall ready for harvesting in late July, summer, planted in the spring - in the end of August. Harvesting a better deal on a sunny and dry day.
  2. Head dig fork, clear of the ground and laid out to dry. To crop dried out, it will take at least 5 days.

If the weather is not happy sunny days, submit the crop canopy or under the gazebo, the main thing - good ventilation.

  1. After drying, the required shearing: shears or sharp scissors pruned roots, leaving no less than 4.3 mm, the stalk is cut, departing from the base of 10 cm.

Preparation for storage

Regardless of the chosen method of preformed head will be kept much longer.

Wondering how to keep the garlic in the winter? Be sure to prepare it properly for "wintering"Wondering how to keep the garlic in the winter? Be sure to prepare it properly for "wintering"

Instructions for the preparation of garlic for the winter:

  1. Each head Opal roots. This simple manipulation will prevent germination.
  2. To winter garlic moldy "bathe" in the solution of the calcined vegetable oil and iodine (0.5 liters oil 10 drops of iodine) and dry it carefully.

Storage summer garlic home organize warm at a temperature of from +16 to +20 ° C, but the winter can be stored in a cool room at a temperature not higher than +3 ° C.

storage Methods

Photo tips:

Picture Description and recommendations
table_pic_att15009905203 Storage in pigtails

The most ancient way, I remember my grandmother hung potbellied braids of garlic heads in the cellar.

This method is used without pre-cutting the stems.

The switches are hung on hooks or beam in a dry and dark place. The method is remarkable in that significantly saves space.

table_pic_att15009905214 Storage in the grid

The method has the same advantages as the storage pigtails - saves space. Trimmed and trained head placed in a grid and hung on hooks.

If you choose this method, remember that it does not protect from damage and sprouting, so regularly carry out an audit of its wealth of garlic.

The salt

Store winter recommended garlic salt.

An impressive crop can be placed in wooden boxes and pour the salt, creating salt "cushion" of 2-3 cm.

Modest reserves can be decomposed into jars and covered space with salt.

table_pic_att15009905225 flour

The heads can be stored in a conventional flour, which perfectly absorbs moisture.

At the bottom of the container layer sprinkle flour 3-4 cm die roll in flour and tightly packed.

The ash

To avoid dry garlic stock, you can use the ashes.

Prepare solid carton vsypte ash layer of 2-3 cm and lay prepared garlic head.

Before laying the next row sprinkle another layer of ash.

table_pic_att15009905246 The onion skins

Bed of onion peel can be used to store in baskets, bags, boxes.

The apartment such boxes I would advise raising on the mezzanine in the house - the attic.

table_pic_att15009905257 The paraffin

Another great way that can be the answer to the question of how to store garlic - a paraffin.

Melt the wax (candles) and alternately immerse the head in it. The protective film, which is formed on the surface, does not allow to dry cloves, in addition, you get a reliable "shield" against disease-causing organisms.

This method is relevant for a small harvest, for myself, I can call him the best answer to the question of how to store garlic.

Why? Low cost disposables, reliability and absence of particulate ingredients, such as flour and salt.

table_pic_att15009905258 The fabric pouch

Garlic can be stored in the winter and in the fabric bag made of natural fabrics.

Pre each head dip into the brine solution and dry.

Dipped in salt can not just garlic, but also the bag. After "bathing" Always test it.

Summing up

Now that you know how to store garlic is grown with their own hands. I also still offer you the video in this article, which hides a lot of answers to questions. Do you have any interesting, proven ways to store onions and garlic? Share your secrets in the comments.

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